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Israel, Syria Trade Fire; Five Dead
Riots Break Out in Jerusalem as Police Allow Jews on Temple Mount
At Least 27% of Israeli Arabs Voted for Zionist Parties in April Election
More than 25% of Americans say Israel is Unimportant to Their Jewish Future
Istanbul Airport gets a Synagogue newsletter: 19fx0604.txt
Trump Lowers Expectations on Mideast Peace Plan
Israel is Sending Signals to Iran newsletter: 19fx0605.txt
Pompeo Slams Accusations that Trump Peace Plan Favors Israel
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin's Wife Nechama Dies at 73
Putin Attends Unveiling of Monument to Jewish Resistance in WW2
Contentious Jerusalem Cable Car to Old City gets Green Light newsletter: 19fx0606.txt
Iran is 'Six Months Away from an Atomic Bomb'
Israel's Intelligence Giant Deployed to Thwart Hizbullah
Survey finds that 52% of Israelis want it to be Easier to Convert to Judaism
Wedding Invitation of Lubavitcher Rebbe Discovered at National Library of Israel
Israeli Thriller Series `Fauda' Digs in for a Darker 3rd Season
The Life of Gay, Jewish Bullfighter Sidney Franklin newsletter: 19fx0607.txt
Former deputy IDF chief Yair Golan says that Israel is refraining from a ground operation in Gaza out of an overblown fear of casualties. "There was a period of hope for peace in Israel. We all know that's no longer realistic," he says. by Amnon Lord Published on 2019-06-06 10:21 Last modified: 2019-06-06 16:51
Former Revolutionary Guards commander Gen. Yahya Rahim Safavi "blesses" process of supplying the Palestinians with upgraded weapons, says Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei predicts "Zionist regime will disappear." by Neta Bar Published on 2019-06-06 08:03 Last modified: 2019-06-06 15:29
"I think we're still in the period of what I would call tactical warning," the general added. "The threat is very real." newsletter: 19fx0610.txt
Hamas-Gaza Amasses 10,000 Rockets, Plans a New Iran-Sponsored Militia in Syria
Israel's Left and Palestinians Blast Friedman's West Bank Remarks
Palestinians Planning `Popular Uprisings' Against Trump's Peace Plan
Why Some American Jews Pay More than $20,000 to Get Buries in Israel newsletter: 19fx0611.txt
Pompeo Vows to Stand Up for UK Jews if Corbyn Elected PM
How Germans Remember the Holocaust
Israeli Scientists Duplicate Patient's Brain Structure, Advance Personalized Medicine newsletter: 19fx0612.txt
Congress Wants to Protect US Forces Using Israeli Defense System
When Palestinian Arabs and Jews Fought the Nazis Side by Side
New Dutch Senator Says: Jews Went Like `Meek Lambs to Gas Chambers'
Blog Spot `Most Misguided Jew Award' newsletter: 19fx0613.txt
Nikki Haley: Trump's Peace Plan Puts Israel's Security First
Palestinian Balloon Terror Escalates to 8 Attacks in One Day
Netanyahu: Israel will Strike First and Not Wait to be Attacked newsletter: 19fx0614.txt
IDF Braces for Violent Friday Protests along Gaza Border Fence
AJC Survey: 3/4 of US Jews say Israel is Vital to `Long-Term Jewish Future'
Jewish Dating App Exposes Records of 200,000 Users
When Young Israelis Move to Germany or Austria, it's a Hard Pill for Their Families to Swallow newsletter: 19fx0617.txt
Iran's Secrets for Pulling off Sneak Attacks: Surprise, Precise Weapons, a New Cruise Missile
Top Abbas Adviser: Battle with Israel is Between `Good and Evil'
Israel Trying to Keep Ukrainian Town from Turning Holocaust-Era Mass Grave into Real Estate
Israel Renames Jewish Settlement for Trump: `Hundreds of Jews Want to Make aliyah and Live in Trump Heights.'
The 'Iron Dome' for Mosquitoes newsletter: 19fx0618.txt
Israel Won't Be Invited to US-Led Conference in Bahrain
Peace Research Group: Israel Wields Nearly 100 Nuclear Warheads
Terrorism Suspected in Palestinian Rape of Jewish Seven-Year-Old
A Jew in SS Uniform
During the 1930s, Brickman got his doctorate in German, Latin, and education, managing to overcome the hostility and often anti-Semitism of some of the academic staff. His knowledge of Yiddish from home and knack for languages in general allowed him to develop great expertise in a number of languages, including full mastery of various local dialects. According to his academic resume, he could read 20 European languages, in addition to Latin and ancient Greek, three Asian and two African languages.
`Jerusalem Portfolio' Allows Israel Supporters to Invest in the Nation's Tech Industry
New Charity to Provide Kosher Food to Needy American Jews newsletter: 19fx0619.txt
Netanyahu: Israel will be at Bahrain Conference
`Underground Smugglers' Tunnel' Discovered in Middle of Ben-Gurion Airport
One-Third of Young Israeli Adults Live with their Parents
Is an Adulterous Wife Entitled to Half of her Husband's Home?
Documentary Explores British Island that Housed Nazi Concentration Camps
Argentine Soccer Player to be Deported after Decade in Israel
Israeli Education Ministry Forced to Translate Matriculation Exam into Arabic newsletter: 19fx0620.txt
Is Anti-Semitism Becoming Mainstream? Experts See Alarming Trend
'Every Synagogue, Every JCC Needs Guards'
Online Campaign Urges Poles to Unearth Seized Jewish Property in Poland
Is Venezuela's Maduro Trafficking Nazi Gold Stolen from Holocaust Victims? newsletter: 19fx0621.txt
Israeli Intelligence Exposes Iranian Spy Network within Israel
If There is a War: This is how U.S. and Allies Stack up to Iran
80% of Israeli teachers Say They're Underpaid newsletter: 19fx0624.txt
Kushner Unveils $50 Billion `Peace to Prosperity' Plan for Mideast
49% of Israelis Fear Anti-Semitism while Traveling Abroad
Arming Synagogues? Jewish Leaders Grapple with Balancing Safety and Accessibility
British Youth Threatens to Blow up Plane at Ben Gurion newsletter: 19fx0625.txt
Rabbi Sacks: Rise in Anti-Semitism Today is Similar to Holocaust Era
Kushner: We Do Not Have to Help the Palestinians
Putin Adviser: Israel's Security is Important Because Russian `Countrymen' are Here newsletter: 19fx0626.txt
Bolton Threatens 'Maximum Pressure' on Iran during Jerusalem Meeting with Russian and Israeli Counterparts
A Not-So-Brief History of US Ideas for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Charges Dropped Against Palestinian Accused in Rape of 7-Year-Old Girl
Oldest Jewish Cemetery in Cuba Renovated in Honor of Havana's 500th Anniversary newsletter: 19fx0627.txt
Historic Jewish Prayer in Bahrain Synagogue
Survey Finds Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Say Small Businesses should be Able to Refuse Service to Jews
Will Arab Schools Have to Fly the Israeli Flag? newsletter: 19fx0628.txt
Russia Scrambles Israel's GPS While Attending Historic Security Meeting in Israel
Israelis, Palestinians do Business on the Sideline of Bahrain Summit
Israeli Company Tapped to Secure US Border
Survey: Jewish Children Assaulted at Home Twice as Much as Arab Kids
Israeli Female Judge: Rape of Men Worse Than Rape of Women
Revealing the Funny Side of the `Mossad'
Dead Sea Earthquake Felt in Tel Aviv
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