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Armed with Passports, Military Attachés Form Israel's Lesser-Known Line of Defense
Taliban Kicked Jews Out of Prison for Arguing Too Much
No More Dead Ends: Israeli App Helps Navigate Graveyards
Israel's Government made up Fake Immigrants on Twitter to Promote Aliyah
Was the Corner of God's Altar Found in Shiloh?
"Cruising for Change in The Middle East" newsletter: 19fx1104.txt
Bennett: `We're in a State of National Emergency. Israel must Form a Government'
Iran Pays Tribute to Fallen Jewish Soldiers Despite Calls to Destroy Israel
ISIS in Sinai, Sitting on Israel's Doorstep, Swears Allegiance to New Islamic State Leader newsletter: 19fx1105.txt
Hamas Threatens to Shower Israel with Rockets for Six Months
How Iran Protects its Plan for Israel's Destruction
Palestinian App Uses `Virtual Reality' to Push Anti-Israel Agenda
Almost 50% of Jews in UK Say will Leave if Labour's Corbyn Wins General Elections newsletter: 19fx1106.txt
Netanyahu: Iran Decision to Enrich Uranium at Fordow Endangers the World
The Millionaire Trying to Sell Messianic Judaism to the World
White Supremacist Richard Spencer Shows his True Colors in Leaked Recording newsletter: 19fx1107.txt
Israel Aiding Syria's Kurds, Advocating for Them with U.S.
PA Calls Israel and ISIS `Twins'
Israel Closely Watching Lebanon Protests
Lone Soldier Claims he was Beaten by Israel Rail Employees newsletter: 19fx1108.txt
Report: Gantz's Party Ready to Annex Jordan Valley
Shin Bet Chief: Agency Thwarted 450+ Terrorist Attacks in 2019
Neturei Karta: Living in and Leaving it
Only once the Zeitlins found their way to the Internet did they begin to doubt their way of life. "We started watching movies, reading the news and doing research on Wikipedia," describes Tzachi. "We also began investigating cults, and that's when we realized that we'd been brainwashed. A few years ago, I began studying education at Ono College, a haredi institution. In my social psychology course, we began learning about different types of communities, and how in cults they control every aspect of your life. I also began realizing that I didn't want to be religious anymore."
The Israeli Shekel: Strongest Currency in the World?
Israeli Forces Rescue Badger Crossing from Syria newsletter: 19fx1111.txt
Netanyahu Would Accept Role in Opposition. A Crack in Israel's Deadlock? Or Drawn-Out Political Instability?
Omar Tweet about Bloomberg Sparks Fresh anti-Semitism Accusations
Lapid: 'The Jews are Done Being Silent, the Jews are Done Being Afraid'
Be'er Sheva Man Self-Immolates in Courtroom
Israel's Planned Jerusalem Cable Car Irks Palestinians
'Tel Aviv to Flood in Next 10 Years Due to Rapid Climate Change' newsletter: 19fx1112.txt
Former Security Chief: Israel Needs to Attack Iran to Stop Nukes, `Ring of Fire'
Hangars Erected in Israel for Hundreds of US F-35s, Says Another Unfriendly Russian Defense Dept `Leak'
UN Discovers `Secret Atomic Warehouse' in Iran that Israel Exposed Last Year
Netanyahu: `Half of the Palestinians Want to Annihilate Us'
Poll: Bloomberg would Defeat Trump in 2020
Shah's Son: 'In a Future Iran, Israel will Once Again be an Ally' newsletter: 19fx1113.txt
IDF Massing Ground Forces on Gaza Border to Thwart Terrorist Infiltration Attempts
Love in Israel Beats Rockets from Gaza
Belgian Jewish Baker Launches Europe's First Mass-Produced Cannabis Bread
National Library of Israel Uploads 120,000 Historic Books Online newsletter: 19fx1114.txt
Israeli Official: A Ceasefire May be Reached Soon
Pope Francis in Unscripted Remarks Denounces Rise of anti-Semitism
NASA Renames Cosmic Body after Nicknaming it with Term Used by Nazis newsletter: 19fx1115.txt
There are broader strategic reasons why Hamas has so far stayed on the sidelines, but part of it can undoubtedly be traced to Israeli intelligence success at liquidating Hamas's weapons experts.
Duterte got raped by priests yet the priests are the victims??Duterte has taken strong steps against drug dealers that sell drugs that have killed 10s of thousands, Tell me JPost who would you rather die innocent victims or the Drug dealers. newsletter: 19fx1118.txt
IDF Retaliates against Hamas after 2 Rockets Fired on Be'er Sheva
IDF Probing Deaths of 8 Gazans Killed in Retaliatory Airstrike
Netanyahu: "Gov't Dependent on Arab Parties - a Terrible Danger to Israel"
Corbyn Met with Official of Palestinian Terror Group Involved in Munich Massacre
Ex-Nanny Found Guilty of Sexually Abusing Utah Chabad Rabbi from Age 8
University of Toronto Student Union Claims Kosher Food is Pro-Israel newsletter: 19fx1119.txt
Trump, in Change of US Policy, says Israeli Settlements aren't Illegal
UK Tory Candidate says Rabbis Turn Jews Visiting Israel into `Brainwashed Extremists'
Report: Israeli Singer Trying to Drop American Citizenship
India's Bene Israel Jews: The Oldest and Largest of the Three Jewish Communities in India newsletter: 19fx1120.txt
Golan Alerted by Explosions as Iron Dome Intercepts 4 Rockets from Syria. Blasts Near Damascus Airport
New Details about Historic US Judea and Samaria Declaration
Netanyahu, Gantz at Odds, Israel Still Yet to Form a Government
Israel's Mossad Is Recruiting More Ultra-Orthodox Men newsletter: 19fx1121.txt
Israel on War Alert for Iranian Reprisal after IDF Assaults on Al Qods' Syrian Bases
Corbyn's Pronunciation of 'Epstein' Enrages Jews on Twitter
Monsey: Jewish man Stabbed, in Critical Condition newsletter: 19fx1122.txt
Netanyahu Calls Decision to Indict him an 'Attempted Coup'
Prison for VIPs: Not a Regular Convict, Not the Life of a Leader
Herzog: Next Deadly Anti-Semitic Attack may be around the Corner
Satmar Hasidic Rabbi Gives Millions to Israeli Anti-Zionist Groups newsletter: 19fx1125.txt
Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff of US Armed Forces in Israel
Pentagon Warns of Iran's Expanding Capabilities in New Report
A US-Iran Military Front is Fast Shaping Up on the Syrian-Iraqi Border – with a Role for the IDF
Bennett Pushes for Direct Elections for Prime Minister
Son of Late Syrian President: I Can Help Find Eli Cohen's Remains
Church of England: Centuries of Christian anti-Semitism Led to Holocaust
Lebanese Man Buys Nazi Items to Give Away to Jewish Community newsletter: 19fx1126.txt
Iran Poised to Strike US/Israeli Targets. US Gears up for Action as USS Lincoln Carrier Enters the Gulf
Netanyahu Vows to 'Stop Iran's Attempts to Use Yemen, Iraq against Israel'
Retired Egyptian General: 'Muslim Brotherhood Founder Hassan Al-Banna was a Jew'
How will Chinese Funding Affect Israeli Entrepreneurs?
Jewish War Hero Honored in Muslim Nation Azerbaijan
New Amazon Series Stars Al Pacino as Nazi Hunter in America
Is the Bible Right? Newly Discovered Fossils Show Snakes had Legs newsletter: 19fx1127.txt
Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Denies Being a 'Qatari Asset'
Christian Zionist Group Dropped by AmazonSmile for Pro-Israel Views
PA Author: Jews First Arrived in Israel 70 Years Ago
Johnson Sides with UK Chief Rabbi in Warning against Jeremy Corbyn
Wikipedia's anti-Israel Editors Unmasked newsletter: 19fx1128.txt
Pompeo: New Policy on Settlements will Help Resolve Conflict
Israel Fires on Hamas Targets in Gaza in Retaliation for Rocket Attack
Fat Royalty Check to Begin Discovered: Prime Minister used it as a Bookmark
The `Old-New' Kind of Anti-Semitism in New York City
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