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Kushner to Corral Arab Leaders for Camp David Peace Conference
IDF official Warns Palestinians `Iran Trying to Take Over Gaza'
Jordanian Muslim Secretly Helped by Israeli Group after Discovering Jewish Identity
Members of Polygamist Cult Run for Knesset Elections
Spies, Checkpoints and Soap Opera Drama Make `Tel Aviv on Fire' a Brutally Funny Comedy about the Conflict
Israel's Era of Fax Communication Comes to an End newsletter: 19fx0802.txt
Gaza Flare-up: 3 Israeli Troops Injured in Heavy Firefight Triggered by Armed Palestinian Infiltrator
Ocasio-Cortez: Palestinians have 'No Choice but to Riot' Against Israel
Poles Pay Homage 75 years Since Warsaw's Non-Jewish Uprising
Do You Own Land in Jerusalem Without Even Knowing It?
New York Couple's Anti-Semitic Rant Goes Viral Digitizes Millions of Holocaust Records, Free to Public newsletter: 19fx0805.txt
Saudis and UAE Begin Quiet Talks with Tehran Because the US Fails to Punish Iran
Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson Pledges to Reverse Trump's Golan Recognition
Israel has Lessons on Gun Violence in the US
120 Years after Trial, Alfred Dreyfus May be Promoted to General
Anglican Church of Canada No Longer to Pray for Conversion of Jews
Divorcée Gives Birth 9 Months after Divorce newsletter: 19fx0806.txt
Iran Brings Drones to Two Redeployments near Syria-Israel Border
Report: Iran Asked Hamas for Information about Israel
Bucking Omar, Tlaib and AOC, Democrats in Israel Show Support of Jewish State
Pollard: 'My wife is Seriously Ill, Asking for Help'
Korczak Remembered 77 Years after Being Murdered in the Holocaust newsletter: 19fx0807.txt
Iran President: War with Iran Is Mother of All Wars
GSS Thwarts Hamas Bomb Attack in Jerusalem
Israeli Spacecraft Left Tiny Creatures on the Moon that May Still be Alive
Muslim Historian Claims Zionism Rooted in Protestant Beliefs newsletter: 19fx0808.txt
Israel's Amos 17 Satellite Successfully Launched by SpaceX
Austrian Government Wins Court Case to Buy `Hitler House' Hitler's Birthhouse
Study Suggests Hitler was 25% Jewish
IDF Moves to Expand Integration of Transgender Troops
He Posed as a Righteous Jewish Convert for 19 Years, then Wrote a 2,000-Page Anti-Semitic Screed. newsletter: 19fx0809.txt
Biblical Prophecy Fulfilled as Foxes Play on Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Dragnet for Terrorists that Stabbed an IDF Soldier to Death at Gush Etzion
Spanish Inquisition: 527 Years Ago, Jews in Spain were Forced to Make an Impossible Choice
New App Offers 24/7 Hebrew Lessons for Immigrants newsletter: 19fx0812.txt
Hamas Calls on Palestinians to March on Jerusalem and 'Defend Al-Aqsa Mosque'
Israel Arrests 2 Palestinians Suspected of Murdering Student
Will Another Netanyahu Win Sever Israel's Ties with US Jews?
Poland Honors Underground Group that Collaborated with Nazis
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks - Straight to Your WhatsApp newsletter: 19fx0813.txt
Israel's Participation in Gulf Security Force Opens its 5th Front Against Iran. Iraq Warns Israel to Keep Out of Persian Gulf
Israel Navy Leads International Drill for Major Earthquake, Tsunami
Florida Pastor Calls for Sarah Silverman's Death
Orthodox Party's Post Against Children's Book about Alternative Families Kick-Starts Sales
Are Kosher Grasshopper Snacks the Next Big Delicacy?
Muslims Now Make Up 18% of Israel's Population newsletter: 19fx0814.txt
Ocasio-Cortez Doesn't Regret Concentration Camps Remark
AOC, His Name Was Dvir Sorek
While it's highly unlikely that AOC has ever heard of Dvir Sorek, her words lend credence to the idea that the killing of unarmed people in the name of justice isn't just understandable, but justified. "Once someone doesn't have access to clean water, they have no choice but to riot, right?" Ocasio-Cortez asked during the morning radio show.
Study: Hungary has Highest Rate of Ashkenazi Genes after Israel newsletter: 19fx0815.txt
Russia Lets Iranian-Hizbullah Forces Redeploy opposite Syrian-Israel Border. Iranian commander: Hizbullah Honed its Skills in Syria, can Destroy Israel
Abbas: Palestinians are Descendants of Ancient Canaanites
Jordan Halts Film that Refers to Historical Jewish Presence
American Jews are Asking: Is it Safe to Pray in Synagogue?
Israeli Court Bans Gender Separation at Hasidic Concert
Be'er Sheva to Turn Local Zoo into Free-Range Savannah newsletter: 19fx0816.txt
Pro-BDS US Reps Omar and Tlaib Refused Permission to Visit Israel
Ontario Newspaper Claims 'Jews are Spying on You'
New York State Mulls Requiring Students to Study History Behind Swastika
Israel's Richest - and Poorest Neighborhoods newsletter: 19fx0819.txt
Trump: Peace Plan will Likely be Released after Israeli Election
Bennett: Enough Defense, Israel Should go on Offense
Israel's No-Win, No-Lose Gaza Policy has too Many Layers to be Scrapped in a Hurry
IDF Program Aims to Teach Students in Periphery Arabic, Farsi
Essay by `Maus' Creator Art Spiegelman Pulled because it Compared Donald Trump to Marvel Villain
Living Torah: Why Does Judaism Prohibit Marrying Outside the Faith? newsletter: 19fx0820.txt
PA Bans LGBTQ Activities in West Bank as an 'Insult' to Palestinian Traditions
Israel Encouraging Countries to Accept Gazans
Netanyahu: No More Babi Yars
How Secret Israeli Attacks in Iraq are Driving Trump's Anti-Iran Campaign newsletter: 19fx0821.txt
Trump: Jews who Vote for Democrats Show `Great Disloyalty'
Hogan Gidley: New Faces of the Democratic Party are Pushing Hatred Toward Israel
US, Israeli Navies Practice Taking over Enemy Ship: Report: Iranian Tanker Headed for Syria
Israel's Chief Rabbi Ordered Delay of Woman's Burial Until her Son Gave his Wife a Jewish Divorce newsletter: 19fx0822.txt
Trump Flashes God Complex: 'I Am the Chosen One': Doubles Down on `Disloyalty' Comments, saying that all Democratic Voters — Not Just Jews — are Against Israel
Amazon Launches Operations in Israel newsletter: 19fx0823.txt
`Millions of Palestinian Fighters Will March on Jerusalem!' Abbas Threatens
Who is Wayne Allyn Root, the Evangelical Christian Trump Quoted to Validate his Comments on Jews?
Man Refusing Religious Divorce for his Wife says Reports he Changed his Mind are `Fake News'
As a Jewish Teen in the Bible Belt, I Face Anti-Semitism All the Time newsletter: 19fx0826.txt
Israel Strikes Gaza: IAF Responds to Rocket Fire that Hits Southern Israel
IDF Prevents Iranian Drone Attack on Israel
What Trump Really (Maybe) Meant by Calling Jewish Democrats `Disloyal'
State Department Erases Palestinian Authority from Website newsletter: 19fx0827.txt
Israel in Counter-Terror Mode: Beirut Drone Attack was Targeted Assassination. Lebanese President Calls Israeli Attacks `Declaration of War'
Trump: We May Release Mideast Peace Plan before Israeli Election
As U.S. Jews Cool To Israel, Evangelicals Flock There As Tourists newsletter: 19fx0828.txt
As US-Iran Tensions Escalate, Jews are Warned they could be Targeted: FBI Declines to Comment.
Israel Quietly Warns Beirut: Powerful Response would Greet an Attack on Golan or Galilee
Tel Aviv Bus Driver Bars IDF Veteran with PTSD and his Service Dog
Amazon Stops Selling Clothing Line with Photo of Holocaust Victim being Executed
Fliers in San Francisco Area Accuse Jews of Being Behind 9/11
New Mobile App Lets Tel Avivians Munch on Restaurant Leftovers newsletter: 19fx0829.txt
Israel to Hizbullah: A Crushing Israeli Response will come – Even for a `Limited Reprisal'
Israel Fears Trump Might Sit Down With the Iranians — and Be Outmaneuvered
Religious School Students Taught that Secular Jews are `Evil'
Which Israeli Cities have the Happiest Residents? newsletter: 19fx0830.txt
Jerusalem: Arab Rioters Attack Police Forces with Firebombs and Rocks
From Star Wars to Real Life: Drone War Takes Flight
Germany Makes Citizenship Easier for Jews who Fled from Nazis
Survey Reports 73% of Israeli Teenagers Report Mental Health Problems
'Borat' Actor to Play Israeli Spy Eli Cohen in New TV Series
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