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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 20fx0601.txt
`Corona is Not Behind Us,' Netanyahu says, Amid Plans to Heal Economy
Pro-BDS Group Links Israel to Minneapolis Police Violence, Causing Outrage
Did Ancient Hebrews Get High During Temple? A New Archaeological Discovery Suggests They Did
Who Owns the Land of Israel?
Al Jazeera Broadcasts Islamist Cleric's Appeal to `Kill Jews' newsletter: 20fx0602.txt
Israeli Airstrike Takes Out 5 Iran-backed Fighters, Says Syrian Group
Nuclear Weapons: The Reason Why Even Iran Fears Israel
Ben-Gurion instructed his science adviser, Ernst David Bergmann, to direct Israel's clandestine nuclear effort and set up and chair the Israel Atomic Energy Commission. Shimon Peres, who later went on to serve as president and prime minister of Israel, cultivated contacts with a sympathetic France that resulted in the latter agreeing to supply a large, heavy water nuclear reactor and an underground plutonium reprocessing plant, which would turn spent reactor fuel into the key ingredient for nuclear weapons. The reactor was built at Dimona in the Negev desert.
Report: Iran Tried to Poison Israelis by Increasing Chlorine in Water
Police Smash Human-Trafficking Ring Allegedly Headed by Ex-Israeli Athlete newsletter: 20fx0603.txt
Netanyahu Tells Settlers to Accept Trump Peace Plan, Hints US Focus has Changed
BDS Co-Founder says Goal of Movement is End of Israel
Anti-Semitism finds its Insidious Way into every Mass Protest
Palestinian Authority Exploits George Floyd's Death to Whip up Anti-Israel Hate
IDF Soldier Arrested After Threatening to Assassinate Netanyahu
Israeli Missile Strikes Target at Sea from 248 Miles
Nazi Diary Reveals Secret Location of WWII Treasure under a Palace in Poland newsletter: 20fx0604.txt
IDF Prepares for `Day After' Annexation, Including Scenarios of Widespread Violence
Can Netanyahu Move on Sovereignty Without the Trump Peace Plan?
Hidden Rabbis Warn `America has Officially Entered a Civil War from which it won't Recover'
Survey: Half of Diaspora Jews want Regular Contact with Israel
Anti-Semitism Examined as a Social Virus in New PBS Documentary newsletter: 20fx0605.txt
Spike in Coronavirus in Israel's Capital Spreads Nationwide
Israelis on Pornhub, What do the Chosen People Choose to Watch?
Ambassador Friedman: Diaspora Jews are too `Illiterate' about Judaism
Israel's Team8 Launches VC Fund to Invest in AI, Cybersecurity
British Daily Retracts Claim Palestinians Fled in '48 from Israeli Rape and Torture
Comedian Tweets Jesus Was `Palestinian,' Becomes Butt of His Own Joke newsletter: 20fx0608.txt
Drone Attack Kills 12 Pro-Iranian Militiamen in E. Syria
Despite Israeli Strikes, Iranian Forces Massing on Syrian Border
Corona `Superspreaders' are to Blame for Pandemic, Israeli Study Finds
Haifa Police: No Aliens, Werewolves, Pedophile Apartments in the City
Iranian Academic Offers to Help `Incompetent' Rioters Carry Out a `Real Revolution' newsletter: 20fx0609.txt
Gantz in Separate Dialogue with Washington on Annexation
Netanyahu faces Backlash in Hasidic Group over Trump Peace Plan
A Parable: Prisoners Prefer to Remain in Prison
Israeli Thriller `Fauda' Captivates Unlikely Fans: Hamas and PA Officials
Porcupine found in the Knesset's bathrooms newsletter: 20fx0610.txt
Palestinian PM: We will Declare State on 1967 Lines if Israel Annexes West Bank
Believe It or Not: Even Jimmy Carter Supports Some Israeli Annexation
Iran to Execute Alleged Mossad, CIA Spy over Soleimani Assassination
`Second Japanese Schindler' Discovered Who Rescued Jews from Nazi Persecution
Black Lives Matter is Bad News for the Jews newsletter: 20fx0611.txt
AIPAC Gives Lawmakers a Green Light to Criticize Israel over Annexation
Armed Jewish Group Takes Security into its Own Hands in Los Angeles
Where There's Antifa There is Anti-Semitism
HBO Max Censors 'Gone with the Wind' Due to Racist Portrayals newsletter: 20fx0612.txt
Cabinet Designates Red Zones as Coronavirus Death Toll hits 300
Evangelical Leader Calls on Black Lives Matter to Renounce anti-Semitism
Is it Really Time to Cancel Mel Brooks' `Blazing Saddles?'
Police Probing Soccer Stars for Underage Sex Claims
Teen Sensation Signs Largest Ever US Record Deal for an Israeli newsletter: 20fx0615.txt
Chancellor Angela Merkel Addresses American Jewish Committee
Palestinian Authority Printing Passports Independent of Israel
Is the Future of US Jewry Threatened?
Trump Boosts Georgia Candidate who Peddles anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories and Posed with a Neo-Nazi
Rabbis Rule Entering Places Requiring Temperature Checks on Shabbat Forbidden
Dr. Ruth: Those who Serve in IDF will have Good Sex for their Entire Lives newsletter: 20fx0616.txt
Jordan Hopes to Avert Israeli Annexation of West Bank Lands
Netanyahu Reveals how Putin Foiled Obama's Anti-Israel Efforts at UN
Diaspora Affairs Minister: We are Here for all Jews
Treasury Threatens Teachers Salary Reduction
Is a Chinese Cult Looking to Gain a Foothold with Haredi Jews?
With Fauda's Help, Pandemic makes Hebrew Spread Worldwide newsletter: 20fx0617.txt
Palestinian Officials: Settlers are Doing our Work for Us
Shas Candidate Gives up Knesset following Lewd Modesty Comment
Burial Society Refuses to Sell Unmarried Couple Adjoining Plots
Interior Ministry Suspends Jewish Status of 2,200 Children
`Fauda' Writer's New Show `Tehran' Gets Picked up by Apple TV
Meat on Demand: Israeli Company is 3D Printing Steaks newsletter: 20fx0618.txt
UAE Official: Israel Annexation may Draw Calls for One Bi-National State
Court Rules Illegitimate Children of Jews Evicted by Nazis are German Citizens
Israel Expecting 90,000 New Immigrants in Next 18 Months
Christians Prepare to Harbor Jews in Anticipation of Potential `American Holocaust'
My Mom is White and my Dad is Black. Don't Call Me a `Jew of Color.'
African American Basketball Legend says Israel Safer than US newsletter: 20fx0619.txt
Netanyahu Warns of Second Mass Lockdown if Pandemic Worsens
Palestinian Mothers Teach Their Daughters Terrorism via Song on TV
Report: Iran Tested Long-Range Cruise Missile
Bus driver Fired for Preaching Christianity to Passengers
Stranded at Sea? A high-tech Israeli Drone can Save the Day
Israeli Scientists Invent Mask that Kills Coronavirus with Phone Charger Heat
Study: TikTok Rife with Racist, Anti-Semitic Content Aimed at Children newsletter: 20fx0622.txt
Can Netanyahu Still Stop Second Coronavirus Tsunami?
Bolton: Trump was Prepared to Back Israeli Strike on Iran
Tel Aviv University's Online Cybersecurity Course Ranked First in the World
Annular Eclipse over Temple Mount: A Warning to the Nations Plotting Against Israel
New Holocaust App Puts Players in Shoes of Jewish Boy in 1930s Berlin newsletter: 20fx0623.txt
Trump Set to Make Decision on Annexation
Oldest Hatred Rears its Head as the New York Times Justifies Black Anti-Semitism
Bennett: New Wave of Illegal Immigration Could Lead to Terror Attacks in Northern Israel
Carmel Fossils Show Prehistoric Humans Migrated to Israel during Ice Age newsletter: 20fx0624.txt
Study: Coronavirus Causing Wave of Anti-Semitism
Iran's Chief Rabbi: The Israeli government Doesn't Care about Judaism
Tel Aviv to Recognize Same-Sex and Interfaith Couples
As Zoom Fatigue Sets in, Religious Leaders and Congregants look to Post-COVID Prayer
Fans Call for Return of ABC Series Inspired by Hit Israeli TV Show newsletter: 20fx0625.txt
UN Chief: 'Watershed Moment' for Israelis, Palestinians
Israel, Palestinians Tighten Restrictions as COVID-19 Spreads
EBay, Gett Delivery Team Up to Offer Same-Day Service in Israel
Woman, 70, Gets Naked and Takes Shower During a Zoom Bat Mitzvah
Sealed Depositions Involving Jeffrey Epstein Name Ehud Barak as Offender
Why Hot Dogs are the Greatest American Jewish food newsletter: 20fx0626.txt
Trump Administration Meetings on Whether to Back Annexation End without a Conclusion
Chabad says 100,000 Attended Zoom Commemoration for Rebbi Rabbi Menachem Schneerson
Bible Codes Expert Reveals when Messiah will Arrive newsletter: 20fx0629.txt
At Least Nine Pro-Iranian Fighters Killed in Alleged Israeli Airstrike
Satellite Images Reveal Missile Production Site Rocked by Tehran Blast
Biracial Jewish Woman Burned in Wisconsin Attack
Extremist Activity is Growing in the Pandemic. How Worried Should Jews Be?
Israel Pulls Plug on GOD TV over Accusations of Missionizing newsletter: 20fx0630.txt
Report: Israeli Cyber-Attack Caused Secret Iranian Nuclear Missile Plant to Explode
Cyberattack Disrupts Israel Philharmonic Orchestra's Online Gala
Fox News Gives TV Soap Box to Anti-Semite Farrakhan
3-Week-Old Baby Hospitalized with Brain Infection after Circumcision Goes Wrong
Israeli `Human Lightning' Discovery Could Hold Key to Medical Advances
'Blood' Spouts from Fountain at Israeli 'Donald Trump Square'
U.S. Ambassador's Residence in Herzliya is for Sale
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