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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 19fx1001.txt
Top Iranian General Says Destroying Israel 'Achievable Goal'
Revolutionary Guards Commander: Iran has Encircled Israel from all Sides
ADL: OK Hand Gesture is a Hate Symbol newsletter: 19fx1002.txt
Netanyahu Considering Handing Back Presidential Mandate to Rivlin
Israel has Submarines Armed with Weapons That Could Kill Millions
Fatah Rebuffs Initiative to End Rift with Hamas
In Some Poor European Countries, Gefilte Fish is Sustenance — and a Symbol of Rosh Hashanah newsletter: 19fx1003.txt
Huge Iranian Guards Base Rising near Baghdad for Missile-Drone Attacks on Israel
Netanyahu and Liberman will Meet to Discuss Unity Government
Jewish Singles Love Celebrating Jewish Holidays and want to Marry Jewish
132,000 Sephardi Jews Apply for Spanish Citizenship
`Dumb': The Israeli `Breaking Bad' that Shatters all Barriers newsletter: 19fx1004.txt
Israeli Arabs Go on Strike to Protest Deadly Crime Wave
Israel Police Must Also Protect Arab Citizens
Growing Up as a Jew in Iraq
Nazi Relics from Secret Hoard Unveiled at Argentina's Holocaust Museum newsletter: 19fx1007.txt
Netanyahu Proposes Air Defense System to Defend Against Iranian Attack
Israel Working on Historic Non-Aggression Pact with Arab States to Counter Iran
India on High Alert over Terror Threat Targeting Israeli, Jewish Sites on Yom Kippur
Texas Execution Halted over Claims Judge was anti-Semitic
Wikipedia's 'Longest-Running Hoax' about Fake Warsaw Death Camp Revealed
5,000-Year-Old NYC Metropolis Uncovered 30 Miles North of Tel Aviv
'Noah's Ark' on its Way to Israel newsletter: 19fx1008.txt
Iran Smuggling Artillery Precision Parts to Hizbullah by Syrian IL-76s through a Syrian Airbase
After Trump Abandons Kurds, Israel Knows it can't rely on Anyone
The War that Changed Israel Forever
Massive Underground Necropolis to Ease Jerusalem's Grave Shortage
Poll: 60% of Jewish Israelis Plan to Fast on Yom Kippur
Surviving a Yom Kippur Fast newsletter: 19fx1010.txt
Two Killed in Attack on Synagogue in Germany
The Secret Transcripts of the Yom Kippur War
Golda Meir's Letter to Bereaved Families on Eve of Yom Kippur War up for Auction
America's 7.5 Million Jews are Older, Whiter and more Liberal than USA as a Whole
Orthodox Jewish New Jersey Man Accused of Leading a Double Life, Holding Sex Parties newsletter: 19fx1011.txt
Netanyahu: Israel Ponders Pre-emptive Operation to Prevent Iranian Cruise Missile Strike
Iran's New Guided-Rocket System is Bad News for Israel, Saudis
Israeli-Arab Lecturer Admits `Part of Our Identity is to Beat Women, to Kill Women'
Aging Holocaust Survivors in US Try to Sue over Nazi-era Insurance
Arab Plumbers Charge Holocaust Survivor Zero Shekels for Repairs newsletter: 19fx1014.txt
Trump Swears Allegiance to Israel as he Decries Middle East Wars
Nine members of Same Family Killed in Sinai Explosion
For Israeli Jews, Anti-Semitism is Someone Else's Problem newsletter: 19fx1015.txt
IDF Veterans Organize Pro-Kurdish Protest in Tel Aviv
To protect its Kurdish Allies, Israel Must Stand up to Turkey
Khamenei: Prepare Against the 'Enemies'
Meet a Hebrew-School Teacher Turned Blackjack Dealer in Las Vegas newsletter: 19fx1016.txt
Eight Days Remain to Obtain a Coalition but a Unity Government Remains Elusive
Top Fatah Official Calls for `Escalation' so Israelis Will `Pay a Heavy Price Every Day'
Lightning Hits Israeli Beach, 5 in Same Family Electrocuted, Teen in Critical Condition
Muslim Educator: Jews Have a Right to Pray on Temple Mount
New Novel Imagines a 'Happily Ever After' for Jesus newsletter: 19fx1017.txt
Pompeo: US Policy on Turkish Attack on Kurds Hasn't Endangered Israel
Three Democratic Anti-Semites Endorse Bernie Sanders for Presidential Nomination
Israel, Jordan and PA agree: Palestinian Elections Would be a Disaster
Palestinian Authority Accuses Americans of `Dangerous Medical Experiments' on Sick Palestinians
New Jerusalem Research Center Tackles Questions of Tech and Jewish Law newsletter: 19fx1018.txt
American Withdrawal and the Future of Israeli Security
Former SS Guard, 93, on Trial in Germany for Complicity
World's Oldest Leftovers Found in Cave in Israel
Director of Holocaust-Themed Film `Felt Shame' over Dressing like Hitler newsletter: 19fx1021.txt
Netanyahu Condemns Settler Violence after IDF Soldier Injured
Popular Protests Target Lebanon's Political System
Jordanian Columnist Claims 9/11 Planned by US to Benefit Israel
Seedy Tel Aviv Strip Club to be New Center for Female Empowerment newsletter: 19fx1022.txt
Netanyahu Returns Mandate to Rivlin
'PA Elections will Result in Hamas Taking over the West Bank'
Why Eisenhower Deleted the Jews newsletter: 19fx1023.txt
`Annihilate Israel,' Leader of Chechnya Tells Arab Nations
The Shakespearean Tragedy of Netanyahu
US Presidential Candidates, Anti-Israel Groups to Share Views at Far-Left J Street Conference
Rapper Snoop Dogg Partners With Israeli Cannabis Company Seedo newsletter: 19fx1024.txt
Israel Reportedly Preparing for Iran Missile Strike
Gantz Gets Shot at Forming Government, Invites Netanyahu to Negotiations
Kurdish Children are Being Treated at Israeli Hospital
Southern Poverty Law Center Lumps Pro-Israel Evangelical Organization into Same List of `Hate Groups' as KKK
88% of American Jews say Anti-Semitism is a Problem in the US newsletter: 19fx1025.txt
IDF Chief: All Fronts `Fragile,' Could Deteriorate into a War
Former Shin Bet Head: 'We Assume there are Weapons Stockpiles on the Temple Mount'
European Chief Rabbi Warns Anti-Semitism on Rise
How Bernie Sanders Became a Favorite among Muslim Americans
New Netflix Series Centers on Nazi Camp Guard Demjanjuk newsletter: 19fx1028.txt
Iran: We can Destroy Israel in Less than Half an Hour
As Iran Grows More Audacious, Israel Must Confront New Security Reality
HIAS Head Blames Trump for Continued Rise in Anti-Semitism, Hate
Israel Eyes Sunlight to Power the Entire Country newsletter: 19fx1029.txt
Netanyahu: Iran's Precision Missiles in Yemen Meant to Attack Israel
Ben Shapiro Calls for Synagogue to Be Built on Temple Mount
Israel Saves Second Temple-Era Palace from Palestinian Destruction
Secret Dubai Synagogue Prays for Persian Gulf Revival
'Israeli Air Force One' Almost Ready for Takeoff newsletter: 19fx1031.txt
Israel to World Powers: No Help to Lebanon Unless Missiles Addressed
Netanyahu Boosts Specter of Incoming Iranian Weapons
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