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Jihad Rocket Aimed at Israeli Port was Tehran's First Response for Trump's Sanctions
Report: Saudi Arabia offered Abbas $10 billion to Accept Trump Peace Proposal
Poway Shooter had 50 Unfired Bullets
ADL: Anti-Semitic Assaults in US Doubled in 2018
Amazon to Officially Enter Israeli Market
Yad Vashem Online Exhibition: Last Letters from Holocaust: 1944 newsletter: 19fx0502.txt
Israel Marks Holocaust Remembrance Day
The Forgotten Death March of Chelm
Gaza Return March Operative Maryam Abu Moussa: 'We'll throw the Jews into Ditches like Hitler'
58% of Austrians Believe Something Like the Holocaust Could Happen Again
Iran's Al Qods Brigades and Hizbullah on Battle Alert on Day Before Next US Sanctions
US Religious Centers Buy More Insurance After Raft of Shootings
US Judge Rules $40 Million Nazi-Looted Painting Belongs to Spanish Museum, Not Heirs of Jewish Owner newsletter: 19fx0503.txt
10,000+ March at Auschwitz to Commemorate Holocaust Victims
When a Nazi SS Officer Visited Jerusalem
Polish Faction to Submit Bill That Would Prevent WW2 Property Reparations
Israel Reaches Milestone as Population Surpasses 9 Million newsletter: 19fx0506.txt
German Holocaust Archive Puts Millions of Documents Pnline
Pollard: Israel Does Not Care About Me
'Commander, Do You Understand Me Now?': Israel's Lone Soldiers want Answers after Another Suicide
Study: Most Americans Don't want Arabic Numbers Taught in US Schools newsletter: 19fx0507.txt
Israel Allegedly Ordered IDF: End Operations before Eurovision
Israeli Politicians Put Hooks in Gaza Cease-Fire
Netanyahu to Military: Get Ready for Another Escalation
Iran's Badr 3 Missile Debuts Against Israel in Palestinian Rocket Offensive
Significant Info about Iran Attack Preparations Came from Mossad
Poland Won't Pay WWII Property Compensation: Prime Minister says Poles were Greatest Victims
`It's Unbearable, the House is Shaking': Israelis Describe Lives Under Attack newsletter: 19fx0508.txt
Saudis Tweet Support for Israel, Rebuke Hamas for Rocket Attacks
Israel Honors Fallen Soldiers, Terror Victims Across the Nation
Light a Virtual Memorial Day Candle for Israel's Fallen
Palestinians Believe they can Beat Iron Dome. Israel Refutes this Dangerous Illusion
US State Department Appeals Decision Granting US Citizenship to Child of Jewish Same-Sex Couple
In Tel Aviv, Eurovision Songfest Braces for Pro-Palestinian Boycott Protests newsletter: 19fx0509.txt
Hamas TV Threatens Eurovision Contest in Tel Aviv
Israelis Mark 71st Independence Day
PA Admits all Palestinian Terrorists `Receive Orders from Us'
Documentary of Dr. Ruth Delves into the Sex Therapists Holocaust Past newsletter: 19fx0510.txt
From Dreaming to Living the Dream: Israel at 71
Orthodox Couple's Lawsuit says Spirit Airlines Staffer Called Them `Retarded Jews' newsletter: 19fx0513.txt
Israeli Cabinet Minister: Iran may Strike Israel as Trump Turns Screws on Tehran
Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Says her Palestinian Ancestors Made a `Safe Haven' for Jews after Holocaust
Jewish-Swedish Astronaut Prepares for Blast-off with Israeli Flag
New Edition of Famed Diary `Brings Readers Closer' to Anne Frank
Dis this Ancient Jewish Scholar Introduce the World to Pizza? newsletter: 19fx0514.txt
Islamic Jihad: `We Would Have Bombed Tel Aviv in Hours'
Murder Charge Dropped Against Jewish Suspect in Arson Attack on Palestinians
Anti-Semite Actor Mel Gibson to Play a `Rothchild' in Upcoming Film
Israel's Ben-Gurion Airport to Undergo Massive Expansion
Man Asks for Kosher Food. Kuwait Airways Says he Can't Fly
How Jewish Gangsters Fought the Nazis newsletter: 19fx0515.txt
Palestinians to Mark `Nakba Day' with Protests, Strikes
Why Islamic Jihad will Attack Tel Aviv during Eurovision
Germany Sees 20% Rise in Anti-Semitic Crime in 2018, Blames Far Right
US Anti-Semitism Envoy calls Europe's Kosher Meat Bans `Forced Expulsion' for Jews newsletter: 19fx0516.txt
Rocks, Explosive Devices Hurled at IDF as 10,000+ Palestinians Mark `Nakba Day'
Revolutionary Guards: The Golan is Next after Iran Hit 3 Gulf Oil Targets
PA TV is Even Alienating Israeli Arab Children
Israel Stays Silent as Poland Discriminates Against its Jews
Earthquake Shakes Jerusalem, Central Israel
11-Year-Old Sent to Principal's Office for Protesting Nazi Salute newsletter: 19fx0517.txt
The Guardian Reports that Iran Readies for Proxy War in the Middle East
New Iranian Movie: Israeli Prime Minister Sends Brother on Spy Mission
After Poway Shooting, Company Offers Free Security Systems to Chabad Houses
US Muslim Group: Kids `Didn't Comprehend Words' of Song about Beheading Jews newsletter: 19fx0520.txt
US, Bahrain to Host Palestinian Economic Conference
Report: Israel will not Join War with Iran Unless Attacked
Polish Prime Minister: Paying Restitution to Jews is a Victory for Hitler
`Israel is Unprepared for the 17 Million People who will be Living Here in 2050'
`Jews Exploited Holocaust' in Twisted Al Jazeera Video
A Chicago Couple Lives like Orthodox Jews. But Spreading the Word of Jesus newsletter: 19fx0521.txt
Al Jazeera Suspends Journalists over Video Insinuating Jews Lied about Holocaust
Did IDF use Kabbalist Rabbis to Locate Terror Tunnels?
An American-Israeli Soldier Died by Suicide, the Third this Year
The Lost Jewish Tribes of Nigeria Still Hope for Aliyah newsletter: 19fx0522.txt
German Holocaust Archive Puts Millions of Documents Pnline
Pollard: Israel Does Not Care About Me
'Commander, Do You Understand Me Now?': Israel's Lone Soldiers want Answers after Another Suicide
CEO of Civic Science John Dick referred to the study as "the saddest and funniest testament to American bigotry we've ever seen in our data," in a Tweet. newsletter: 19fx0523.txt
Egypt's Mubarak: `Deal of the Century' will lead to an Explosion
Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh May be Charged as War Criminal
Pentagon Might Send 10,000 US Troops to the Middle East
Poll: Half of American Adults Expect War with Iran `Within Next Few Years'
New Film Sheds Light on Jewish Baseball Player-Turned-WWII Spy
Israeli Researchers `Now Know what Philistine and Egyptian Beers Tasted Like' newsletter: 19fx0524.txt
Flaming Gaza Balloons Threaten to Ignite Violence
Wildfires Sweep Across Israel as Heatwave Grips Region
Iran Planning to Kidnap and Kill more Americans
German Party Runs for EU Parliament under the Slogan `Israel is our Misfortune'
Israel Launches Massive Recruitment Drive for Social Media Warriors newsletter: 19fx0527.txt
Israeli President to German Official Who Advised Jews Not to Wear Kippot: `We Will Never Submit'
Wildfires Destroy Entire Community in Central Israel
Shtayyeh: Palestinians May Revoke Recognition of Israel
Desert Town Reminisces on Sadat's 1979 Visit, Peace Treaty newsletter: 19fx0528.txt
Israel Could Face New Elections Amid Coalition Crisis
Israel Fires Missile on Syrian Military Site
Bernie Sanders' Foreign Policy Advisor Meets Palestinian Authority Official
PA Builds an Ancient Village that Never Existed
The History of Kosher Hot Dogs
El Al Gave `Worst Seats' to Eurovision Rule-breakers Who Displayed Palestinian Flag newsletter: 19fx0529.txt
Israel Heading Toward a Political Crisis
HRW: Egyptian Security Forces Committed Widespread Abuses in Northern Sinai
German Intelligence: Iran wants to Expand to Weapons of Mass Destruction newsletter: 19fx0530.txt
Israel Returns to Elections as Netanyahu Fails to Form Coalition
The Case for Enlisting Haredi Men into the Israeli Military
Israel's Not-So-Subtle Message to Iran
German Neo-Nazi Parties Aggressively Push Boycott of Israel
The Passenger: An Opera about Holocaust Remembrance newsletter: 19fx0531.txt
Merkel Refuses to Outlaw Hizbullah, Snubbing German Jews after Kippah Row
Deal of the Century' in Question as Kushner Meets with Netanyahu
Israel to Host Unprecedented High-Level Security Meeting between US, Russia
Arabic Workbook for 8th Graders Mentions Killing Soldiers, Gang Rape
Palestinian Uber Driver Kicks 2 Jewish Women Out of his Car after Learning they Attended Israel Event
The episode in New Netflix Series Mocks Anne Frank
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