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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 19fx0401.txt
Another Burst of Hamas Rocket Fire, Yet Israel Reopens Gaza Crossings & Releases $300 Million Payout
Armed Robbers Steal Medical Cannabis from a Farm in the Galilee
Netanyahu Warmly Welcomes Brazil's Bolsonaro in Israel
Israel's Tourism Industry Courting Visitors from China
Rare Discovery in the City of David newsletter: 19fx0402.txt
Egypt's Israeli-Hamas Deal Further Shakes Jordan's Hashemite Throne
IDF Spokesman: Islamic Jihad Preparing Big Attack – `Unknown to Hamas'
Bolsonaro Visits Western Wall, Palestinians Angry at Jerusalem Mission
Clinton Aide, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Takes Credit for Blocking Jonathan Pollard's Early Release
Eurovision Song Contest 'Irritated Enough' with Israeli Security
New Immigrants to Celebrate 'Week of the South' newsletter: 19fx0403.txt
Netanyahu & Putin to Urgently Meet over Iran's New Aleppo Command Hub
Hamas Threatens Families of Captured Israelis: `Accept Our Terms'
Palestinian Authority Won't Refer Patients to Israeli Hospitals
Maxwell House Offers a `Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Haggadah
Israeli `April Fools' Prank Infuriates BDS Activist Roger Waters newsletter: 19fx0404.txt
Russia Hands Over to Israel the Body of Missing Soldier Zachary Baumel
Qatari Sociologist Demonstrates 'Proper' Wife-Beating Technique
Report: Netanyahu May have Benefited from Cousin's Libya Deals
Palestinians Pray for Fish as Israel Opens Deeper Waters
Germany's Military to have Jewish Chaplains for First Time in a Century
Skeleton of Mother Cradling Baby Discovered at Holocaust Mass Gravesite in Belarus newsletter: 19fx0405.txt
A week before its anticipated lunar landing, Beresheet makes complex maneuver in order to orbit the moon. Israel hopes to become fourth country to make soft landing. by Ilan Gattegno , Niv Lilien Published on 2019-04-04 18:12 Last modified: 2019-04-04 18:34
Survey says rotation hurts Blue and White.
For Israelis abroad, elections start with a scramble for flight tickets
Iran Threatens to Strike US Troops in the Middle East if Revolutionary Guards are Designated a Terrorist Organization
The Final Polls are in and Israel's Election is a Nail-Biter
Birthright Rejects Demands by Anti-Israel Group to Share Palestinian Views
Hamas Mocks Netanyahu's Threat to Conquer Gaza
More than 40 Zoo Animals Evacuated from Gaza Strip newsletter: 19fx0409.txt
Tuesday's Elections are Israel's Judgment Day
Election Exodus: Some 60,000 Israelis Abroad as Country Goes to Polls
In Unprecedented Ruling, Israeli Court Convicts Man for Refusing Divorce to Wife newsletter: 19fx0410.txt
Exit Polls: Israeli Election Too Close to Call
An Anti-Zionist Orthodox Group is Paying People in Israel Not to Vote newsletter: 19fx0411.txt
Trump, World Leaders Congratulate Israel's Netanyahu on Election Victory
`Jews Have to Die!' Vicious Anti-Semitic Assault in Buenos Aires
Israelis are Fired Up to See Their Beresheet Spacecraft Land on the Moon. Here's How to Watch It
Israeli Researchers say Sodom Salt Cave is World's Longest newsletter: 19fx0412.txt
Israeli Spacecraft Crashes in Attempt to Land on Moon
German Newspaper Attacks Netanyahu with Nazi Reference, Blames `Historical Amnesia' newsletter: 19fx0415.txt
Belarusian, North Korean Missile Engineers Killed or Injured in Israel's Air Raid of Masyaf
Despite Successful Pilot, IDF Says No to All-Female Tank Units
One-Third of Americans Don't Believe Six Million Jews were Murdered in the Holocaust
NY Times Attacks Netanyahu: States PM Will Make Israel `Apartheid State'
Liberal US Jewish Groups Bemoan Netanyahu's Win
Remains Preserved by Nazi Doctor to be Buried 74 Years Later
Report: Body of Israeli Spy Eli Cohen Removed from Damascus
Israeli Team Awarded Million Dollar Prize for Historical Space Mission newsletter: 19fx0416.txt
Report States Trump Peace Plan Leaves Out Palestinian State
Gazans Blast Hamas for `Trading Children for Fish'
Counter-Terrorism Bureau Warns Israelis of Terrorist Attacks in the Sinai
Will Assault Drones Become a Frequent Presence in Mideast Skies?
Israeli Scientists Say They 3D-Printed a Heart newsletter: 19fx0417.txt
Netanyahu Passes Threshold for Nomination as Israel's Premier
Syrian Military Officials' First Criticism of Russia, Alleging Moscow's Collusion with Israel
Khamenei: Koran Prohibits Ties with Israel
Attackers: We'll Restart Auschwitz When We Grow Up
Here's how Jewish Groups are Planning for the Next Pittsburgh
Anti-Vaccine Activists are Using a Holocaust-Era Yellow Star of David to Promote their Cause newsletter: 19fx0418.txt
Report: Israel Used Special Missile in Syria Attack
Kushner: `Deal of the Century' won't be Released Before June
Notre Dame Fire May Be Divine Punishment, Says Prominent Settler Rabbi
First Passover Seder to be held in Warsaw Ghetto since Holocaust
Terror Network: Joint Hamas-Hizbullah Radio Station targets Israeli Arabs newsletter: 19fx0419.txt
Hamas & Hizbullah Set Up New March of Return Militia on Lebanese-Israeli Border
Muslim Woman Braves Threats to Serve in IDF Infantry Battalion
Germany Charges Former Nazi Camp Guard, 92, as Accessory to Murder
Ancient Christian Manuscripts Digitized at Monastery Beneath Mount Sinai
Passover Greetings from the White House – a parody newsletter: 19fx0422.txt
2/3 of Americans Now Believe Jews Face Discrimination in the US newsletter: 19fx0423.txt
U.S. Offering $10 Million in Hizbullah's Financial Mechanisms
Report: Saudis Pressuring Abbas to Accept Trump's Mideast Plan
Israel Welcomes Emirate Billionaire's Call for Peace
Why is the Last Supper on a Different Night than All Other Seder Nights?
Dutch Holocaust Museum Removes Auschwitz Pictures from Exhibitions
Excited Chimps get Matzah for Passover newsletter: 19fx0424.txt
Netanyahu Calls for New Golan Settlement Named for Trump
Socialist Bernie Sanders Calls Netanyahu's Right-Wing Government `Racist'
Jerusalem Woman Admits Planning US Terror Attacks
Why Jews Should Watch `Ramy,' a New Hulu Show about a Millennial Muslim
Anti-Gay Kuwaiti Academic Claims Suppository `Cure' for Homosexuality newsletter: 19fx0425.txt
Lebanon's Defense Minister Threatens to Strike Ben-Gurion Airport in Future War
New York Times Claims Jesus Was `Likely a Palestinian'
Poll Finds Americans Love Israel, Not its Government
How Terrorists Smuggle Phones into Prison
Hitler's 'Suicide Note' Going Up for Sale
Israel Tests an Incentive-Based Program to Fight Traffic Jams newsletter: 19fx0426.txt
Israelis Warned to Leave Sri Lanka ASAP
Israel will Participate in World Expo 2020 to be Held in Dubai
Israeli Researchers: 'Spider-Man' Movies Decrease Spider Phobia
Israeli Woman Smuggles Matza to Grandkids in Gaza
Who Do You Think You Are? newsletter: 19fx0429.txt
Message from Wounded Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein
First Swastikas, Then Synagogue Attack: the US is No Safe Haven for Israeli Family
Alleged Poway Synagogue Shooter Lives with Parents; Thinks Jews are Taking Over the World
A 15-year-old Teen Started GoFundMe Campaign for Chabad of Poway
Chabad Worried About More Anti-Semitic Terror Attacks
Currency used in Theresienstadt Ghetto donated to National Library of Israel newsletter: 19fx0430.txt
FBI Warned of Poway Shooter 5 Minutes Before Attack
Does Jewish Anti-Semitism Exist?
Diary of a Holocaust-era Teenager Brought to Life on Social Media
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