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UN Passes 6 Anti-Israel Resolutions, Rejects Jewish Ties to Jerusalem
PA Believes Israel May Storm Prison to Free US Citizen
Fatah Tells the World Hamas is Not a Terrorist Group
Cosmic Airburst May Have Wiped Out Part of the Middle East 3,700 Years Ago
The Dead Sea is Dying: A $1.5 Billion Plan Aims to Resurrect It newsletter: 18fx1204.txt
Iran's Multiple-Warhead Khorramshahr Test, New Stage in Middle East Missile War
Netanyahu warns Pompeo: Israel will Strike Hizbullah Unless Lebanon Intervenes
Hamas to Execute 6 Gazans for `Collaborating' with Israel Before Botched Raid
Palestinian Workers Call upon Israel against PA's Social Security Law
Mother of 13-Year-Old Bride Released from Jail
Israel-Based Sirin Labs Unveils `World's First Blockchain Smartphone' newsletter: 18fx1205.txt
Operation Northern Shield: IDF Strikes Hizbullah Terror Tunnels
Israelis Hold Mass Protests Over Violence Against Women newsletter: 18fx1206.txt
Netanyahu: Hizbullah Tunnels Built with Direct Support, Funding from Iran
Israeli Americans Represent a Growing `New Power' in the Jewish Diaspora
Einstein's 'God Letter' Fetches $3 Million at New York Auction newsletter: 18fx1207.txt
Hizbullah Puts Forces on Alert after Israel Tries Passing the Tunnel Buck to UNIFIL
Trump: 'Civilization is Indebted to the Jewish People'
Senior Knesset Member: Israel Likely to Allow Medical Cannabis Exports by Year-End
Terrorists Tried Using Drones to Smuggle Cell Phones into Prison
Spielberg: Genocide as Possible Today as in WW2
Can You Solve the Shin Bet's Impossible Puzzle?
Dubai's Secret Jews Emerge from the Shadows newsletter: 18fx1210.txt
Doctors Deliver Baby of Woman Seriously Wounded in Ofra Attack, Seven Wounded after Terrorists Open Fire on Israelis
Survey: 38% of European Jews are Thinking about Leaving
'Immigration from France - a Historic Missed Opportunity'
Holocaust Survivors Alarmed by Rise in Anti-Semitism in US
Savory Sufganiyot Take New York by Storm newsletter: 18fx1211.txt
Israel's Shrinking Military Deterrence Emboldens Terrorists and Hostile Forces
Bahrain Defends Israeli Campaign to Eliminate Hizbullah Tunnels
Netanyahu: Israeli Flights Can Pass over Oman
Ohio Man Arrested for Plotting `Jihad' Synagogue Attack, Inspired by Pittsburgh
Archaeologists: We've Located Biblical City of Sodom newsletter: 18fx1212.txt
Hizbullah Plans Hamas-Style Mob Violence against IDF Troops from the Lebanese Border
Netanyahu: No Jew will be Uprooted as Long as I'm in Charge
Women's March Leaders Buried Anti-Semitic `Family Secret'
Birthright Suffers Plunge in American Jewish Participation this Winter
Can Astronomy Explain the Biblical Star of Bethlehem? newsletter: 18fx1213.txt
IDF Shoots and Captures Ofra Terrorist Hours after Newborn Victim Dies
Israel's Bobsled Team Wants to Compete in Olympics
French Yellow Vest Protesters Blame the Jews
What Did Israelis Google in 2018? newsletter: 18fx1214.txt
Two Soldiers Dead, Third Soldier and Civilian in Critical Condition from Palestinian Shooting near Bethel
Lab Beef Company Aleph Farms Announces First Steak
Natalie Portman: Israel's Nation-State Law is `Racist'
Nazareth Preserves its Arab Traditions as Christmas Nears newsletter: 18fx1217.txt
US Navy Threatens to Pull out of Haifa Port over Chinese Control
Netanyahu: The Arab world Needs Israel's Technology
When the Holocaust Reached Africa
The Hidden History of Shanghai's Jewish Quarter
Martyrs' Killed by Jews Receive `Double Heavenly Reward,' Says Palestinian Cleric newsletter: 18fx1218.txt
Netanyahu: Israel Developing `Offensive Missiles' that can Reach `Anywhere' in the Middle East
What Might an Israel-Iran War Look Like?
Rona Ramon, Widow of Israel's First Astronaut for NASA, Dies at 54
Israeli Spacecraft Gets Special Passenger before Moon Journey
Is Matzo Ball Soup on the Menu for Michael Cohen in Prison?
Kindertransport Survivors to Receive Compensation for 80th anniversary newsletter: 18fx1219.txt
Saudi Ties with Israeli Intelligence
Haley Urges Palestinians to Accept a Peace Deal with Israel
Muslim Mothers Thank Allah for Death of Their Sons
Mossad Secures Jewish Communities Abroad
Israelis Living Abroad May Soon Vote for the Knesset
Israeli Excavation Reveals New Findings about the Ark of the Covenant newsletter: 18fx1220.txt
Israeli UN Envoy: `We will Bury Hizbullah in the Rubble of Lebanon'
Trump Launches Full US Withdrawal from Syria, Leaving Opening for Iran
Be'er Sheva Chief Rabbi 'Shocked at Rona Ramon's Request'
Santa Claus, Jerusalem Style newsletter: 18fx1221.txt
IDF Must Cut Short Tunnel Operation and Get Set for Repercussions from Trump's Stunning Syria Withdrawal
Israeli Teen Raised as a Muslim Returns to Judaism
Netanyahu: Israel to Increase its Efforts against Iran in Syria
SodaStream to Open Factory in Gaza
Mystery Disconnects and Loop Recordings Plaguing Israeli-US Phone Calls newsletter: 18fx1224.txt
Anti-Semitism Allegations are Splitting the Women's March
Netanyahu Slams Erdogan for Disparaging Jews
Study Finds One-Third of Americans Considering Leaving US to Live In Another Country
Last Survivor of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Simcha `Kazik' Rotem, dies, 94
New Study: Who is the Typical Israeli Jew Today? newsletter: 18fx1225.txt
Israel's General Election Advances to April 9
Eichmann Prosecutor: Eyewitness Testimony from Within the Gas Chambers
Why did the Nazis Respect Switzerland's Neutrality During WWII?
Lebron Apologizes for Sharing Rap Lyrics on 'Jewish Money'
Gaza Terrorists Warn Locals: `Celebrating Christmas is Evil' newsletter: 18fx1226.txt
Missile from Syria Intercepted in Central Israel
Fatah Claims Christmas is a `Palestinian Symbol,' Jesus was `First Palestinian' newsletter: 18fx1227.txt
Israeli Official Confirms: We Attacked in Syria
NY Times Runs Puff Piece on Christmas in Hizbullah Land; Accused of Humanizing Terrorists
New Israeli Law Allows Export of Medical Cannabis newsletter: 18fx1228.txt
Russia and Syria Threaten to Fire SA-5 Missiles into Central Israel if IAF Airstrikes Continue
Israeli-Built Wings for New F-35 will Make Jets Invisible to Radar
Israel Vows to Block Palestinian Bid to Become Full UN Member
Mother's Ex-Husband Charged with Rape, Murder of Young Girl in Tel Aviv
From Heil Hitler - to a Kippah and Tefillin
Transportation Ministry to Roll Out Interactive Air-Conditioned Bus Stops newsletter: 18fx1231.txt
Bennett's `New Right' Party Jumps to Strong Start in Israeli Polls
Youngsters Rescued from 'Lev Tahor' Cult Found Again after Kidnapping
Chabad's `Emissary-at-Large' in Pyongyang
Remembrances of Polish Jewish Children's Rights Advocate Janusz Korczak
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