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Will Trump Leave Biden a War in the Middle East?
Science fiction or a Driverless Electric Car? Iran Claims Remote-Controlled Robot Killed Fakhrizadeh
Iranians Mock Regime's Claim Israel Used Remote-controlled Gun-on-a-Pickup to Kill Scientist newsletter: 20fx1202.txt
Israel Looks Headed for another Election as Gantz Backs Bill to Dissolve Knesset
Mysterious Airstrike Kills Iranian Commander Days after Nuclear Scientist Assassinated
UN Security Council Unlikely to Act on Iran Scientist Killing
Media Hides the Truth about Iranian Who Wanted to Nuke Israel newsletter: 20fx1203.txt
Senior US Official: Israel Behind Assassination of Iran's Nuclear Chief
Iran Seeks to Toughen Stance Following Nuclear Scientist's Killing
`Service to Mankind': Saudi Press Lauds Killing of Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist
Israeli Patient Dies after Contracting COVID-19 Twice
Interpol Warns that COVID-19 Vaccines could be Targeted by Criminals newsletter: 20fx1204.txt
Israelis Told to Avoid Gulf Due to Threat of Iranian Attacks
German-Made Saar-6 Corvette Docks at Haifa
A Short Film Offers New Perspective on Birthright Israel Trips — Through the Eyes of Russian Jews
Wikipedia Lists Israel as Part of the Arab League
Palestinian Kids Taught to Identify as `Refugees' about to Return to Israeli Cities newsletter: 20fx1207.txt
61% of Israelis Willing to be Vaccinated against COVID-19
Britain is Being Sued for the Balfour Declaration in PA courts
US Supreme Court to Hear Two Holocaust Restitution-Related Cases
Convert's Nightmarish 3-Year Quest for Israeli Citizenship Continues newsletter: 20fx1208.txt
Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khameini, May or May Not have Died at Age 81
Iran: 'Satellite-Controlled Machine Gun' Killed top Nuclear Scientist
Former Israeli Space Security Chief says Aliens Exist, Humanity not Ready
Israeli Startup Launches Kids' Height-Enhancing Protein Drink
'The Bedouin's Guide to the Negev: How to Make a Fortune at the State's Expense'
Ben-Gurion Letter Outlining his Vision for Israel Discovered after 69 Years
Satmar Grand Rabbi: `We are not Americans' newsletter: 20fx1209.txt
Israeli Flag and Banner: `Thank you Mossad' Hung on Tehran Bridge
Israel can No Longer Delay its Decisions on Iran
153 UN States Call on Israel to 'Renounce Possession of Nuclear Weapons'
Israeli Lawmaker Wants to Name IDF Base after Pre-State Christian Zionist Officer
A New Game lets you Play Chanukah Goblins and Shoot Jelly Doughnuts newsletter: 20fx1210.txt
Report: 268,000 Israeli Families Pushed into Extreme Poverty during COVID Crisis
NY Times Features Non-Jew Shunning Chanukah Observance
Israel Plans 'Beresheet 2' Moon Mission Scheduled for 2024 newsletter: 20fx1211.txt
Historic Morocco-Israel Normalization Deal
US Sends Bombers to Middle East as Signal to Iran
Israeli Drone Tech that took Militaries by Storm now Eyes Civilian Use
Israel's lets Podcasters Show their Faces in Real Time
Amazon Launches Probe after Virtual Assistant Alexa Peddles Anti-Semitic Conspiracies
Archaeological Evidence for Story of Chanukah newsletter: 20fx1214.txt
The Israel-Iran Shadow War Locks in on Southeastern Syria
Morocco to become First Arab Nation to Teach Jewish History, Culture in Schools
Morocco has 'Special' Ties to Israel and Jews, says Foreign Minister
Oman, Indonesia Likely Next Countries to Forge Ties with Israel
Report: Polish Diplomat in Istanbul Rescued Hundreds of Jews from the Holocaust newsletter: 20fx1215.txt
Abbas Silent on Morocco Peace Deal, Unlike with Earlier Agreements
Israel's Nuclear Secrets That Peres Shared With Kissinger in 1965
Try Proofreading `Hanukkah'
An Archaeologist May Have Just Found Jesus's Childhood Home in Nazareth newsletter: 20fx1217.txt
Iron Dome Hits Cruise Missile in First Test of Israel's Triple-Tier Missile Shield
Haifa University Survey Claims Less than 20% of Israelis Intend to Vaccinate
Out of a representative survey sample of 900 adults aged 30 and over, some 20.3% of Israeli-Jewish respondents and 16% of Arab-Israeli participants would like to receive a vaccine immediately if it was made available to them.
Convert's Jewish Status is Finally Recognized
Planning to Make Aliyah? Beware Israeli Taxes
Floridians can now `Stand with Israel' on their License Plates newsletter: 20fx1218.txt
Gantz: There is Room for a Palestinian Capital in Jerusalem
Israel Open to Joint Missile Defense with Gulf States
Gantz: Latin American Jews could be Hizbullah terror target
Study: Lack of Help in Household Chores Drives Women to Infidelity
'Jewzy', a Jewish Streaming Service, Launched in US newsletter: 20fx1221.txt
Horrifying' Report: 33% of Israel's Youth Avoid Draft, many for `Mental Health'
Calling Trump `Crazy,' Hizbullah Fears Assassination of its Leadership
Netanyahu: UK Virus Surge Forces Shutdown of Air Travel
Manufacturers Promise COVID Vaccine is Kosher
Haredi Family Irate after Police Stop 14-Year-Old Daughter's Wedding
Israel's Top-Secret Mossad Looks to Recruit via Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV
Rare Galactic `Star of Jacob' Candidate is about to Light Up Night Sky Presaging Messiah
Amateur UK Archaeologist: Holy Grail in Secret Crypt in West London River newsletter: 20fx1223.txt
23rd Knesset Dissolved, Israel Goes to Elections
US, Israeli Submarines Surface in Gulf to Reinforce Warning to Iran
Israeli Healthcare Worker Receives 5 Doses of COVID Vaccine, an Entire Undiluted Bottle, by Mistake
Ultra-Orthodox Fly to Dubai to get Married to Bypass Virus Measures
Israelis Discover Holy Land Was Global Trade Center in Biblical Times newsletter: 20fx1224.txt
Coronavirus: Third Lockdown Starts Sunday
Netanyahu Hints Israel Won't Shy Away from Military Action against Iran
Is There Something Wrong with a Program that Encourages In-Marriage?
Leaked Hamas Christmas Memo causes Christian Dismay in Gaza
New Israeli Cooking Platform brings World's Best Chefs Right into your Kitchen newsletter: 20fx1225.txt
Jewish and Israeli Authors are Favorites for Literature-Loving Tehran Women
Study Reveals a Devastating Earthquake in Israel is Imminent
Poll: Nearly Half of Secular Israelis Unwilling to have Haredi Neighbors
The English Word That Hasn't Changed in Sound or Meaning in 8,000 Years newsletter: 20fx1228.txt
Tehran Flexes Palestinian Muscle with Gaza Rocket Exercise Out to Sea
Anti-Jewish COVID Theories Top List of Worst Anti-Semitic Outbreaks newsletter: 20fx1230.txt
Tehran Flexes Palestinian Muscle with Gaza Rocket Exercise Out to Sea
Israel Ends Hotel Quarantine Program as Uprising at a COVID-19 Provokes Dozens Attempting to Escape Quarantine
Anti-Jewish COVID Theories Top List of Worst Anti-Semitic Outbreaks newsletter: 20fx1231.txt
US Flies Two B-52 Bombers to Persian Gulf Ahead of Possible Iranian Attack
Jonathan Pollard Lands in Israel
3,000+ New Immigrants to Israel from North America in 2020
IDF Sends Home Drunken Lebanese Teens Who Snuck Across Border
Palestinian Authority 'Expert': Israeli Rabbis Teach Kids to 'Kill Everyone who is not Jewish'
U.S. Says Suspected Killer of Jewish-American Journalist won't 'Escape Justice'
Israel Fails to Transfer Restitution Payments to Holocaust Survivors
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