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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 20fx0901.txt
'Shalom' on the Front Page of UAE Newspaper
Hizbullah Wants Revenge, at all Costs
Islamic Scholar: 'Only Sephardi Jews Have the Right to Live in Palestine'
Hundreds Associated with Anti-Semitic Movement Attempt to Break into German Parliament Building
Israelis around the Country to Simultaneously Blast Shofar
Incarcerated Islamist Preacher in Colorado, who called for Murdering Jews, Complains about being Forced to Eat Kosher Food. newsletter: 20fx0902.txt
Report: Five Iranian-Backed Militia Killed in Syria in Alleged Israeli Air Strike
Iran's Khamenei says UAE 'betrayed' Muslim world with Israel deal
Rosh Hashanah Dinner, Yom Kippur Break-Fast, and Sukkah Hops: How Risky are These High Holiday Activities During COVID-19?
Cats of Knesset get Pawliamentary Immunity newsletter: 20fx0903.txt
Iran Claims Advances in Radar that it says can Reach Israel
Iran's Khamenei Singles out Jared Kushner as the `Jewish Member of Trump's Family' in Tweet Decrying `Filthy Zionist Agents'
11 Indicted for Eilat Gang Rape of 16-Year-Old Girl
Armed Jewish Group Ramps Up Security in US with Help from IDF Veterans
Target Removes Costume Resembling Clothes Worn by Jewish Diarist Anne Frank newsletter: 20fx0904.txt
Thirty Israeli COVID-19 Hotbed Towns consigned to Lockdown
Davidic Dynasty Symbol Found in Jerusalem
Raining Marijuana? Drone Drops Hundreds of Bags of Pot in Tel Aviv newsletter: 20fx0907.txt
UAE Deal Boosts Israeli Oil Pipeline Secretly Built with Iran
Iran: `American Soil is Now Within the Range of Iranian Bombs'
UAE Uses Koran to Justify Peace with Israelis and Jews newsletter: 20fx0908.txt
Hamas and Abbas’s Fatah faction have been engaged in a bitter power struggle since July 2007, when Hamas violently seized control of the Gaza Strip.
Hamas and Abbas’s Fatah faction have been engaged in a bitter power struggle since July 2007, when Hamas violently seized control of the Gaza Strip.
National Security Council discussed closure of Temple Mount to worshipers
The Islamic Waqf has thus far been opposed to any closure.
Tens of thousands of other Israelis are either unable to marry because of various restrictions of Jewish law, or due to the fact that they are gay. newsletter: 20fx0909.txt
UAE-Israel Agreement to be Signed at White House on Sept. 15
Israel-UAE Deal may Position Abu Dhabi as 'Idea Capital' through Higher Education Ties
Amazon Caught Selling T-shirts with Yellow 'Juden' Star
Volkswagen Blasted for Nazi Display in Dealership
Report: US Global War on Terror Has Displaced Up to 59 Million People
First Hebrew Class Opens in West China newsletter: 20fx0910.txt
IDF Raids Put 50 Hamas Terrorists behind Bars, Stop New Year's Attacks
Israel Faces Lockdown of Up to a Month from Next Week
Palestinians Fail to Persuade Arab Ministers to Condemn UAE-Israel Deal
Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for Brokering Israel-UAE Agreement
Sale of US Ambassador's Residence in Israel is Finalized
Bride Dies after Collapsing at her Wedding newsletter: 20fx0911.txt
Nationwide Lockdown Gets Green Light Ahead of Next Week's Final Vote
Aliyah to Israel Rising Despite COVID-19, Bureaucracy Bottlenecks
Kushner Accuses Israel of Being `Land-Eaters' for Fulfilling Biblical Commandment to Settle Judea
Report: Iran to Hold Military Exercise in Strait of Hormuz
New Poll of English-Speaking Israelis Anglos: 36% Say 'We Must Organize Politically'
The Lost Languages Discovered in One of the World's Oldest Continuously Run Libraries newsletter: 20fx0914.txt
Netanyahu Announces 3-Week Lockdown, Warns it May Last Longer
Netanyahu Enroute to Washington for Historic Peace Deal with UAE, Bahrain
How the UAE-Israel Deal Seeks to Impose a 'Fait Accompli' in Jerusalem newsletter: 20fx0915.txt
Israeli Official: Both Sides 'Excited' over Historic Peace Ceremony
Israel Deal Protects Bahrain's Interests amid Iran Threat, Minister Says
Palestinians Condemn Bahrain's Rapprochement with Israel as 'Betrayal'
UAE Now has Qatar in its Rear-View Mirror
Israel Sentences Jewish Extremist to 3 Life Terms
Bette Midler Shines as an Angry Jew in HBO's `Coastal Elites' newsletter: 20fx0916.txt
Netanyahu: `This Day is a Pivot of History' as Israel, UAE, Bahrain Sign Peace Deal
Tombstones Vandalized at 3 Jewish Cemeteries in Poland
Merkel: Anti-Semitism Part of Germany's Reality
Israel Film Archive Website Gives Access to Historical Treasures newsletter: 20fx0917.txt
Netanyahu: Israel will Strike Anyone that Attacks Us and Make Peace with Those that Seek Peace
Jews have Lived in Bahrain for 140 Years. The country's Peace Deal with Israel Changes their Lives.
Study: More than 10% of Americans under 40 Think Jews Caused the Holocaust
Escaping the Holocaust in the Circus
Israel's Population Tops 9 Million newsletter: 20fx0918.txt
Israel Busts Iranian-Hizbullah Terror Cell in Jerusalem
Socotra Figures in Multiple Threats to Israel Following UAE, Bahraini Pacts
On Eve of Lockdown, Netanyahu Warns Tougher Measures Could be 'Unavoidable'
Hamas Nabs Explosives from Sunken WWI Warship
Survey: One-Third of Netanyahu's Voters Believe COVID-19 was Sent by God newsletter: 20fx0921.txt
Netanyahu: Palestinians will Resume Peace Talks in November
Coronavirus Cabinet to Convene Tuesday, Police Issue 3,000 Tickets
Story of Jewish Boxer Recruited by FBI to Fight Nazis to Become a Movie
Shades of the Daleks: Can DNA be Used as Circuits in Electronic Devices? newsletter: 20fx0922.txt
US-Brokered Israel-Lebanon Talks on Land & Sea Border Disputes off to a Good Start
Tens of Thousands of Israelis Fly Abroad to Skirt Lockdown
Israeli Startup's Synthetic Cornea could Restore Sight to Millions Worldwide
Reading Modern Science into Genesis
Schroeder's attitude to religion itself is no less ambiguous. One of his arguments is that whereas once the facts about the universe's origins could only be accessed via revelation, modern physics has given us the tools to confirm these facts. While medieval thinkers like Nahmanides reached their insights by means of faith, modern Jews are only able to grasp the truth of the Torah through recourse to science. If so, the true Genesis narrative has only been available to us since the Big Bang theory was substantiated in the 1960s. newsletter: 20fx0923.txt
Massive Explosion Rocks `Stronghold' of Israel's Nemesis, Hizbullah
Tougher COVID Restrictions Stalled by Tussle over Protest Demonstrations
US, UAE Reportedly Finalizing Deal for Downgraded F-35 Aircraft
'I am a Pakistani Zionist,' Member of Tiny Jewish Community says in Rare Interview
There's an 18-Mile-Long Wire Above Manhattan newsletter: 20fx0924.txt
Netanyahu: Full Lockdown is Needed for Two Weeks, Followed by Closure
Trump Quoted as Saying that Jews are `Only in it for Themselves'
Jews May Not be Able to Visit the Western Wall Prayers can Still be Placed There
Amazon to go on a Recruiting Spree in Israel newsletter: 20fx0925.txt
Israel Tightens Lockdown as COVID Infections Skyrocket
The Man Who Brought the Swastika to Germany, and How the Nazis Stole It
The New York Town of Swastika Votes to Keep its Name
Israel's Netanyahu brings his Dirty Laundry to Washington. Literally.
70-Year-Old Gets Circumcised, Converts and Marries - in 1 Month newsletter: 20fx0929.txt
Yom Kippur Synagogue Attack Leaves German Jews Still Uneasy
Israel Ushered in Yom Kippur with Record COVID Cases, Tight Restrictions and Government Apologies
Pompeo: The Chinese Communist Party is Re-Writing the Bible
Lenny Kravitz Talks about his Jewish Upbringing newsletter: 20fx0930.txt
Netanyahu at UN Reveals Hizbullah Weapons Depot near Beirut Airport
Netanyahu: Coronavirus Lockdown to Last at Least a Month
New York Times Compares Israel to Ku Klux Klan, Calls for End to Jewish State
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