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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 19fx0701.txt
Anti-Semitism Leads to Spike in Demand for Homes in Israel
Netanyahu: Palestinians Are Determined to Continue Conflict
Report: Amazon to Launch Israeli Site within Weeks
2000-Year-Old Pilgrimage Road to the Temple Unveiled
When Elders Reveal on their Death Bed that they are Jewish, their Children Often Return to Judaism newsletter: 19fx0702.txt
Netanyahu: `Iran Lied the Whole Time'
Damascus: Israeli Air/Naval Forces Hit 10 Syrian, Iranian, Hizbullah targets
Krakow Community Blocks Chabad Synagogue
Synagogues are Now Conducting Active Shooter Drills during Services
This Israeli Beer Uses a 5,000-Year-Old Recipe
Netanyahu Presented as Haredi in Election Video Spoof newsletter: 19fx0703.txt
Will Israel Expand Strikes on Iranian Targets from Syria to Iraq?
At Least 47 Officers Wounded, 60 Ethiopian Protestors Arrested in Violent Demonstrations
Iranian Hackers Targeted Israeli Phones in Massive Regional Attack
Foreign Minister: Israel 'Must be Prepared' for Flare-Up with Iran
Publisher Backs Out of Novel about Imagined Iranian Attack on Israel newsletter: 19fx0704.txt
Kushner: Trump `Very Fond of Abbas, Likes Him Very Much Personally'
Report: IAF Struck Many Iranian Weapons Trucks in Sinai Heading for Gaza
The Incredible Story of Operation Entebbe
Secondly, the PFLP freed 150 non-Jewish passengers. Some of these freed hostages provided information to the Mossad about where the Jewish hostages were being held, and where the terrorists were placed. newsletter: 19fx0705.txt
New Study Reveals `Biological Toll' on Holocaust Survivors' Brain Function
DNA Shows that the Philistines, Arch-Enemy of the Israelites, Came from Europe
Yiddish-Infused, Humorous, Satirical Mad Magazine Closes newsletter: 19fx0708.txt
Netanyahu: Barak Connected with Pedophile, Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein
50,000 Flock to Lubavitcher Rebbe's Grave
New Book: Audrey Hepburn Fought the Nazis as a Teenager newsletter: 19fx0709.txt
IDF Shoots Down Gaza Drone that Breached Israeli Airspace
IDF Discovers More Gaza Tunnels Leading into Israel
Biblical City from Time of King David Discovered
1 Million Homes in Israel aren't Earthquake-Proof
Israeli College to Offer Degree Specializing in Medical Cannabis newsletter: 19fx0710.txt
Netanyahu Warns Iran: 'Our Planes can Reach Anywhere in the Middle East'
Peretz: Intermarriage among US Jews Amounts to a `Second Holocaust'
Tel Aviv Scientists Could Make Root Canals History newsletter: 19fx0711.txt
Iran Sets Up Command Center at Abu Kamal for Attacks on US and Israeli Targets
Netanyahu: No Uprooting of Settlements in any Peace Plan
EU, Israel, Egypt Express Unease about Turkey's Gas Drilling off Cyprus
New Israeli Innovation Allows Owners to Communicate with their Dogs newsletter: 19fx0712.txt
Will Israel and the US Team Up to Take on Iran? Netanyahu and Trump Talk by Phone on Iran
Netanyahu: A Gaza Operation Under Preparation will `Surprise Everyone'
Mossad Led IAEA to Radioactive Material at Iran Site
PA Doubles Salary of Terrorist Who Murdered 3 Israeli Teens
New Online Course Explores Rebbe's Approach to Torah Study
Plan to Drag Iceberg from Antarctica to Mid-East Desert newsletter: 19fx0715.txt
Netanyahu: IDF is the Only Army Ready to Fight Iran
Abbas Advisor Praises Nazi Collaborator as `Role Model'
Munich Jewish Museum Hosts Anti-Semitic Exhibit
How Hamas is Using WhatsApp to Gain IDF Secrets
Daniel Radcliffe Cries Reading Note from his Jewish Great-Grandfather on TV
Egyptian Hebrew Scholar Claims Haredi Jews Ear Matzah with `Human Blood; newsletter: 19fx0716.txt
Hamas Official Condemned After Calling on Palestinians to Kill Jews
Trump's Use of Israel to Attack Democrats will be Costly
New Zealand Lawmaker says Jesus' Mom was `Palestinian refugee'
All Dogs are Bad and their Owners Accursed, Israeli City's Rabbis Rule
A Grimy Place with a Soul: Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station newsletter: 19fx0717.txt
Palestinians Claim Shooting Down Israeli Drone over Gaza Strip
IDF Home Front to Beef Up 20 Strategic Sites, Fearing Hizbullah rockets
Ehud Barak Admits Visiting Sex-Trafficking Billionaire Defendant Jeffrey Epstein's Infamous Private Island
Archeological `Megasite' Found Near Jerusalem
High Prices in Israel Deter Tourists, Survey Shows; Government Campaign Fails newsletter: 19fx0718.txt
Barak Gives UK Daily Mail Ultimatum to Delete Article Connecting him to Epstein
Israel's Supreme Rabbinical Court Rules Out, in Two Cases, DNA Tests for Jewish Status
Preparing Today's Teachers for Tomorrow's Students
Portugal OKs 10,000 Requests for Citizenship by Sephardic Jews newsletter: 19fx0719.txt
Netanyahu: We've Turned Israel into a Rising Global Power
Netanyahu Unlikely to Bar Ilhan Omar Even Though the Law Gives Him that Power newsletter: 19fx0722.txt
Iran and Israel Share Barbs over Twitter
Pre-Mossad, IDF: English Jewish Brigade Fought Nazis
Robo-Rebbe: New Survey Claims Internet is Replacing Rabbis
`Slaughter the Jews' Painted on Section of Western Wall
Israeli Baseball Takes First, Proving a Big Hit for Audiences newsletter: 19fx0723.txt
Tehran Sources: An Israeli Harop Drone Attacked Pro-Iranian Iraqi Militia Base NE of Baghdad
Khamenei: Supporting 'Palestine' is an Ideological and Religious Matter
Saudi Blogger in Israel Attacked by Arabs on Temple Mount
Israel Expects to Encounter Urban Warfare in Possible Future War in Syria
Bikini-Clad Hamas leader Stars in a Campaign Pushing Israeli Victory newsletter: 19fx0724.txt
Trump Peace Envoy: Palestinians Do Not Have a `Right' to a Jerusalem Capital
Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Calls Homosexuality `a Wild Lust That Needs to be Overcome'
Americans Love Jews but Don't Know Much about Judaism
Iran's Ahmadinejad Rebrands: I'm Not an Anti-Semite
Mossad Recruiters Look to Hire Ultra-Orthodox Soldiers newsletter: 19fx0725.txt
Israeli Air Force Bombs Syrian Position Near Golan Heights
Man Threatens to Massacre Canadian Jews, Encourages Suicide Attacks
Exposed: Iranian Intelligence Effort to Recruit Israeli Arabs, Palestinians
German Ambassador to UN Suggests Comparison between Israel, North Korea
Warning: Free Tour of Holy Sites - a Dangerous Missionary Ruse
Gay Sex Orgy, Drug Party Busted by Vatican Police newsletter: 19fx0726.txt
Israeli Embassy in Finland Subjected to Relentless Anti-Semitic Attacks
Abbas: Palestinians have `Halted' all Agreements with Israel
Arab Israeli ISIS fighter: Israel is Just, Unlike Syria's Bashar Assad
New Excavation Reveal Goliath's Birthplace was More Giant than Believed
Alaska is the Jewish State in New TV Series Based on Michael Chabon Book newsletter: 19fx0729.txt
Iraq Reports a Second Israeli Attack on Iranian Targets in E. Iraq
Successful US-Israel Arrow 3 Missile Tests in Alaska
Israel Battling Gaza Terrorists at the Post Office
Jordan Fears Deal of the Century `Opens Gates of Hell'
Muslim Brotherhood: 'El-Sissi Destroying Egypt According to 3,000-Year-Old Plan from Jewish Bible'
Jewish Woman's Cremation Prevented at the Last Second newsletter: 19fx0730.txt
Iranian Refugee on First Visit to Israel: `I Feel like I'm Home'
I'm an Israeli Settler. This is Why I Spoke with J Street's First `Alternative Birthright' Group.
Lawyer: UK Woman Concocted Rape Story after One Israeli Refused to Have Sex with Her
`A second Colombia': Israeli Police Stunned by Size of Bedouin Pot Plantation in the Negev newsletter: 19fx0731.txt
Iran: Israel Used Mojahedin-e Khalq Agents to Mark Camp Ashraf Targets
Report: 33% of Serious Cyberattacks in Israel go Unreported
UK Woman who Accused Israelis of Rape in Cyprus Indicted
Indonesia's Small but Determined Jewish Community
Manischewitz is Selling all of its Kosher Food Business
Most Popular Jewish Baby Names in Israel in 2018: Tamar and David
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