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Will Israel's 3rd Election Resolve its Political Crisis? Low Turnout Predicted
By DEBKAfile
Danon Slams Sanders: `A Liar, an Ignorant Fool, or Both'
How Every Jew can Help Rewrite Jewish history
Torah from Sinai believes that to ensure Jewish continuity, Israel must maintain its Jewish identity so that there is an eternal Jewish homeland for all Jews to live and prosper. We must fight the notion that Israel should be a secular state.
Israeli Scientist finds Microplastics in Milk
This was the Most Popular Name for Israeli Dogs in 2019 newsletter: 20fx0303.txt
Netanyahu Defeats Gantz with Larger Bloc
The 'Double Life' of Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Doubters
First Israeli Non-Profit Bank to Provide Life-Changing Loans as 'National Mission'
New App Allows Users to See Distance of Home to Proposed Palestinian State newsletter: 20fx0304.txt
Rivlin, Netanyahu Set to Clash over Mandate to Form Government
Health Ministry Denies Israel to Quarantine American Tourists
UN Agency: Iran Nearly Triples Stockpile of Enriched Uranium
List Found of 12,000 Nazis in Argentina with Money in Swiss Bank
Islamists in Iran Lick Shrines to `Eat Coronavirus'
Palestinian Cleric: Hating Jews is an Islamic Obligation newsletter: 20fx0305.txt
Syrian Air Defenses Respond to Attacks in Homs, Quneitra
Up to 100,000 Israelis in Isolation as Israel Expands Traveler Quarantine
Israel's Chief Rabbi says Stop Kissing Mezuzahs to Lower Coronavirus Risk
Far-Right Polish Lawmaker: Natural Selection at Pogroms made Jews Powerful
Anti-Zionists Protest AIPAC: `The Holocaust Will Come Back to You!'
Sick Parade of Anti-Semites Dressed in Half Hitler, Half Holocaust Victim Costumes
Library of Congress to House English-Translated Talmud newsletter: 20fx0306.txt
US Approves $2.4 Billion Sale to Israel of 8 Boeing KC-46 Tanker Aircraft
Bennett Closes Bethlehem over Coronavirus Outbreak
Nefesh B'Nefesh Cancels Gala Event Due to Coronavirus Concerns
Can a Person in Home-Quarantine Read the Megillah via Skype?
Watch (and Dance): Israel's 2020 Eurovision Contest Song Features Verses in 4 Languages newsletter: 20fx0309.txt
Israel's Coronavirus Cases Hit 39, First Patient from Unknown Source
Secret facility at Hizbullah's Beirut Hospital Cares for Iranian VIPs Stricken with CoronaVirus
Iran's Regime Pushes Anti-Semitic Conspiracies about Coronavirus
Will the Coronavirus Lead to Yet Another Spike in Anti-Semitism in the US?
US Backs Off Iron Dome Purchases as Israel Refuses to Provide Source Code
Dutch Synagogue. In a Purim Joke asks Congregants: Use Kippahs as Masks for Coronavirus newsletter: 20fx0310.txt
Netanyahu: Everyone Entering Israel will be Quarantined for 14 Days as Coronavirus Infections Rise to 50
Anti-Semitic BDS Supporter Joins Sanders' Campaign
How Iran's Jewish Community Purchased the Tomb of Esther and Mordechai
World War C: Did World War Z Predict Israel's Response to COVID-19 newsletter: 20fx0311.txt
IDF Calls Up Reservists to Battle Coronavirus
Court Rejects Netanyahu's Bid to Postpone Corruption Trial
From Tel Aviv with Love: A 1935 Purim Greeting to Jewish World newsletter: 20fx0312.txt
Coronavirus Update for March 12, 2020 newsletter: 20fx0313.txt
Netanyahu, Gantz Agree to Emergency Unity Gov't to Combat Coronavirus
Tests Show New Virus Lives on Some Surfaces for up to 3 Days
Synagogues are Getting Creative Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak newsletter: 20fx0316.txt
Israel Confirms 13 New Coronavirus Cases, Sick Tally Hits 213
Benny Gantz will get the First Chance to Form a New Israeli Government
Will Israel Really Violate Privacy Rights in the Fight against Corona?
Israeli Historian Discovers Ancient Bible Manuscript in Egypt
Portugal Declares Official Commemoration Day for Inquisition of Jews newsletter: 20fx0317.txt
Israeli Government Moves to Allow Tracking of Cell Phones to Fight Coronavirus
Mohel Presses Corona-Worried Parents to Keep Circumcision Tradition Alive
As Coronavirus Spreads, Should I Livestream My Son's Bris?
David Simon Didn't like `The Plot Against America' when he First Read it. Trump's election Changed his Mind. newsletter: 20fx0318.txt
Israelis Not Allowed to Leave their Homes Unless `Absolutely Necessary'
Amazon Bans Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'
Israeli Device Lets Disabled Control Smartphones, Wheelchairs with Their Tongues newsletter: 20fx0319.txt
A full closure, in which all Israelis will be ordered to stay at home at all times except to purchase food or medicine or receive medical treatment, could become a reality as country prepares for next stage of coronavirus battle. Interior Minister Gilad Erdan tells heads of Israel's security apparatus to make concrete plans. by Maytal Yasur Beit-Or Published on 03-18-2020 13:47 Last modified: 03-18-2020 20:50
Israeli government charters planes to bring back Israelis affected by travel ban, who will now get free ride home from Peru and Scandinavian countries. El Al: As Israel's national carrier, we have a long history of helping in times of emergency. by Ariel Kahana , Shimon Yaish Published on 03-18-2020 08:26 Last modified: 03-18-2020 10:44
‘We’re not scared’: Some haredi Orthodox Jews in Israel are ignoring coronavirus social distancing rules newsletter: 20fx0320.txt
Under Emergency Regulations, Israeli Citizens Must Stay Home
Corona Pandemic Opens Floodgates for Anti-Semitism
Religious leaders: Coronavirus is Punishment, Sign of the Messiah's Coming newsletter: 20fx0323.txt
Coronavirus Upends Jewish Sabbath, People Pray from Balconies
Major Rabbis Agree: `Gog and Magog can Come in the Form of a Virus'
The Real History Behind HBO's `The Plot Against America' newsletter: 20fx0324.txt
Coronavirus Restrictions Upped: Go to Work, Supermarket Only or Face Fines
Will Tehran Lash Out at Israel as Iran Loses Battle Against Coronavirus?
Multitude of Asteroids To Pass Near Earth Before Passover May Presage Star of Jacob's Arrival newsletter: 20fx0325.txt
Three Israelis Dead from Coronavirus, 1,930 Israelis Infected
Coronavirus Fallout Pushes Palestinians to the Brink of Economic Ruin, Anarchy
Pandemic's Impact on Israel's National Security Cannot be ignored
Lauder: National Guard must Protect Jews from Neo-Nazi Coronavirus Threat newsletter: 20fx0326.txt
Netanyahu: Complete Lockdown if Numbers don't Improve
Russia Earthquake: Hawaii Tsunami Warning Cancelled after 7.8 Magnitude Event
Orthodox practice prohibits use of electricity on Shabbat, but rabbis ruled it was important for families to connect to grandparents for the Passover Seder newsletter: 20fx0327.txt
Gantz Becomes Knesset Speaker in Shock Alliance with Netanyahu
Number of Israel Coronavirus Cases Rises to 2,693, More People in Serious Condition. `We Got Past Pharaoh, We'll Get Past Corona,' Vows Netanyahu
Israeli Researcher Discovers Why Being Male Doubles Risk of Corona Death
Israeli Special-Ed Teacher's Rant-Video about Online Distance-Learning Goes Viral newsletter: 20fx0330.txt
As Death Toll Rises, Israeli Officials Brace for '5,000 Patients on Ventilators'
'Passover Celebrations Could Kill People'
Hijab and Handgun: Israel's First Muslim Female Detective Breaks the Mold newsletter: 20fx0331.txt
Israeli Cabinet Approves New Coronavirus Restrictions
Now's the Time to Travel to Israel, Virtually
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