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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 18fx1101.txt
US Jews Turn to Firearms Training Following Synagogue Shooting
American Jews have Been Sleepwalking
Report: US Far-Right Extremists Committed More than 200 Homicide's Since 1990
Israel's Mossad Foils Iranian Assassination Plot in Denmark, Iranian FM accuses Mossad of Lying
Haunted House had `Swastika Saturday' on Day of Synagogue Attack newsletter: 18fx1102.txt
Israel Silent as Massive Computer Virus Attacks Iran
Israel's Special Forces Practice for War in Cyprus
Colorado Gun Shop Owner Offers Free Weapons and Training to Rabbis
Iran Military Drills Depict Collapse of White House
In Historic First, Saudi Crown Prince Meets Israeli Evangelical Christians
Mike Pence's Messianic Problem newsletter: 18fx1105.txt
Largest Pittsburgh Newspaper Prints Mourner's Kaddish on Front Page
Floridian's Nazi Death Camp-Themed Yard Display Angers Neighbors
Missouri Candidate's Children: Don't Vote for Anti-Semitic Father
Florida Imam: 'Palestine' in its Entirety Should be Liberated
Report: Adolf Eichmann's Sons Established a Nazi Cell in Argentina
`Peace Train' to Oman? How a Rail Could Link Tel Aviv to Oman newsletter: 18fx1106.txt
Iran Accuses Israel of Launching New Cyber Attack
British Labour Party Branch Votes Down Motion Condemning Pittsburgh Synagogue Attack
Are Jews' Days in America Numbered? newsletter: 18fx1107.txt
Israeli Minister Elkin: Syrian S-300s will be Attacked if IDF or Commercial Planes Hit
Security Agency Chief Warns of Deceptive Calm: We Foiled 480 Major Terror Attacks this Year
Snowden: Israeli Software Tracked Khashoggi
Knesset Member: US Jews Should Make Aliyah Due to Pittsburgh Massacre
Pope Francis: `A Christian Cannot be an Anti-Semite'
Israel Sees Desalination as Sea of Galilee's Savior
Palestinian Authority: Israel Stole our Snake newsletter: 18fx1108.txt
US Urges Russia to Allow Resumed Israeli Air Strikes in Syria
Official Forecasts 'Catastrophic Event' Unless Israel Prepares for Major Earthquake
Supreme Court OKs Discriminating Against Jews on Temple Mount
French President Praises Nazi Collaborator, Raising Jewish Community's Ire
Iranian Jewry Under the Islamic Republic of Iran. newsletter: 18fx1109.txt
Report: Abbas Signs Off on Israel-Hamas Truce ?
Poll: Nearly 30% of Germans Believe Jews Use 'Dirty Tricks'
Despite a Religious Rift, US Jews Feel More Positively Toward Israel
Saudi Arabian Tells Israelis: We Want Peace
Israel Mulls Advancing Red Sea-Dead Sea Canal Project to Mend Relations With Jordan newsletter: 18fx1112.txt
Six Hamas Terrorists Killed in Firefight with IDF Commandos
Netanyahu has `Good and to the Point' Talk with Putin in Paris
US Official Warns Israel against Developing Its `Strange' Ties with China
Palestinian Terror Pays: Spend 20 Years in Prison and Buy a Ferrari Tax-Free
By Maurice Hirsch, Palestinian Media Watch
J Street U Calls for Palestinian Voices on Birthright Trips
Experts Say Israeli Researchers' `Alien Spacecraft' Theory is Science Fiction newsletter: 18fx1113.txt
At Least 16 Israelis Injured by 400 Palestinian Rocket Attacks, 10 in Ashkelon
Will Israel Do What it takes to Degrade Hamas after 400 Rockets?
PA Silently Seizing Huge Tracts of Israel's Heartland
Report: Far-Right German Commandos Planned to kill Politicians, Immigrants newsletter: 18fx1114.txt
Report: Ceasefire has been Reached
Ashkelon Rocket Victim's Body Found by Chance Hour after Impact
Can Gaza Cease-Fire Free Israeli Air Force to Tackle Hizbullah Missile Upgrade Plants?
Here's what it Costs to put your Synagogue under Armed Guard newsletter: 18fx1115.txt
Lieberman Resigns as Defense Minister, says Government Kowtows to Terrorists
FBI: Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes in the US Up 37% in 2017
Historic Photos Predating Israel Set Free by Wikimedia
Shutterstock Removes Photo Showing Jewish Man Waving Cash
In Israel, Missile Alert Apps Save Lives — and Spread Anxiety newsletter: 18fx1116.txt
Israel Braces for Return of Violent Gaza Protests
After Liberman Resigns as Defense Minister, Support for Him Surges
Nearly 50% of UK Jews Consider Emigrating, Some to Israel
For World Toilet Day. Be'er Sheva's Ben Gurion University Makes Fuel from Human Poop
Mark Zuckerberg Joins Popular 'Secret Tel Aviv' Group on Facebook. (Is He Thinking About Moving Facebook to Israel?)
Einstein Letter Warning of German Anti-Semitism Sells for Nearly $40,000
What Happened when US Teacher Lost $2,000 on Tel Aviv Train? newsletter: 18fx1119.txt
Netanyahu Appoints Himself Defense Minister; Bennett, Shaked Set to Announce Resignations
Hamas Declares Tel Aviv is our Next Target
Muslim Congresswoman Wants Hijabs in Capitol
Linda Sarsour Castigated for Accusing US Jews of Dual Loyalty
Jerusalem Rabbi Rules Muslim Man Can be Buried in Jewish Cemetery
Arab Teenager who Joined IDF Says 'It's a Privilege'
NY Official Hit for Suggesting Orthodox Jews Aren't `Normal' newsletter: 18fx1120.txt
Jewish Home Ministers Call Off Walkout. No Snap Election. Netanyahu Rides Out Cabinet Crisis with Expected Gaza Move
Swastika on Memorial to Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Victims
A red swastika was painted on a mural at Duke University created in memory of the victims of the Tree of Life synagogue attack in Pittsburgh. The swastika, discovered on Sunday, was daubed on top of a gold Star of David painted by Duke students next to the names of the 11 victims killed during Shabbat services last month. The slogan "We must build this world from love" was written in English and Hebrew on the mural.
Abbas Rejected Billions of Dollars in Return for Concessions on Jerusalem
Protesting Sharia Law, Saudi Women Wear Abayas Inside Out
Airbnb to Remove Listings in West Bank Jewish Settlements newsletter: 18fx1121.txt
The Russian-Iranian Deal Offered to Israel
Netanyahu: Israel will Not Join Global Migration Treaty
Ethiopian Jews Protest for Right to Immigrate to Israel
Israel's Only High School Teaching Farsi Preps Teens for Military Intel Work
'Revolutionary' Russian Film on Sobibor Uprising newsletter: 18fx1122.txt
Iran/Hizbullah Build New Militias in Syria against Northern Israel
Top Israeli Minister: Trump Wasting his Time with Peace Plan
Israeli Top Minister: We are 'Closer than Ever' to Seizing Control of Gaza newsletter: 18fx1123.txt
USAF Takes Control of Syrian Skies. Unidentified Air Strike on Iranian Target
137 Countries Support Israeli UN Resolution Promoting Business Development
Report: Trump Postponed Publication of 'Deal of the Century'
Airbnb Threatened with Legal Action Over Discriminatory Anti-Israel Policy
JCC Bomb Hoaxer Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison newsletter: 18fx1126.txt
Jordan Requests More Water from Israel after Canceling Peace Treaty Annex
Iranian Leader: Israel is a 'Cancerous Tumor' ?in the Middle East
The Israeli Car that will Take Off from the Roof
Entire Warehouse Collapses in Domino Effect newsletter: 18fx1127.txt
Gush Etzion Ramming Attack: 3 IDF Soldiers Injured, Terrorist Killed
Ocasio-Cortez Compares the Migrant Caravan to Jews Fleeing Nazi Europe
Jerusalem Rabbinical Court Gives Custody to Father Suspected of Sexual Assault on Kids
Dutch Christian Ship Builder wants to Sail his Life-Size Replica of Noah's Ark to Israel
New York Times' Jewish Errors Spread to Crossword Puzzle newsletter: 18fx1128.txt
Hamas Reportedly Offers to Hand over Gaza to Palestinian Authority
Iran Trains Squads for Terrorizing US forces in Syria. US Air/Naval Buildup for Striking Back
March of the Living Reacts to CNN Anti-Semitism Special Report
Rabbi: Obama Appointees Prevent Pollard from Completing Parole in Israel
Scientists Claim that All Humans are Descended from Just Two People
Judge: Unconstitutional To Save U.S. Girls from Islamic Sex Torture
College Student Created a Way for Non-Binary People to Speak Hebrew newsletter: 18fx1129.txt
IDF General Warns Missile Onslaught in Next War will not Allow Tel Aviv Cafes to Stay Open
New Poll Exposes Rampant Anti-Semitism Across Europe
72 Jewish Groups Call on Congress to Pass Bills to Combat Anti-Semitism
American Jews Sue Airbnb over Judea and Samaria Decision
Facebook Removes Viral Video Protesting Airbnb Boycott
More than 60 babies Born from Sperm Smuggled by Palestinian Prisoners newsletter: 18fx1130.txt
IDF Confirms Projectile Fell In Golan; Syria Claims it Downed `Hostile Targets;
Ultra-Orthodox Enlistment in IDF at Record High
Dutch Poll: 'The Only Reason you're here is that the Germans Forgot to Gas You'
73% of Israeli Jews Light Chanukah Candles
Trump, Congress may Penalize Airbnb in Wake of Anti-Israel Boycott
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