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Surge of Shiite Militia Attacks in Store for US Forces in Iraq, Possibly Israel Also
Monsey Stabbing Suspect Kicked out of Marine Boot Camp. His Lawyer Wants Mental Evaluation for Client
Palestinian Claim that Jesus is in Paradise with 72 Virgins is `Defamation' of Christianity newsletter: 20fx0102.txt
Netanyahu's Bid for Knesset Immunity Puts his Trial on Hold for Months
No, We Aren't Seeing The Return Of Nazi Germany
Polish School Play Depicts Children in Prison Garb Gassed
Israeli Universities Struggle to Meet Massive Demand for AI Programs newsletter: 20fx0103.txt
Would Israel Still Need US Bunker Busters for Attacking Iranian Nukes?
Jeffrey Epstein Madam Allegedly Hiding in Israel
Rabbi Proposes that Robots Should Write Torah Scrolls
Rabbinate Seeks to Convert Babies Born from Donated Eggs newsletter: 20fx0106.txt
Netanyahu, in Apparent Stumble, Calls Israel a 'Nuclear Power'
Iran Threatens to Kill Trump, Offers $80 Million Reward for Assassination
German Newspaper" Soleimani was a Monster, Wanted Atomic Cloud over Tel Aviv
Young Couple Drowns in Elevator in Tel Aviv
NBC News Blames Jews for Spike in anti-Semitism in New York
Black Attacks on Jews are Rooted in Democrats' Coddling of Anti-Semites newsletter: 20fx0107.txt
Americans in Israel Warned Rocket Fire Could Come Without Warning
Soleimani's Daughter Vows Revenge: `US and Israel can Expect a Dark Day'
What Would a Large-Scale Iran Cyberattack Mean for the US or Israel?
Chabad Emissaries Warned to be on `High Alert' after Soleimani Assassination
The Polish Diplomats Who Went Out of their Way to Save Jews
lhan Omar Takes Home `Anti-Semite of the Year' Title newsletter: 20fx0108.txt
While Israel has kept a low profile since the US killed top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani last Friday, it will be difficult to remain on the sidelines if Iran follows through on its pledge to step away from the nuclear accord. by Associated Press
On foreign policy, Trump flouts risks that gave others pause by Associated Press, Israel Hayom Staff
Immune from slogans by Mati Tuchfeld
Erdogan's desperate gambit in Libya by Oded Granot
Both the Obama and George W. Bush administrations passed on the prospect of taking out the head of Iran's elite Quds Force, widely considered a terrorist mastermind. Even Trump's advisers acknowledged the move could pull the US and Tehran into direct military conflict, but Trump decided it was time. by Associated Press , Israel Hayom Staff
For Israel, Iran strike could be back on the table by Associated Press
Immune from slogans by Mati Tuchfeld
Erdogan's desperate gambit in Libya by Oded Granot
"My heart is pounding fast, but I'm fine. I called the police. In the meantime, I'm here among all the bags and suitcases. It's really stressful," the teen said.
Man Who Called NVIDIA and AMD Makes New 5G PredictionThe Legacy Report by Taboola newsletter: 20fx0109.txt
Netanyahu Promises Iran a `Crushing Blow' After Tehran Threatens Israel
Israel Unveils Revolutionary Laser-Based Air Defense System
In 1980, a 34-Year-Old Donald Trump said the US Should Invade Iran in Response to the Hostage Crisis
Living the American Aliyah Dream: Residing in Israel, but Keeping a US Job newsletter: 20fx0110.txt
Corbyn Refuses to Call Soleimani a `Terrorist,' Future US Strikes Would Be `War Crimes'
Israel Should Take Reciprocal Steps for Evangelical Support newsletter: 20fx0113.txt
Iran's Attack on US Airbase in Iraq finds Israel Vulnerable to Same Kind of Ballistic Missile Strike
Iranian News Agency Releases 2nd Fabricated Video Depicting Trump's Assassination
NBC Reports Israeli Intelligence Helped US Eliminate Soleimani
New Protests Erupt in Iran ?fter Military Admits Shooting Down Plane
`The Jews of Iran are in Grave Peril'
Hamas Creates Alternate US History, Claims American Indians were Muslim newsletter: 20fx0114.txt
Iran, Hizbullah Gird up for Guerrilla, Rocket Attacks on US Forces in Iraq, Rockets against Israel
Cult leader? Police Accuse Rabbi of Running House of Horror
American Iman Praises Iranian Arch-Terrorist, Calls US Assassination `Cowardly'
Hebrew Hammers: Jews in New York Learn to Protect Themselves from Anti-Semitic Attackers
Does Iran Have Secret Armed Dolphin Assassins?
Netflix's 'Messiah' Demonizes Muslims, Critics Allege newsletter: 20fx0115.txt
IDF Warns Iran Could Have Enough Uranium for Nuke by Spring
Jersey Kosher Market Shooters had Devastating Bomb, Explosive Range of 5 Football Fields
Bernie Sanders Refused to Condemn Farrakhan Official's Anti-Semitism
The Granddaughter of a Cambodian Princess had a Bat Mitzvah newsletter: 20fx0116.txt
IDF Launches Strikes in Gaza in Response to Rocket Fire
Iranians Depict Trump and Netanyahu's Murder in Gruesome New Video
Is Israel the Best Country to Live On? The Verdict is In
British TV to Mark Holocaust Remembrance Day with Colorized Auschwitz Documentary
'Jeopardy' Producers Apologize for Church of the Nativity Flap newsletter: 20fx0117.txt
What Would Happen if a Nuclear Bomb Fell on Tel Aviv?
Jewish Security Group Issues Guidelines for Synagogues on Guns, Hired Guards
Iranian Militia Declares Iraq not for `Filthy Homosexuals, Collaborators'
New Study Shows Greater Cincinnati's Jewish Community Is Stable
Israeli Political Party Fields Trump as Knesset Candidate newsletter: 20fx0120.txt
Palestinian Authority Daily Calls for Bloodshed during Holocaust Memorial Event
Trump Reportedly to Make Final Decision this Week when to Release 'Deal of the Century'
Apple's Siri Calls Israel the 'Zionist Occupation State'
A Third of Israeli Youth do not Enlist in IDF
Bernie Sanders Backed a Party that Supported Iran during Hostage Crisis
Female Israeli Soldiers Subjected to Bible Lessons on the Job
Only Novel Written at Auschwitz to be Published in English newsletter: 20fx0121.txt
Explosive, Deadly, Upgraded Balloons Reach Jerusalem
Al-Aqsa Preacher: Jerusalem will Soon be Capital of Global Caliphate
Will New Photos Implicate John Demjanjuk as Nazi War Criminal?
75 Years Later, Holocaust Survivors Struggle to Recover Property in Poland
Israeli F-35 Jet Accidentally Exposes Location over Nuclear Facility newsletter: 20fx0122.txt
Gantz Backs Jordan Valley Annexation in Bid to Jump the Gun on Trump's Peace Plan
Hamas Official Threatens More Explosive Balloons into Israel
Iranian Parliamentarian Announces $3 Million Award for 'Whoever Kills Trump'
Two Ultra-Orthodox Young Women Jump to their Deaths in Jerusalem
On Being Jewish and Naked in a German Sauna newsletter: 20fx0123.txt
Kings, Princes, and Presidents Arrive in Israel for Holocaust Memorial
Officials Warn Iran Sleeper Cells Inside US, Making Domestic Terror a Real Possibility
Jewish Temple Never Existed!' Palestinian `Expert' Shamelessly Lies
Survey: Most American Adults Don't Know 6 Million Jews were Killed in the Holocaust
Facial Recognition Software Could Help Discover the Fate of Holocaust Victims newsletter: 20fx0124.txt
Netanyahu & Gantz Invited to White House for Trump Unveiling of Mid-East Peace Plan
Germans `Have Not Learned from History,' says German President at Holocaust Event in Jerusalem
How did an Israeli River Full of Natural Wonders Remain Secret for Decades? newsletter: 20fx0127.txt
Netanyahu Arrives in Washington
Self-Defense Becomes New Buzzword in US Jewish Communities
Report Reveals that American Jews are Indirectly Funding Anti-Semitism on US Campuses
`Blood Libel': Rashida Tlaib Tweets Lie that Israeli Jews Drowned Arab Boy
In a Secret Eecording, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman Draw a Parallel between Trump and the Messiah newsletter: 20fx0128.txt
`Israel Won't Let Peace Deal Pass It By,' Netanyahu tells Trump
ISIS Vows to `Fight the Jews,' Calls on Operatives to Target Jews with Chemical Weapons
Hamas Spy Operation Uncovered in Israel Used Gazans with Israeli Mothers
1 in 5 Germans Think the Holocaust Gets Too Much Attention
'Israel Building "the Alleged Temple" Under Al-Aqsa Mosque' newsletter: 20fx0129.txt
Trump Peace Plan Recognizes Israel's Right to Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria Settlements, and a Palestinian State with an East Jerusalem Capital
Abbas rejects Trump Peace plan with 'a Thousand No's'
Israel Forces Terrorists to Pay over $1 Million in Restitution to Victims
US Releases Map of Israel/Palestine under Peace Deal
Netanyahu Indicted for Bribery, Fraud, Breach of Trust
Research: Stigmas Regarding Religious Jews Don't Apply to Chabad newsletter: 20fx0130.txt
Netanyahu's Likud Overtakes Gantz's Party Following Trump Deal
Palestinian Security Official Blasts Abbas' Response to Trump Plan
Just as Arafat did, Abbas Chooses to Play with Fire
Israel `Ready for any Scenario' as Palestinians Threaten Violence over Trump Deal
Abu Dis - an Unlikely Capital for a Future Palestinian State
Palestinians Are `World's Most Anti-Semitic Population' Says ADL Poll
Negev Communities Raise Concerns over Trump Peace Plan newsletter: 20fx0131.txt
Police Brace for Temple Mount Escalation; Israel Ready to Prevent `New Intifada'
Israeli Arabs Reject `Nightmare' of Living Under Palestinian Authority
Trump Plan Major Step in `Fulfilling Jewish Destiny' at Temple Mount, Activists Say
IDF: Three Rocket Launches Detected from Gaza, Iron Dome Intercepts 2
Orthodox Jewish Couple Asked to Leave Flight to Sue Airline for Alleged Discrimination
Democratic Candidates Slam Trump's Plan, as Pro-Israel Democrats Slam Sanders
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