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Possible Delay in Netanyahu's July 1 Annexation Date. Is a US Package on the Table?
Bernie Sanders Signs Letter Calling for Halting of Aid to Israel
Iranian Missile can 'Reach Central Europe and Parts of Northern Europe'
At Least 17 Dead in `Gas' Explosion at Tehran Medical Center
ADL Gets into Bed with Anti-Semite Sharpton
Jordan's Royal Institute: 'Arabs, not Jews, Founded and Built Jerusalem' newsletter: 20fx0702.txt
Netanyahu: Sovereignty Talks Continue with US, Security Officials
New Report says Israel is OECD Solar Energy Champion
3-D Printed Steaks? An Israeli Startup will Test Them Out in High-End Restaurants newsletter: 20fx0703.txt
Mysterious Explosion and Fire Damage Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Facility
Bolton: A Second Trump Term would be Dangerous for Israel
Arab-Israeli Knesset Member Participates in Hamas-Fatah `Declaration of War' on Israel Event
Black Lives Matter may Discuss 'Palestine' at its Virtual National Meeting
Demonstrators in DC Chant `Israel, We Know You, You Murder Children, Too' newsletter: 20fx0706.txt
Israel Bolsters Antibody Tests as Second Virus Wave Threatens
Iran Braces for Next Blow after Mystery Explosions Hit Nuclear and Missile Production Sites
Defense Minister Denies Israel Behind Mysterious Iran Explosions
Did the Trump Campaign Really Place a Nazi Eagle on a T-shirt?
Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Rebuts Charges of Anti-Semitism newsletter: 20fx0707.txt
New York Times: Israel Behind Blast at Iran Nuclear Site
Israel's Corona Tracking in Chaos as Healthy People Ordered into Quarantine
Jerusalem: Mask Ticket Issued to Terrified 13-Year-Old Girl
From Yeshiva Boy to Transgender IDF Soldier newsletter: 20fx0708.txt
Explosion Near Iran's Capital Kills 2, Damages Factory
Iran Says Nuclear Program 'Unstoppable,' Warns Israel not to Strike
El Al to be Nationalized, State to Purchase $150 million in stocks
Rare Plant Used by Moses in Bible could be Cure for Covid-19
New Study: Coronavirus Genetic Risk Factor Inherited from Neanderthals newsletter: 20fx0709.txt
250 Billion Barrels: Israel Discovers Oil Deposits Similar to Saudi Arabia
Analysis: 10 Realistic Ways the War of Gog and Magog can Ignite Tomorrow
Israel asks United States to 'Swap' Two of their KC46 Tankers
IDF Chief's Helicopter Plummets, but Pilot Regains Control before Crash
Jewish Football Player Wasn't "Surprised no one Stood up for Jews' when NFL Star said `Hitler was Right' newsletter: 20fx0710.txt
Explosions, Power Outages Reported near Tehran
New Israeli Spy Satellite Set to Provide Powerful Intelligence Edge over Adversaries
Palestinians Pressure Biden Campaign to Reverse Trump's Pro-Israeli Moves
Four Police Tackle Haredi Woman to Ground because her Mask was not Covering Nose
Masa Teaching Fellows Provide 2,500 Hours of Online Study newsletter: 20fx0713.txt
Israeli Air Force Launches New Elite Unit to Fight Iranian Aggression
Israeli Intelligence and the Covert War against Iran
Israelis use Special Phone Case to Avoid Shin Bet's Coronavirus Tracking
Surgeons Save Bedouin Boy from Brain-Eating Parasite
New Horror Movie Depicts a Jewish Burial Ritual Gone Terribly Wrong
Vile Lies: Hamas Says Jews Perpetrated Holocaust to Euthanize Special Needs Population newsletter: 20fx0714.txt
Explosion, Fire at Gas Plant in East Iran
Iran Vows 'Firm' Response to Alleged Israeli Sabotage of Nuclear Site
Report: 28 Hizbullah Missile Launch Sites Aimed at Israel
Saudi Scholar Publishes Article in Israeli Academic Journal
US Jews of Color Share Experiences of Racism within the Community
New Plan to Ensure the Future of the Diaspora newsletter: 20fx0715.txt
Unlikely Iranian Bedfellows Foster Secret 25-Year Deal with China
Proposed China-Iran deal is Bad News for Israel
Second Corona Outbreak Grips Israel Tighter as Death Toll, New Infections Continue to Climb
Worldwide WhatsApp Outage Reported newsletter: 20fx0716.txt
Former NYPD Commissioner Warns US Jews: Protect your Communities
Kelly, who now heads the Anti-Semitism Accountability Project (ASAP), has visited 10 European countries to meet with government and faith leaders to examine how anti-Semitism is being tackled on the Continent in comparison with the US, he said. "Anti-Semitism there is not new. Neo-Nazis have never gone away, and populism is helping them flex their muscles."
7+ Iranian Ships in Flames at Bushehr Port
Israel's New Spy Satellite Sends First Top Secret Pictures
Israeli Team finds 1970s Drug may Reduce Covid-19 to a Common Cold
Israel to Perform First Synthetic Cornea Transplant, Returning Sight to Blind
Supersonic Boom Causes Panic in Northern Israel as Pilot Exceeds Speed Limit and is Grounded
Biblical Site of Ziklag Finally Identified? newsletter: 20fx0717.txt
Bennett: 'Our Pressure Worked, Tomorrow's (Friday's) Stupid Lockdown is Cancelled'
Netanyahu's Coronavirus Relief: A Check to every Israeli
'Hebron is the Wuhan of Palestine'
As Schools go Remote, Ingenious Israeli App keeps Tabs on Cheaters
Yemen Spreads False Reports on Jews to Harm Enemies
The Last Jews in Afghanistan Argued so much the Taliban Kicked them out of Prison and Stole their Torah newsletter: 20fx0720.txt
Another Explosion at Iranian Power Plant
How Lethally Effective is Iran's Air Defense System?
Sources: Israel Keeps Blowing up Military Targets in Iran, Hoping to Force a Confrontation before Trump can be Voted out in November
U.S. Drops Satellite Imaging Rules, Leaving Israel Exposed
Pro-Israel Saudi Journalist `Kidnapped' by Authorities, Threatened with 10-Year Term newsletter: 20fx0721.txt
7 Syrians Injured in Alleged Israeli Airstrikes near Damascus
Knesset Defies Cabinet, Relaxes Key COVID-19 Lockdown Measures
Rumblings of Regional Strife in Caucasus Could Make its Way to Israel
Far-Left French Politician Accuses Jews Responsibility for Jesus' Death
Kanye West Suggests Israel Pay African Mothers $1 Million per Child
World Jewish population 14,410,700 but 80% Unconnected newsletter: 20fx0722.txt
Number of COVID-19 Patients in Serious Condition Increases 3-Fold in a Week
Thousands Gather in Jerusalem to Protest against Netanyahu
Auschwitz Museum Employees Discover Identifying Inscription in Shoes of Gassed Children
43 Years in Israel: If I Hadn't Made Aliyah Then, `I'd Be Doing it Now'
Israelis Turn Ultrasound into Powerful Cancer-Fighting Weapon newsletter: 20fx0723.txt
Twitter Removes Star of David, Citing 'Hateful Imagery'
Pandemic Fuels Real Estate Surge as Diaspora Jewry Realizes Israel `Safest Place to Be'
Madonna Expresses Solidarity with `Palestine' After Promoting Louis Farrakhan on Social Media
First Temple Era Discovery Near US Embassy Reveals `One of Most Important Sites' in Kingdom of Judah!
The archaeologists continued, "Evidence shows that at this site, taxes were collected in an orderly manner for agricultural produce such as wine and olive oil. The site once dominated large agricultural plots and orchards of olive trees and grape vines which included agricultural industrial facilities such as winepresses for winemaking."
Gruesome Adaptation of Holocaust Novel 'The Painted Bird' Now on Streaming Channels newsletter: 20fx0724.txt
New Coronavirus Law Grants Israeli Government Sweeping Emergency Powers
Report: US Fighter Jets Come Close to Iranian Passenger Plane over Syria
Palestinian Foreign Minister Claims the Jews Control Apple and Google
Scientists Reveal that the Negev Bloomed 1.6 Million Years Ago
Could Archeology and Modern Medicine Help Validate the Bible? newsletter: 20fx0727.txt
Report: Hizbullah Attack on Israel `Imminent'
Why did a Four Star General Land in Israel During a Pandemic?
Israeli Study: Vitamin D May be the Key to Beating Coronavirus
Killer Cloth: New Israeli Mask 99% Effective against Coronavirus
Shidduch Dating: Coming to an Airport Terminal Near You newsletter: 20fx0728.txt
IDF Beats Back Hizbullah Terror Attack on Lebanese Border
Metropolitan Museum of Art Labels Tefillin as Egyptian Amulet
Farrakhan Flunky: 'Jews Run Hollywood, Fueled Slavery, Sold Sheets and Nooses to KKK'
Jewish Doctors in Nazi-Occupied Poland Stopped an Epidemic in its Tracks
Send friends 5,000-Year-Old Emojis with New Google Hieroglyphic App newsletter: 20fx0729.txt
Report: Shin Bet has been Tracking Cellphones for Years
Do Jews have a Future in America?
Research Reveals Deadly Pandemic Devastated International Trade in Ancient Israel 1,500 years ago: research
How did Europe's Jews Cope with a 17th-Century Plague? newsletter: 20fx0730.txt
Israelis Protest in Front of Netanyahu's House by Reading Tisha B'Av Prayers
PA's Collapse could Provide 'Brighter Future' for Palestinians
Rabbinical Court Allows Publication of Female Get-Refuser's Personal Details
The Biblical Great Flood Might have Actually Happened. Here's Why newsletter: 20fx0731.txt
Knesset Stunned as Twitter says Khamenei Tweets Calling to Destroy Israel do not Violate Policy
Hamas Defector tells Israel his Mission was to Down an IDF Helicopter
Where do Biden's Top VP Candidates Stand on Israel?
Israelis Turning Watermelon Waste into Fuel of the Future
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