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Berlin Rally against COVID-19 Rules Feature Neo-Nazi Supporters, Anti-Semitic Displays
Israeli Police Forcefully Disperse Protesters Outside Netanyahu's Residence
PA TV Details Prison Sperm Smuggling Ring Terrorists Use to Father Children
NASA Misses Wave of Asteroids Setting Stage for the End of Days newsletter: 20fx0804.txt
IDF Strikes Targets in Syria in Response to Attempted Terrorist Attack
New Israeli Law to Allow Compulsory Job Recruitment in Case of Emergency
Netanyahu Slams Protests: `Corona Incubators' that `Trample Democracy'
Israel's State Comptroller: Millions of Israelis Have No Protection from Missiles
Only Half of Israel's Teachers Trained in Distance Learning
Ex-NFL Player Tweets Libel about Jewish `Child Torture,' `Human Sacrifice' Offers Jewish Family-Friendly Alternative to YouTube newsletter: 20fx0805.txt
Massive Explosions in Beirut Port Kills 78+, 4,000 Wounded
Report: Biden will Roll Back Israel to Pre-Trump Era
Iman of Peace Rejects Muslim Claim to Temple Mount
Excavation Uncovers Prehistoric Migration Route from Africa Passed through Dimona newsletter: 20fx0806.txt
Monumental Blasts Leave Beirut in Ruins, 135+ Dead, 300,000 Homeless
Fact check: Netanyahu did not Claim Responsibility for Beirut Explosion
Could the Beirut Explosion Happen in Israel? newsletter: 20fx0807.txt
Three Iranian Planes Landed in Beirut after Explosion – What did they Bring?
The Sinister Message Behind `Israel Just Gives Aid for PR'
Palestinians: We Support China's Muslim Concentration Camps
In addition to the political support, the Palestinians are also expecting China to reward them with millions of dollars in economic aid, as it has already been doing for the past few years. Last year, PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh praised China's "unwavering support" of the rights of the Palestinians, as well as its support to the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including providing generous aid to poor students, infrastructure and the solar energy sector.
Toronto Polish-Language Newspaper Blames Jews for the Pandemic newsletter: 20fx0810.txt
Israeli Intel Fears Hizbullah will actually be Strengthened Post-Blast
17% of American Jews Attended a Virtual Prayer Service in July Compared to Half of Christians
Thousands of Palestinians Flock to Israeli Beaches, Restaurants newsletter: 20fx0811.txt
August 4 Miracle: Was the Beirut Explosion Intended for Israel?
Beirut Explosion Wrapped in Conspiracies, Fueling Online Sleuths
Israeli Corona Discovery: Tuberculosis Shots Could Help Fight COVID-19
Vatican Marks Life of Jewish-Born Saint who was murdered at Auschwitz
Israeli Ice Hockey Star Signs with Auschwitz Team newsletter: 20fx0812.txt
Palestinian Arson Balloons Ignite 60 Fires on Israel Fields and Woodland
What Jewish Voters Should Know about Kamala Harris, Joe Biden's VP Pick
Who is Convicted Murderer Yona Avrushmi? newsletter: 20fx0813.txt
Israeli Air Force, Tanks Bombard Hamas Targets in Response to Balloon Terror
Israel Thwarts Major Cyber Attack by North Korean Hackers
Report: Nazis who Killed Children Ran German Children's Homes after the War
Rabbi Believes Hidden Meanings of a Biden-Harris Pairing are Destruction and Messiah
ChaiFlicks, the `Jewish Netflix,' Arrives newsletter: 20fx0814.txt
Historic Announcement: Israel Establishes Official Ties with United Arab Emirates
Israel Tests Arrow 2 Missile against Simulated Iranian Attack
Israeli Fighter Planes to Head to Germany for First Joint Exercise with Luftwaffe
Birthright Launches Online Interactive Tours of Israel
Inscriptions, Milestones Shed Light on `Lost' Part of Negev Trade Route newsletter: 20fx0817.txt
Israel's COVID-19 Czar Apologizes after Equating Spread of Virus among Arabs to `Mass Terror Attack'
Hizbullah Pushes Conspiracy that Israel Caused Beirut Blast
Report: Yemen's Remaining Jews to be Transfered to UAE
UAE: We Won't Establish Embassy in Jerusalem
IDF Strikes Gaza Outposts in Response to Incendiary Balloons Attacks
Jewish Agency: Israel to have 250,000 New Immigrants over Next Five Years newsletter: 20fx0818.txt
Mufti of Jerusalem: Visiting Al-Aqsa Mosque Through Israel-UAE Agreement `Forbidden'
Lebanese President Open to Peace with Israel: Rabbi says it would `Facilitate Construction of the Third Temple'
Qatari Academic Blames Beirut Blast on Lebanese Girls, Gays and Plastic Surgery
A Teenage Pop Sensation Becomes a Soldier: The Israeli Army Tries to Cope newsletter: 20fx0819.txt
Officials: Israel and Sudan are Close to Peace Deal
Israeli Seismologist: String of Smaller Blasts Preceded Beirut Explosion
Trump Tells Rally he Moved Embassy to Jerusalem `for the Evangelicals'
'Dream Destination' Cafés Offer Taste of Paradise in Gaza
Palestinian Teenagers Mourn Anonymously after Israeli Friend is Killed
New Israeli Technology Permits Film/TV Industries to Convert Still Images into Vivid and Lively Videos
Did Neanderthal and Modern Humans Happily Co-Exist in Prehistoric Israel? newsletter: 20fx0820.txt
Netanyahu: I will Bring UAE Investments to the Negev
Arabic site reports Israel may Kill Hamas leaders
Without Placing it into Context, FBI Disseminates Link to Anti-Semitic Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion
`Never Again,' Vows Israeli Air Force Chief During Historic Flyover of Dachau, 75 Years After Liberation
New Yorker Threatens to Shoot up Jewish Summer Camp, 14 Guns Found in Home
Religious Satire has Rabbis up in Arms
The World's Biggest Mall will Soon Open for Israelis newsletter: 20fx0821.txt
Report: Beirut Blast Triggered by Chemicals Owned by Hizbullah, Supplied by Iran
Hamas: We'll Burn Tel Aviv if Israel Targets our Leaders
FBI Apologizes for Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion Tweet
Israeli Spies Smuggled Rare Jewish Bibles Out of Syria, Court Rules They Stay in Jerusalem
16-Year-Old Israeli Girl Tells Police she was Gang-Raped by about 30 Men
Muslims in ICE Detention Forced to Choose Between Pork or Rotten Halal Meals
Israel's 1-second Corona `Gargle Test' Remarkably Accurate newsletter: 20fx0824.txt
Hamas Leadership Scurries for Cover as Israel Threatens Precision Strikes
Media Report: Iran Official Says Sabotage Caused Fire at Natanz Nuclear Site
Eilat Hotel Manager Arrested for Disrupting Rape Investigation
Protesters intend to continue demonstrating throughout the country out of fury toward the alleged crime in Eilat. Protesters on Sunday afternoon by the Chords Bridge in Jerusalem wore red and held signs saying: "stop victim blaming" and "even one is too much," referring to the multiplicity of suspects who allegedly committed or participated in the crime.
New Dating Site Allows Jewish Moms to Set Up Dates for their Children
Digital Scans of Egyptian Cat, Snake, Bird Mummies Reveal Animal Abuse newsletter: 20fx0825.txt
US Vows to Ensure Israel's 'Military Edge'
Report: Crushed Rocks in New York Utility Road May have come from Jewish Gravestones
Could War With Iran Be an October Surprise?
Sanhedrin Petitions Israeli Government to Blow Shofar on Temple Mount for the First Time since the Temple's Destruction newsletter: 20fx0826.txt
New Knesset Bill Aims to Change Law Regarding who can make Aliyah
Hizbullah Weighs Survival Options after Beirut Blast
Circumcision at Age 80
Hoard of 9th Century Gold Islamic Coins Found Buried in Central Israel
Ancient Jerusalem was Smaller than Believed newsletter: 20fx0831.txt
20,000 Demonstrate in Anti-Netanyahu Jerusalem protests, 16 Arrested
Ben Gurion Study Predicts Israel Only Weeks Away from Herd Immunity
Palestine: 1947 Escape from British Acre Prison Exposed as Inside Job
Death Valley's Sizzling 54°C Heat Could Happen in Israel
Pope Pius XII was Urged Not to Protest Holocaust Deportations
Israeli `Spit Test' Detects Heart Attacks in a Matter of Minutes
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