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China Apologizes for Comparing Border Closure to Holocaust
Report: CIA Director Secretly Met Palestinian Security Leaders
Report: Terrorists Bomb Gas Pipeline between Israel, Egypt in Northern Sinai
Controversial 'Bible codes' Rabbi Predicts Iran to Attack Israel this Year
HBO: `The Plot Against America' Trailer, Jews are Under Attack newsletter: 20fx0204.txt
IDF Launches Drill that Simulates War on Multiple Fronts
Palestinian Rioters Hurl Molotov Cocktail at Border Police Officer
F-35s vs. Missiles: Could Israel and Iran Be Headed Towards a War? (And could Trump's 'peace plan' be making things worse?)
`Christian Birthright' Brings Thousands of College Students to Israel newsletter: 20fx0205.txt
Diplomatic Victory: EU's Anti-Israel Resolution Blocked by 6 Countries
Survey Finds Israel is Only Country Where the Majority Approves of Trump's Major Foreign Policies
Poll Confirms Overwhelming Majority of American Jews are Pro-Israel
Anti-Semitic Stereotypes Persist in America, ADL Survey Shows
Gaza Bridegrooms End up in Jail over Unpaid Debts
Wife of Moshe Tamam's Murderer Claims he Fathered Child with Her newsletter: 20fx0206.txt
Secret White House Meeting Regarding Iran Held between Israel and UAE
Khamenei calls Palestinians to Jihad, says Peace Plan will Die Sooner than Trump
Balloon Terror Continues as Kids in Kindergarten Forced to Run for Shelter
Gaza Terror: How Condoms Became a Weapon against Israel
Iranian Factory Produces U.S. and Israeli Flags for People to Burn
Israel Ranked 8th Most Expensive Country to Live in
Why Wasn't Auschwitz Bombed?
World's Smartest Child Wants to Study in Israel newsletter: 20fx0207.txt
Terrorist Car-Rammer who Injured 14 Soldiers is captured as Palestinian Terror Wave Hits Jerusalem
Abbas and Olmert to Publicly Oppose US Peace Plan
US Security Chief: Aliyah Surge could Make Two-State Impossible
ADL: Coronavirus Spread Sparks Anti-Semitic Views and Conspiracy Theories
Israeli Scientists Grow Biblical Era Dates newsletter: 20fx0210.txt
Historic Meeting between Netanyahu, Saudi Crown Prince in the Works
Friedman: We're not Threatening Israel, We're Just Asking for Patience
ADL: Extremists using Coronavirus Outbreak to Stoke Hatred against Jews
New Book Reveals how Osama Bin Laden Hid in a Mossad Resort in Sudan
Personal Info of 6 Million Israelis Leaked after Likud Uploads Voter Information
Futuristic Israeli `Contact Lens' Stops Vision Loss in Damaged Eyes newsletter: 20fx0211.txt
Iran, Foreign Agencies may have Access to Data on Israeli Intel Officials
Ex-CIA Official Warns of Iran, ISIS Drones Armed with Chemical Weapons
Al Jazeera Talk Show Host sets off Firestorm by Claiming Zionism `Most Successful Project of the Past Century'
Iranian President: Soleimani could have Killed US Generals
IAF Video in Arabic Aims to Show 'Strongest Air Force in the Middle East' newsletter: 20fx0212.txt
An Unpopular Palestinian President and a Disgraced Former Israeli Prime Minister Make the Case for Peace
Former IRGC Commander: `Iran is Looking for a Pretext to Raze Tel-Aviv'
Why Eisenhower Deleted the Jews
Senior Fatah official: '"Palestine" is from Jordan River to Mediterranean Sea'
1946 Archive: King Farouk Breaks Arab League Boycott to Obtain His Favorite "Zionist" Cheese newsletter: 20fx0213.txt
UN Blacklists 112 Firms for Working in Judea and Samaria; Netanyahu says US will Undo UN blacklisting
New EU Project Invites Photographers to 'Occupied Palestinian Territory'
Genealogy Company Adds Color to Your Old Black and White Photos
Palestinian `Slaughter the Jews' Song Huge Hit on TikTok
Israel's Sweet & Sour Innovations: Introducing the Seedless Lemon newsletter: 20fx0214.txt
Report: Israel Strikes Iranian Targets near Damascus
Israel and Gulf States to Sign Non-Aggression Pact, Says Former Qatari Premier
15th-Century Prayer Book Fully Restored, put Online by National Library of Israel
Jewish Woman: Adolf Hitler was her Next-Door Neighbor
How Would Israel Survive a Pandemic That Wipes Out Most of Humanity? newsletter: 20fx0217.txt
If Russia Can't Curb Iran in Syria, the Saudis Ask: How can Israel?
Why did Hundreds of IDF Soldiers get Fooled by Hamas Hackers that Posed as Women?
Oxford English Dictionary adds Dozens of (Sometimes Offensive) Jewish-Themed Words and Phrases
Israeli Screening Breakthrough Paves Way to Inhibit Cancer Growth newsletter: 20fx0218.txt
Netanyahu: Israel's Growing Power Carves New Path in Mideast
Iran to Convert Mordechai and Esther's Tomb into 'Palestinian Consulate'
Aircraft Carrying One Ton of Venezuelan Gold Forced to Land on Caribbean Island
Hebrew becomes Hip in American schools
Rare 3,000-Year-Old Canaanite Temple Discovered in Southern Israel
Israel to Build a Rail Line that will Run from Ben Gurion Airport to the Western Wall newsletter: 20fx0219.txt
Saudi Arabia Accuses Muslim Brotherhood of Working with the Nazis
'Israeli Missile is Only Guarantee of Survival from Potential Iran Nukes'
Jewish Agency Chairman Warns Israel-Diaspora Rift will Cause `Historic Disaster'
Palestinian Professor in US Incites Chaos, Riots; $100,000 in Damages on NY Subway
When President Lincoln Fought for the Jews newsletter: 20fx0220.txt
Bahraini Court Sentences Man Who Burned Israeli Flag to 3 Years in Prison
Report: PA to Sue Amazon for Shipping to Israeli Settlements
Report: Jewish-American Pedophiles Flee Justice by Coming to Israel newsletter: 20fx0221.txt
Netanyahu Approves Thousands of Jewish Housing Units in Eastern Jerusalem
Liberal Churches Condemn Israel as Radical Islam Assaults Christianity
Archives on Controversial War-Time Pope Pius XII Set to Open
Israeli X-ray Capsule Identifies Warning Signs of Colorectal Cancer newsletter: 20fx0224.txt
IDF Strikes Palestinian Islamic Jihad Targets in Gaza, Syria
Liberman Reveals that Head of Mossad made Secret Trip to Qatar
Father of Arab who Murdered IDF Soldier Apologizes for `Despicable Act by Despicable Person'
Murder or mitzvah? Amazon's `Hunters' Grapples with the Morality of Jews Killing Nazis. newsletter: 20fx0225.txt
Babies Evacuated, School Canceled as Terror Rockets Rain on Southern Israel
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad pounded Israel – sure that Israel's reaction would be carefully calibrated a week before Election Day. After the first day, the Israeli air force struck Jihad targets around Damascus as well as scores of its sites in the Gaza Strip.
Coronavirus could Cause Matzah Shortage in Israel for Passover
Questions of Bigamy in Israel: Legal grounds
Does Al Pacino's New Feature Trivialize the Holocaust? newsletter: 20fx0226.txt
How Iran's Regime Spread Coronavirus to the Middle East
Survey: 1 in 5 Europeans Believe Secret Jewish Cabal Runs the World
Jerusalem's Best-Kept Secret Comes in Form of Silent Prayer
Farrakhan: `Trump Killed My Brother Soleimani, Clinton Killed My Brother Qaddafi' newsletter: 20fx0227.txt
Palestinians Seize Ancient Jewish Fortress, `Declare War on History'
Sanders May Move US Embassy Out of Jerusalem, Calls Netanyahu `Reactionary Racist'
Harvard Professor: Within Year, 70% Worldwide will be Infected with Corona newsletter: 20fx0228.txt
400,000 Israelis Say They'll Skip Vote Due to Coronavirus
Israeli Scientists: 'In a Few Weeks, We will have a Coronavirus Vaccine'
IDF Told `You Have One Mission: Win the Next War'
Israeli `Direct Cooling' Solar Tech Produces Water from Dry Air
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