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Russia Ramps up Anti-Israel Measures in Syria for Possible War of Attrition
Tehran Arrests 3 Iranians for Showing IDF Soldiers on Billboard
Upcoming Film: Seth Rogen will play a Time-Traveling Jewish Pickle Maker
The History of Bagels in America
I Wore a Kippah for a Week at My College in Appalachia newsletter: 18fx1002.txt
Palestinian Incendiary Balloons Land in Modi'in
Netanyahu: Iran's Attempt to Link Israel to Attack is Ridiculous
Neither Arab nor Jew: Israel's Unheard Minorities Speak Up newsletter: 18fx1003.txt
Russia Completes Delivery of S-300 System to Syria
Russian General: Syrian Side of Quneitra Crossing Ready to be Opened
Israeli Public Overwhelmingly in Favor of Trump's Policies newsletter: 18fx1004.txt
Bolton: 'Palestine' is Not a State
Israel's Senior Citizens are Happy with Their Lives
In Exceptional Ruling, Rabbinical Court Sanctions Wife Refusing to Accept Husband's Get newsletter: 18fx1005.txt
US Jews Helping Families of Terrorists
Oren Extends 'Invitation' for British Jews to Make Aliyah if Corbyn is Elected
Israel Boosts Troop Deployment along Gaza Border
Morocco to Introduce Holocaust Studies into ?Country's Education System
The Tragic Tale of Superman's Jewish Creators, Told in Graphic Novel Form newsletter: 18fx1008.txt
Palestinian Kills Two Israelis, Wounds Third
German Chancellor: Palestinians Must Recognize Israel as Jewish State
Iranian Official Threatens: `Bones of Zionists Will Be Crushed'
Israeli Spacecraft to Land on the Moon
New Poll Shows Netanyahu Would Win Election by Landslide
Outcry as Jews Create Own Group in German Far-Right Party newsletter: 18fx1009.txt
Netanyahu: We'll Never Give up the Golan
Palestinians Celebrate Murder of 2 Jews, Blame Israel for Terror
Terror Balloon Lands in Jerusalem
The Associated Press Conceals Arafat Gun-Toting at UN, Skews Historical Account
U.S. Rabbi: Muslim States Ask Azerbaijan How to Conduct Ties with Israel
Cabinet Passes Series of Resolutions to Reduce Impact of Polygamy
Supreme Court Wants to Know Why Won't Israel Allow Women to Use Sperm from Serial Donor Ari Nagel newsletter: 18fx1010.txt
Russia Imports Iranian Teams for S-300s in Syria – 24 Launchers--Shocked Alarm in the US, Israel
Israel's Emigration a Cause for Concern
Flyers on College Campuses Blame Jews for Kavanaugh Allegations newsletter: 18fx1011.txt
State Department: Iran Spent $16B to Destabilize Middle East
Bernie Sanders Slams Israel's Nationality Law as Trump-Inspired
3 Polish Teens Make Nazi Salute at Auschwitz, Post Photo on Instagram
UNESCO: Rachel's Tomb is 'Palestinian'
10 American Jewish baseball players to Become Israeli Citizens
On Sunday, the Rabbi Moved to Florida's Panhandle. On Wednesday, Hurricane Michael Hit
Russia to Deport Siberia's Chief Rabbi over 'Espionage' newsletter: 18fx1012.txt
IDF Destroys Hamas Terror Tunnel Dug 200 Meters (660 Feet) into Israeli Territory
Israel Defends Treatment of Detained US Student
Iranian Foreign Minister Meets Neturei Karta Delegation
No Shortcuts in Learning the English Language newsletter: 18fx1015.txt
Israel Once Again Postpones Operation against Hamas
No Israeli Air Strikes as Iran Replenishes Destroyed Arms Inventory
Israeli Study Finds Thousands, not Millions, of Palestinian Refugees
Israel's Supreme Court Freezes Deportation of US Pro-BDS student
This Daily Jewish Ritual may Prevent Heart Attacks newsletter: 18fx1016.txt
IDF Strikes Hamas Post after Terrorists Blast Fence with Explosive
Katz: `Great Interest' in an Israeli-Saudi Railway Plan
Report: Unmanned Israeli aircraft Targets ?Lebanese Spy Facility ?
Arab Baby Clings to Life after Heart Transplant from Israeli
Serbian Woman Saves Jews, Years Later, Descendants Told to Leave Israel
An Israeli Wedding Between an Arab and a Jew newsletter: 18fx1017.txt
Man Shot Driving Tractor Toward Israeli Ambassador's House
The US Designates Lebanon's Hizbullah a 'Transnational Crime Organization'
Trump Plan Includes Unification of Judea, Samaria with Gaza
BDS and the Democratic Party's Values
'The Time has Come to Open up the Israeli Film Industry' newsletter: 18fx1018.txt
Be'er Sheva Mom Saves her Kids as Grad Missile Destroys House
Hareidi Rabbi: 'Torah Study Eliminates Need for Smoke Detectors' newsletter: 18fx1019.txt
Israel Surprised Iron Dome Didn't React to Palestinian Upgraded Missile Attack on Two Major Cities
Could Lightning have Caused Missile to Fire at Be'er Sheva?
US Student Wins Court Appeal to Study in Israel
Christian Graves Desecrated in Central Israel
'Missing Saudi Journalist had 'Bloodlust' against Israel'
Farrakhan Compares Jews to Termites and Says Jews are `Stupid'
British Couple Facing Trial for Naming Son after Adolf Hitler
El Al Says its Flight Crews Refuse to Eat In-Flight Meals newsletter: 18fx1022.txt
Jordan Shocks Jerusalem, Downgrades Peace Treaty with Israel
Israel Fears Trump will Recognize Jerusalem as Palestinian Capital
Report: Iran Sends Hizbullah Technology to Upgrade ?Missile Accuracy
Poll: Public Believes Israeli Government Disparaging US Jews
Documents Proving Yemenite Immigrants' Property Theft Revealed
Man who Foiled Nazi Nuclear Plan Dies at 99 newsletter: 18fx1023.txt
Trump Prepared to Pressure Netanyahu with Peace Plan
Jordan Rules Out Negotiations with Israel
Iranian Official Threatens to Raze Tel Aviv and Haifa
Rivlin Calls for `Reverse Birthright' to Tighten Israel-Diaspora Bond
Mussolini's Granddaughter under Fire for Threatening Tweet
Thousands of Documents Reveal How Argentina Supported the Nazis newsletter: 18fx1024.txt
Defense Minister Liberman: `Only Most Powerful Blow' Will Stop Palestinian Arson Terror
Israel Says Macron will Unveil French Peace Plan if Trump Doesn't Reveal America's
Jewish Agency Head to Unveil Plan to Teach Hebrew Worldwide
Israel says Gaza Rocket that Leveled Be'er Sheva Home was Fired by Accident
Racist and Anti-Semitic Robocall Targets Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Gillum
Turo, the Airbnb of Car-Sharing, Gets Rolling in Israel newsletter: 18fx1025.txt
`Enemies of Christianity': Palestinian Archbishop Blasts Pro-Israel Evangelicals
Netanyahu: Hamas Would `Kill Abbas in 2 Minutes' Without Israel's Protection
Netanyahu: 'I Want Israel to be the Home of Every Jew'
Democratic Congressional Candidate in New York: `Israel is Not a Jewish Democracy'
Canada Regrets Turning Away Jews, in 1939, Sailing on the St. Louis
Eisenkot: Someday the IDF will be Under One Cyber Command newsletter: 18fx1026.txt
Lara Alqasem's Father Identified as a `Raging Anti-Semite,' David Duke Supporter
4-Year-Old Drowns in Negev Flash Flood
Holocaust institute Ends Poland Trips over 'Holocaust Law'
CBS to Produce Israeli Thriller Featuring 'Fauda' Actors
The Fast Train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv Isn't Fast and Doesn't Go to Tel Aviv. I Took It So You Don't Have to newsletter: 18fx1029.txt
Bowers Faces 29 Charges for Pittsburgh Synagogue Mass Murder
British Lawmaker Blames Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting on Israel
Oman Says It's Time to Accept Israel in Region
Never Again newsletter: 18fx1030.txt
Palestinians: Don't Kill American Jews, Only Israeli Jews
Rabbi Riskin: US Jews, Move to Israel
Days After Truce Reached, Islamic Jihad Threatens to Pound Israel
In Europe, Synagogues are Protected Like Fortresses newsletter: 18fx1031.txt
Protests Meet Trumps in Pittsburgh
Chief Rabbi Defends Omitting Word 'Synagogue' from Pittsburgh Remarks
Messianic 'Rabbi' Raises Ire at Vigil for Pittsburgh Victims
Jewish Refugee Agency in Spotlight After Synagogue Massacre
Computer Game Mocks Sending Jews to Gas Chambers
Israeli Film Dropped from Iraqi Kurdish Festival Competition
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