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Abbas to Dismantle Palestinian Authority if Israel Annexes an Inch of Land
Research Shows Pope Pius XII Knew of WWII Killing of Jews
Biden Plans to Leave US embassy in Jerusalem, but Would Reopen a Consulate in Arab Part of city
NYPD Cracks Down on Open Synagogues in Hasidic Neighborhoods
A letter signed by prominent Jewish politicians and organizations condemned a controversial tweet from de Blasio, which scolded "the Jewish community" in the wake of Tuesday's Hasidic funeral. "With thousands of New Yorkers dead, and many more sick, we all understand the danger of COVID-19, the severity of our dire public health emergency, and the need for strict social distancing. But this is not the way, and your threat of arrests and summonses is not the answer," the letter said.
Fearing Civil War, Prominent NY Rabbi Suddenly Urges American Jews to Leave for Israel
Hebrew could have Become Americas's Language newsletter: 20fx0504.txt
Israel to Implement 4-Stage Reopening of Economy
Schools in Israel Reopen With No Solution for Teachers at High-risk of Contracting Coronavirus
Israeli Court Hears Petitions against Netanyahu
German Bishops' Conference says Catholic Church in Germany was `complicit' in Nazi Crimes
Pentagon Confirms UFO Videos, Marking Return of Biblical Extraterrestrials newsletter: 20fx0505.txt
Israel Eases Coronavirus Rules but No Hugging Grandchildren
Coronavirus Shuts Down Iran's Annual Anti-Israel Hate-Fest
Rabbi Warns that `Gog and Magog will Start with a War between America and China'
IDF: Soldiers will no Longer Serve as Professional Dancers
First Dictionary Editor Thought Term 'Anti-Semite' Would Disappear
Dutch king Acknowledges Jews Felt `Abandoned' by his Great-Grandmother Wilhelmina
Jewish Comedian says Nursing Home Wrongfully Buried Cousin with a Rosary in Catholic Cemetery newsletter: 20fx0506.txt
Corona Breakthrough: Israelis Develop Powerful Antibody to Attack Virus
Study says a Mutant Coronavirus has Emerged, Even More Contagious than the Original
Report: 14 Iranians Killed after Israeli Jets hit Syrian Military Sites
Int'l Haredi Matchmaking Continues Despite Coronavirus Outbreak
GOD-TV, a Messianic Network, Launches Hebrew Channel in Israel newsletter: 20fx0507.txt
`Secretive' Israeli Unit Scores Breakthrough with Fast-Tracked Corona Treatment
Israel's High Court Approves Netanyahu-Gantz Deal
As Israel Considers Annexation, Biden Calls to Keep the Two-State Solution Alive
Thousands of New Homes to be Built in Efrat as Israel Readies Sovereignty Move
Report: Iranian Airline Spread Corona Throughout the Middle East
High Court Upholds Near One Million Shekel Fine for Failure to Divorce newsletter: 20fx0508.txt
Iran Behind Cyberattack on Israeli Water Authority; Operated through US Servers
What Does China's Coronavirus Cover-Up Mean for Israel?
Fauci to Orthodox Jews: Ease into Communal Prayer
Israel Bans Traditional Bonfires for Lag b'Omer
I'm an Older Woman Dating during the Pandemic. I Never Thought it would be this Fun. newsletter: 20fx0511.txt
Right-Wing Israeli Party Rejects US Conditions for Annexing Judea and Samaria
Pompeo to Visit Israel on the Day its New Government is Sworn in
Ukrainian Police Official Requests List of Jews in Western City of Kolomyya
Military Intelligence Chief Misled Israeli Leaders Ahead of 1973 War, Declassified Doc Reveals newsletter: 20fx0512.txt
Contrary to Coronavirus Guidelines, Large Crowds Gather at Bonfires in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh
Annexation?! Jews Must Be Killed, Wherever They're Found,' Demands Hamas Official
Mossad Mission to Capture Architect of the Holocaust
GOD-TV Denies Israeli Show Seeks to Convert Jews; Just 'Believe Jesus is Messiah'
Two Earthquakes in Israel, One in Vatican City newsletter: 20fx0513.txt
US Warns Israel of `Risks' of Chinese Business Dealings
Poll: Eastern Jerusalem Arabs Say they want to be Part of `Palestine' newsletter: 20fx0514.txt
Pompeo Urges Israel to Go Slow on West Bank Annexation
Poll: Majority of Palestinians Support 3rd Intifada
`Virus of Hate': Anti-Semitic Rhetoric Links Israel and Jews to Corona Outbreak
Bosnian Catholic Cardinal Plans to Honor Nazi Collaborators in Memorial Service
High Alert: Israel Locked and Loaded for Iranian Cyber Attacks
Israeli Researchers Create First 1-Minute Coronavirus Test
Central Council of Jews in Germany Launches `Meet a Jew' Project newsletter: 20fx0515.txt
IDF Gears Up for Annexation of Judea and Samaria
Israeli Soldier Moderately Wounded in Ramming Attack, Terrorist Killed
Study: Loud Speech can Leave Coronavirus in Air for up to 14 Minutes
Buried Document Reveals Pope Pius XII Chose Not to Tell US about the Holocaust
Mystic Rabbi: "In End of Days, Temple Vessels will Float from Rome to Israel' newsletter: 20fx0518.txt
Jordan Hints they'll Wage War with Israel if Judea-Samaria Annexed
Report says Israeli Jets Struck Iran-Backed Fighters in Syria
Muslim Activist Tells Samaria Council Leader `We Pray for Israeli Sovereignty'
Police: Chinese Ambassador's Death due to Cardiac Arrest newsletter: 20fx0519.txt
Israeli Satellite Exposes New Iranian Weapons Depot in Syria
China Backs Off from Investigating Sudden Death of its Ambassador in Israel
Tel Aviv University Researcher Finds that 70% of Israel's Corona Cases Began in US
Could Wearing a Mask for Long Periods be Detrimental to Health?
BCG Vaccine Doesn't Protect against COVID-19, Tel Aviv U Researchers Find
The Quirky Side of Albert Einstein newsletter: 20fx0520.txt
Biden: Israeli Threats of Annexation Choke off Hope of Peace
Officials: Israel behind Cyberattack that Crippled Iran's Largest Shipping Port
Researchers Find Ancient Rooms under Western Wall
Iran Deploys Military to Battle `Biblical Plague' of Locusts
Mystic Rabbis Reveal Daunting Forecast: Jews Outside Israel in Grave Danger. God won't Protect them
Amazon Prime Video: The Little Traitor
Israeli Mobster takes on Arab City to Get Back his Stolen Horse newsletter: 20fx0521.txt
Thousands of Iranians Seek Asylum – in Israel!
Netanyahu to Iran: Those who Threaten Israel will be Destroyed
When Hitler Stayed at my Place newsletter: 20fx0522.txt
Hostile Cyberattack on Israeli Internet sites: "The Countdown has Begun"
Is Israel Heading for a Second Coronavirus Wave?
Palestinians Refuse to Accept Corona Aid Sent on UAE's Historic Flight to Israel
Stray Camel Kills Israeli Motorist, Part of Ongoing Problem in Negev Region
PA Media: 'Israel Steals Palestinian Falafel, Hummus to Create Own History' newsletter: 20fx0525.txt
Israel vs. Binyamin Netanyahu: The Circus has Just Stared but the Trial is Postponed
Real-life Twist to HBO's 'Plot Against America'
Israel Space Agency Plans for First Ever Trip to Neptune
Alligator Rumored to have been Hitler's, Survived WWII Bombing in Berlin, Dies in Moscow Zoo at 84
Scientists say Israel may Become a Desert by the End of the Century newsletter: 20fx0526.txt
Cyber Attacks against Israeli Attempts to Produce COVID-19 Vaccine
Survey: 20% of British People Believe COVID is a Jewish Conspiracy
Palestinians: Eating with a Jew is a Crime newsletter: 20fx0527.txt
Amid Pressure from the U.S., Israel Rejects Chinese Bid to Build Massive Sorek 2 Desalination Facility
Spy Agency's Phone Surveillance Detected a Third of Israel's Covid-19 Cases
Operation Moked: How Israel Surprised the World By Destroying Egypt's Air Force
Government Decides on Guidelines for Ethiopian Aliyah
Matchmaking in a Time of Corona
Anti-Semitism examined as a social virus in new PBS documentary newsletter: 20fx0528.txt
Anti-Semitic Incidents Rise in Germany, Most from Far Right
Anti-Semitism Examined as a Social Virus in New PBS Documentary
Matchmaking in a Time of Corona newsletter: 20fx0529.txt
Israeli Cyber Czar Warns of More Attacks from Iran
Cameraman who Criticized PA Fired from the Associated Press
DNA Study Supports Bible: Canaanites Homogeneous Group, Lived in Israel
17-Year-Old Girl, Dog, Wild Boar get into Fight in Haifa
There's Going to be a New `Fiddler on the Roof' Movie
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