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IDF Gears Up for Annexation of Judea and Samaria

By World Israel News & United with Israel The Israel Defense Forces is prepping for three scenarios if the government's plan to annex the Jordan Valley and Judea and Samaria comes to fruition, reports Arutz Sheva. In one scenario there will be no major disturbances other than mild riots, and in the second scenario, terrorist attacks and larger riots in Judea and Samaria and Gaza will occur. In the most extreme scenario, the Palestinians will launch violent riots and a continuous wave of deadly terrorist acts on a grand scale. According to a recent poll, over two-thirds of Palestinians living across Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza Strip support a new intifada against Israel to stop the implementation of President Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan. For its part, the U.S. has publicly supported Israel's plans to move forward with annexation. Prior to his recent trip to Israel, U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said applying sovereignty over Judea and Samaria is "Israel's decision," a clear indication that the U.S. would support such a move. "I reminded [Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz] that, annexation is an Israeli decision," Pompeo said in comments published by Israel Hayom. The presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, has said he opposes annexation plans by Israel. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has warned of dire consequences if Israel proceeds with annexation. "If Israel annexes the Jordan Valley and parts of the West Bank, we will consider ourselves free of all previous agreements with Israel and America, and even consider withdrawing from the Oslo Accords," Abbas said in a speech to Fatah leadership in Ramallah last week. The PA rejected the American peace plan outright when Trump revealed it in January, even though it provides for a demilitarized Palestinian state in 70% of Judea and Samaria. A State Department official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the meetings publicly, said the point of Pompeo's lightning visit was not only to discuss annexation, but also the threat from Iran, as well as Israel's ties with China. While the official did not cite any particular issue, the U.S. has reportedly been pressuring Israel to rethink a bid by a Hong Kong company to build a massive desalination facility. Under Trump's Mideast plan unveiled in January, the Palestinians would have limited statehood contingent on a list of stringent requirements while Israel would annex Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. The Palestinians have rejected the plan and maintained a two-and-a-half year complete boycott of the Trump administration.

Israeli Soldier Moderately Wounded in Ramming Attack, Terrorist Killed

By Israel Hayom

A 20-year-old Israeli soldier sustained moderate injuries on Thursday in a ramming attack near Hebron. The terrorist was shot and killed by other soldiers at the scene, not far from the Jewish community of Negohot. According to an initial investigation, the terrorist deliberately veered from the road in order to hit a group of soldiers from the Armored Corps that had been manning an observation post. He accelerated and then hit the soldier. The soldier was subsequently rushed to the hospital for treatment. A paramedic who arrived at the scene said that first responders from the military had already begun treating the soldier when he arrived, and together they evacuated the soldier. "He was fully conscious when we treated him," the paramedic said.

Study: Loud Speech can Leave Coronavirus in Air for up to 14 Minutes

By the Jerusalem Post

Tiny particles escaping from a person's mouth when they speak loudly – which may contain the coronavirus – can stay in the air from eight up to as much as 14 minutes, a study has found. That study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. The results emphasize the importance of wearing medical masks amid the coronavirus pandemic. The research was conducted by a team of scientists belonging to the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and found that the particles that come out of a person's mouth when they speak loudly are much like those when they cough or sneeze. Researchers had people repeat phrases loudly and monitored the droplets that flew out of their mouths as they decayed in the air using sensitive lasers. They reached the conclusion that "a single minute of loud speaking generates at least 1,000 virus-containing droplets," according to the MIT Technology Review. Those same droplets can stay in the air for over eight minutes and up to 14 minutes. This presents serious implications about just how easy it is for a patient to release germs into their immediate environment: by simply speaking. The researchers additionally claim that there are people who produce larger amounts of the virus and may then release 10 times more of it into the air than others by speaking loudly. The magazine pointed out, however, that the study assumed that coming into contact with a virus necessarily causes infection, despite that being questionable. In addition, since the study was in a controlled environment, it did not take into account different factors that exist in a regular environment, such as wind and temperature. As Israelis are notoriously loud, it is perhaps in their own interest to maintain wearing masks to stop the spread of the virus and "lower the curve."

Buried Document Reveals Pope Pius XII Chose Not to Tell US about the Holocaust

By the Jerusalem Post

A group of German historians uncovered a document confirming how much Pope Pius XII knew about what was happening during the Holocaust, proving that he failed to share this information with US authorities following their direct inquiry. Years after the inquiry, the aforementioned document was buried by Jesuit historians instructed to collect papers about the controversial papacy. The Vatican Archives on Pius XII were opened to scholars at the beginning of March after years of requests and disputes. Only few days later, the facility was forced to shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, that limited amount of time was enough for a group of researchers from the University of Münster to bring to light some important findings, as Prof. Hubert Wolf told The Jerusalem Post via email. "First of all, the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation financially supports our research," Wolf explained. "Moreover, you must keep in mind that my staff and I have been working in the Vatican Archives for over 20 years. We are therefore acquainted with the archival filing practice and knew which relevant series we had to look in. Furthermore, we, a team of seven researchers, had prepared our stay in the archives in a very differentiated manner and proceeded according to precise plans." After only two days, Dr Sascha Hinkel identified a previously unknown internal memo, or "Appunto" redacted by Angelo dell'Acqua, a close collaborator of Cardinal Secretary of State Luigi Maglione in the Roman Secretariat of State, an organ that was responsible for politics. A series of documents known as The "Actes et Documents du Saint Siège relatifs à la Seconde Guerre Mondiale" commissioned by Pope Paul VI to four Jesuit historians and published in the 1960s and 1970s had already revealed that Maglione prepared a response to a 1942-inquiry by the American authorities, and specifically by envoy Myron Taylor, about whether the pope had information regarding the fact that hundreds of thousands of Jews were being murdered in Poland and Ukraine. The information had been conveyed to the US by the Jewish Agency for Palestine and Taylor wanted to know if the Vatican could confirm it. "The Vatican had already been informed about this by two separate and independent sources: on the one hand, by the Italian Count Malvezzi, and on the other by the Ruthenian Catholic Archbishop of Lviv, Andrej Szeptyzkyj," Wold pointed out. "In the newly discovered Appunto, Dell'Acqua principally questioned the credibility of Jews and Oriental Catholics alike by resorting to a well-known anti-Semitic stereotype. He attested Jews a penchant for exaggeration and Eastern Catholics a lack of sincerity. Thereby, he also intended to devalue their concurring statements about the Holocaust. With this assessment Dell'Acqua also influenced Pius' XII decision to give an evasive answer to the American inquiry." The document does not only shed light on the behavior maintained by Pius XII and his collaborators, but also on the ones by Church representatives later on. "What makes this Appunto particularly charged is that the editors of the Actes et Documents clearly had it in their hands, for on the lower side of the sheet there is a handwritten note which they included into their edition, while they deliberately withheld the upper three quarters of the sheet with the typewritten Appunto by dell'Acqua," the professor told the Post. Pius XII, whose civil name was Eugenio Pacelli, served as pope from 1939 to 1958. His attitude and role vis-à-vis the Nazi and fascist regimes, and the murder of Jews, have been at the center of many controversies over the years, also in consideration of the strenuous defense of Pius XII by the Church itself, with a canonization process that has been initiated and advanced throughout the decades. His defenders state that the Pope did its best to silently help Jews escaping persecutions. Wolf, who besides for a respected Church historian is also an ordained priest, highlighted that the decision to open the archives about his papacy is a positive step that will ultimately allow to find clearer answers. "It is indeed a very good thing; finally, we can try to answer all the open questions about Pius' XII stance towards the Holocaust based on the sources," he said. "The time of apologetics and polemics should at last be over. It will, however, take years to evaluate the vast number of documents contained in about 400,000 archival units. Afterwards, we will be able to say whether the Jewish religious philosopher Pinchas Lapide was right when he called Pius XII the `greatest benefactor of the Jewish people,' or whether it was John Cornwall, who simply called Pius XII `Hitler's pope' – or whether the historical truth is much more differentiated." Asked about the canonization process, the historian said that it would probably be better to put it on hold it until more light is shed on the issue. "Pope Francis finally made these sources accessible, saying that the Church does not fear the truth coming from history. Therefore, the Vatican should await the results of the elaborate historical work before handing down a final verdict on Pius XII. Therefore, in my opinion, the beatification process should be suspended for the time being," he pointed out.

Mystic Rabbi: "In End of Days, Temple Vessels will Float from Rome to Israel'

By Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler (Breaking Israel News)

In a recent talk that garnered over 121,000 views in the past two weeks, Tzfat-based Rabbi Alon Anava shared a startling teaching from Judaism's mystical tradition about the Vatican and the End of Days. Basing himself on a teaching from King Solomon that what has already occurred will repeat itself in the future, Anava spoke about the phenomenon of bizat hayam, literally the booty of the sea. Jewish tradition teaches that, when the Egyptian army drowned in the Red Sea, the gold and decorative gems that had been affixed to the chariots washed ashore and the Children of Israel collected them. This idea of treasures washing ashore, Anava explained, will repeat itself after the Messiah reveals himself. In order to understand his teaching, a little background is required. Jewish tradition teaches that, before the flood in the time of Noah, the earth had one single continent that was broken up into seven continents after being underwater for a full year. The only exception to this is Rome. In Tractate Sanhedrin 21a, the Talmud teaches that, when King Solomon married the daughter of Pharaoh, the angel Gabriel stuck a reed in the sea. Land gathered around that reed and ultimately, Rome was built on that land. Quoting from the Kabbalistic book Chesed L'Avraham (The Kindness of Abraham) Anava taught that, "In the future, [the angel] Michael, the Minister of Kindness, will pull out the stem of the reed that Gabriel the angel stuck in the water and Rome is going to sink into the ocean. Now what's going to happen when Rome sinks into the ocean? "All the vessels of the Holy Temple are right now in Rome. Titus took everything. The only thing he could not find was the Ark. The Ark is hidden. There are two versions where it's hidden. Either it's hidden under the Kodesh HaKadoshim (Holy of Holies), buried so deep in the ground or in Kever David, the tomb of David, but the Ark is in Israel. "But all the rest of the vessels. Can you imagine? The menorah, all the vessels, Titus took [them] and [they're] in the Vatican as we speak, in their basements. So in the future, when it says atida it means with the coming of Moshiach (Messiah), Michael is going to pull this reed, Rome is going to sink into the depths of the ocean and all the kelim (vessels) are going to float. And you know where they're going to pull up to? To the shores of the port of Yafo (Jaffa)!" Earlier in his talk, Anava had some harsh things to say about the Vatican and the current pope. "Up until today," he commented, "people think that the Vatican is Christian. The Vatican is not Christian. The Vatican is Luciferian. It's not worshipping Jesus. It's worshipping Lucifer. Lucifer is the devil." Anava claimed that, under the influence of Luciferian worship, child sacrifice is conducted in the Vatican until today. "I'm telling you already that for many years, the Vatican was run by a Christian Pope. Now, it's controlled by a Luciferian Pope. "There are three Popes: the white Pope, the red Pope and the black Pope. Right now the Vatican is in the control of pagan Rome. In Hebrew, it's called Luciferians because they don't worship Jesus; they worship the devil. And, by the way, this is the empire that destroyed the Holy Temple. These are not the Christians, the Catholics that you know. These are totally different people." (Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler is a Bible and Prophecy Watch reporter on Breaking Israel News. She is the editor of Ten from the Nations: Torah Awakening Among Non-Jews, available on Amazon and the coordinator of Torah School for the Nations which meets in Jerusalem. She has a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland.)

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