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New Neighborhood in Hebron will Double Jewish Population
Italy Uncovers Plot to Create New Nazi Party
Citing Israel, Norwegian Mayor Asks Church to Replace Star of David Holiday Decoration
A Relic of Jesus' Manger, Christmas Gift from Pope to Bethlehem
Yazidi Woman Kept as Sex Slave by ISIS Confronts her Rapist
Israeli Scientists Explain Why Black Friday Sales are a Matter of Survival newsletter: 19fx1203.txt
Trump, Netanyahu Confirm US-Israel Military Coordination against Threatened Iranian Attack
It's Official: Attorney General Submits Netanyahu Indictment, Giving PM 30 Days to Get Immunity
`Fake Aliyah': 1,000s of Russians Exploit Israeli System in Passport-Grab
`No Jews': UK Labour Election Ad Courts Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, Ignores Jews
They 'Support Palestine,' but can't Find it on a Map
Shelly Morrison, who Played Rosario the Maid in `Will & Grace,' dies at 83 newsletter: 19fx1204.txt
New Climate Change Report Spells Disaster for Israel
Survey Suggests Anti-Semitic Sentiment Shared by Majority of Britain's Population
Heartfelt Call to Europe's Jews: 'Europe is Doomed; Leave!'
Nearly Half of Israelis in the South don't Feel Safe
In Fast-Growing Christian Movement, Many Believe Trump was Chosen by God
Boy's Wedding Proposal to Girl Forces Rabbis to Decide: 'Are they Married?' newsletter: 19fx1205.txt
IDF Captures ISIS Terrorists Planning Attack in Jerusalem
Report: Rivlin will Consider Pardon if Netanyahu Resigns, Confesses
Top PA Official says Father of Modern Zionism Wanted Palestinians to `Be Eaten in Africa' newsletter: 19fx1206.txt
Iran Waging `Shadow War,' Seeding Iraq with Short-Range Missiles that could Strike Jerusalem, US Troops
Could Future US Administration Undo Trump's Policy on Israeli Settlements?
100 Years of Ford and the Jews - From Anti-Semitism to Zionism newsletter: 19fx1209.txt
EXPOSED: Corbyn, UK Labour Party Tied to Hamas Network
Message to Iran? Israel Tests Rocket System Capable of Carrying Nuclear Warheads
Analysis: Why Israel Fears Iran's 'Shi'ite Crescent' newsletter: 19fx1210.txt
Report: Russian Su-35 Jets Scrambled to Stop Israel over Syria
Erdogan Bashes Israel, Calls on Muslims to Unite against the West
Trump Goes Fill Anti-Semite in Room Full of Jewish People
World of Weddings: Israeli Same-Sex Couples find Legal Loophole for Marriage newsletter: 19fx1211.txt
Iran Shuts South Syrian Command Center Opposite Golan, Consolidates Abu Kamal Hub
Jerusalem Green-Lights `Fast-Track' Construction for New US Embassy
Trump to Sign Order Recognizing Jews as a Protected Class
Rabbi Films Threats Against him at Long Island Costco, Aggressor Arrested
Israeli Beaten Unconscious for Speaking Hebrew in Paris Subway
I'm Going to Die and I Want my Death to be a Jewish One' newsletter: 19fx1212.txt
Jersey Residents Blame Jews for Deadly Shooting as Jewish Victims Lay in Cold Blood
One of the Jersey City Shooters was a Black Hebrew Israelite
Israel Going to Third Election in One Year
Hamas Opposes 'Alternative Homeland' in Jordan
German Army to Get its First Rabbi in a Century
Lithuania to Issue First-Ever Euro Coin Featuring Hebrew Inscription newsletter: 19fx1213.txt
Johnson Defeats Corbyn by Large Margin in British Elections; for British Jews, the Day was a Day of Fear and Waiting
Officials Believe Jersey City Shooters were Motivated by Anti-Semitic and Anti-Police Views
Where does Andrew Yang Stand on Anti-Semitism, Israel and Other Issues that Matter to Jewish Voters in 2020?
Wealthy German Family Gives Millions to Holocaust Survivors newsletter: 19fx1216.txt
NJ Killers' Real Target: Jewish School 3 Feet from Market where 50 Children Studied
At White House Chanukah Party, Trump Introduces Robert Jeffress, Pastor who Says Jews are Going to Hell
Grave of Senior Nazi Found Opened in Berlin newsletter: 19fx1217.txt
Egypt Gas Permit Officially Makes Israel a Major Energy Exporter
Is this the 'Deal of the Century'?
Boris Johnson to Push Law Banning BDS among Public Institutions
Jewish Refugees Left $150 billion in Property in Arab Countries
Since 1948, Israel has Welcomed more than 3 Million New Immigrants
Reform Jewish Movement Votes to Support Reparations for African-Americans newsletter: 19fx1218.txt
Israeli Military Mulls Scrapping Rocket Alert Sirens
Is it Time for Israel to Codify its National Security Strategy?
Hasidic Jews Moved To Jersey City For A Nicer Life and Became Targets.
Black Hebrew Israelite leader Condemns Jersey City Shooting
Boars go Wild in Haifa as Residents Lament 'Living in a Jungle'
Jews Dance with Torah on German Street that had been Named for Hitler newsletter: 19fx1219.txt
Shin Bet Nabs 50-Strong Palestinian Terror Cell, Including Killers of Israeli Teen
Lone Soldiers Suffer Long Wait until Enlistment Date
Evangelical Leader: PA would Ban Jesus from Bethlehem
Amazon's Free Shipping Brings Israeli Postal Services to State of Chaos
Palestinian Exams Force Students to Learn Hate
First 'Israeli' Planet Named after Hebrew Letter Alef
102-Year-Old Israeli Receives Kindergarten Enrollment Letter newsletter: 19fx1220.txt
Israeli Jets Target Hamas Sites in Response to Rocket Fire
Paris Appeals Court: Muslim Killer of Jewish Woman Not Responsible because he was too High on Marijuana
Archaeologists Discover Table on which Ark of Covenant May Have Once Sat
Hasidic Jews Moved To Jersey City for A Nicer Life and Became Targets.
Israel's Elbit Launches Nanosatellite for Commercial Communications newsletter: 19fx1223.txt
Netanyahu Blasts ICC Investigation of Israeli `War Crimes'
Palestinian Clans Reject Treaty Ending Discrimination against Women
Rabbi: Jews Who Go to Israel Before Messiah Arrives will Look Like `Angels' to Those Who Come Afterward
The (Almost) Forgotten Jews of the Wild West
Netflix Delves into Hotbed of Controversy with `Messiah' newsletter: 19fx1224.txt
Are Only 14% of New Immigrants to Israel Jewish?
Former Spy Details Israel's Main Motive behind Epstein's Sexual Blackmail Operation
Hebrew U. Team finds Vaccine has Unusual Effect on Alzheimer's
Israeli Study: Human brains are Convinced We Live Forever, Death is for Others newsletter: 19fx1225.txt
Cruise Missiles that Struck IRGC Air Force HQ in Syria – a Telling Blow for Iran's Mid-East Plans. Iran: Israel will Regret Alleged Missile Strikes
Iran's Afghan Mercenaries Threaten Israel: Final Target is the Golan
'Allah Transformed Jews into Apes and Pigs for Disobeying Him'
Not-so-Merry Christmas for some Bethlehem Christians newsletter: 19fx1226.txt newsletter: 19fx1227.txt
Netanyahu Easily Wins Likud Party Primary to Remain Prime Minister Candidate
Israel Unveils Laser System Designed to Intercept Incendiary Balloons, Drones
Report: Ex-IDF Intelligence Soldiers may be Aiding Israel's Enemies newsletter: 19fx1230.txt
Monsey NY Attack: Rabbi Says 'We will Not Live in Fear'
Will American Jews Finally Get the Hint About Dangers They Face?
Trove of 1,200-Year-Old `Arabian Nights' Gold Coins Uncovered in Israel newsletter: 19fx1231.txt
Suspect in Monsey Chanukah Attack had Journals with References to Hitler
On the Precipice of a Volcano – History Repeating Itself for US Jews
Jewish College Student Attacked on New York Subway
Bret Stephens Under Fire for NY Times Column on Jewish Intelligence
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