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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 18fx0801.txt
Syrian Government Retakes Golan Heights Frontier with Israel
Two Druze Israeli Army Officers Resign over Nation-State Law
Did Researchers Just Solve the Jonah and the Whale Puzzle?
British Lawmaker Suspended by Labour Party Admits to Facebook Post Saying Jews Drink Blood Labeled Jerusalem as an `Israeli Settlement' newsletter: 18fx0802.txt
Netanyahu: If Iran Tries to Block Bab al-Mandeb, It will Face a Coalition with Israel in Full Military Array
Report: Iran to Begin Major Exercise in the Persian Gulf
IDF: Hizbullah Likely to Replace ISIS on Israel's Northern Border
Israel Prefers Old F-15s to F-35s
Canadian Postal Workers Align with Pro-Terrorism Palestinian Union
Following Outrage, Netflix Nixes Plan to Air Laudatory Louis Farrakhan Documentary
Huckabee Considers Buying a Home in Judea and Samaria newsletter: 18fx0803.txt
Israel Kills 7 ISIS Terrorists in Overnight Strike on Syrian Golan
Israelis Tickled by Sacha Baron Cohen's Grotesque Caricature
Caving to Pressure, Tunisia to Host 7-Year-Old Israeli Chess Whiz newsletter: 18fx0806.txt
Abbas to Dissolve Palestinian Authority, Revoke Recognition of Israel – Urges Hamas to Join Harsh New Line
Arab Media: Syrian Scientist Killed in Mysterious Blast
What Could a US-Iran Meeting Mean for Israel?
Five-Year Drought Raises Questions over Israel's Water Strategy
Tens of Thousands of Druze and Their Supporters Rally Against Nation-State Law
Book Claiming Holocaust Victims Didn't `Tap Into' Inner Strength Required Reading at University of North Carolina newsletter: 18fx0807.txt
Trump Increases Staff for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Team
Will Incendiary Kites Spread to the West Bank?
Iraqi National Soccer Team Visits Temple Mount
Osama Bin Laden's Son Marries 9/11 Hijacker's Daughter newsletter: 18fx0808.txt
Intelligence Official: Mossad Behind Syrian Scientist's Death
PA Demands Full Authority in Gaza
Kuwait Airways Pays Damages to Israeli Barred from Flight
Harry Potter is Buried in Israel newsletter: 18fx0809.txt
Israel Pounds Hamas after 17 Injured in 70-Rocket Barrage
Birthright Co-Founder Charles Bronfman: If Young Jews want to Criticize Israel, They Should Pay Their Own Way
Israeli Prison to Join Armageddon's List of Ancient Ruins newsletter: 18fx0810.txt
IAF Levels Hamas Security HQ after Be'er Sheva Hit
Warning: Hamas App Targeting Israelis
Iran Tightening the Noose Around Israel (Analysis)
Iman's Son Teaches Children to Commit School Shootings newsletter: 18fx0813.txt
Netanyahu on Nation-State Protest: 'They Want to Turn Israel into Palestine'
Gaza Riots Leader: `We Have Lost the Battle for Public Opinion'
Education Ministry to Train Israel's High Schoolers to be 'Hackers'
Yemenite Children: All Materials to be Declassified
Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation warns Netanyahu: Israel Might Not be Able to Host 2019 Eurovision newsletter: 18fx0814.txt
Israel Now Has a Supersonic Air-Launched Ballistic Missile and Why Iran Should Worry.
While IAI didn't specify the new weapon's reach, a similar but larger Russian weapon reportedly can strike targets as far as 1,200 miles away. It's reasonable to assume Rampage can travel hundreds of miles.
Researchers: Radioactive Sheep Bolster Nuclear Weapon Test Claim against Israel
Be Fruitful and Multiply: Israeli Women Comply
Denmark Won't Ban Circumcision
Israeli Breakthrough Could End Cancer Recurrence
EBU: Eurovision to Take Place in Israel as Planned newsletter: 18fx0815.txt
Nasrallah: We're Stronger than the IDF and Will Soon be Victorious in Syria
Hamas Using Honeypots to Target Israeli Soldiers on Instagram
Support for 2-State Solution Hits New Low for Israelis, Palestinians
Blocked by Israel for Years, Palestinian Mail Finally Arrives
Father of the Year Nominee: Chabad Rabbi Chaim Bruk newsletter: 18fx0816.txt
Officials: 'No One will be Fully Pleased' with Trump Peace Plan
Finance ?Minister Reveals ?Israel is Worth 17.6 Trillion Shekels
Malaysian Prime Minister Defends His Right to be Anti-Semitic
Survey Hints Rumors That Amazon is Opening an Israeli Warehouse May be Correct newsletter: 18fx0817.txt
Cannabis-flavored ice cream? This Israeli is helping pioneer the product. newsletter: 18fx0818.txt
Egyptian Intelligence Chief in Israel to Finalize Gaza Truce
US Ambassador: `No Reason to Evacuate' Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria
Former Jordanian Minister's `Peace Plan': Kick the Jews Out of Israel
Israeli Treatment Freezes Cancerous Tumors, Eliminating Need for Surgery
Cannabis-Flavored Ice Cream? newsletter: 18fx0820.txt
Abbas Calls to Step Up `Popular Resistance' Against Israel
The residents, the Jahalin Bedouin, are an offshoot of a larger tribe based in southern Israel in the Arad region. After a blood feud broke out within the tribe, some of the families were forced out and migrated north through the Judean desert, arriving and settling in their present location after the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Their battle for the land is part of a PA and European Union-orchestrated program of creating strategically located outposts that undermine the basis of the Oslo Accords.
Israel Closes Gaza Border Crossing
Trump Tells King Abdullah: Without a Deal, Israel will End Up with 'Muhammad' as Prime Minister
Unopened Letter Sent to Anne Frank's father in 1942 up for Auction
Spying Seagull—the New Enemy of the Arab Nation newsletter: 18fx0821.txt
Bolton's Israel Visit Rounds off US, Israeli Readiness Matched by Iran for a Showdown in Syria
Israel Loosens Gun Laws for Army Combat Veterans
Muslims at Hajj Blame Arab Disunity for Jerusalem Embassy Move
Questioning of US Jews at Israeli Border Exposes Deeper Rift
PepsiCo to buy Israel's SodaStream for $3.2 billion newsletter: 18fx0822.txt
Report: Trump to Introduce Mideast Peace Plan at ?UN General Assembly
Senior Turkish Official Claims 'Jewish Bankers' Run the World
US Deports Former Nazi Prison Guard Back to Germany
Two Iranians Indicted for Spying on Chabad House in Chicago
Attack on New Israel Fund Charges It Brainwashes Orthodox Jews in Plot to Undermine Israel's Jewish Character newsletter: 18fx0823.txt
Senior Iranian Cleric Threatens to Attack Israel if US Strikes Iran
Bolton: Israel Won't Have to Make Concessions in Exchange for Embassy Move
Woman Attempts Suicide, Court Overturns Divorce Agreement newsletter: 18fx0824.txt
Iraqi Shiite Militia Heavily Bombed on Syrian-Iraqi Highway, First Major Assault on Soleimani's Forces
UN Urges Israel Not to Hold Gaza Aid `Hostage' to Politics
IDF: Gaza Terrorist Worked for Doctors Without Borders
Trump Tweets a White Nationalist Talking Point and is Skewered by the ADL
Fatah Leader: Israel is Offering Hamas an Airport Near Eilat newsletter: 18fx0827.txt
Arab Knesset Members and Palestinians Jointly Seek to Censure Israel at U.N.
US Cuts More Than $200 Million in Aid to Palestinians
Lithuania Admits its Citizens Murdered Jews during Holocaust
Rabbi Denounces WhatsApp: 'Destroying the World' newsletter: 18fx0828.txt
Israel Buys New Precision Rocket Arsenal to 'Cover Entire Region'
Hizbullah Builds Mock Israel Village to Train Invasion Forces
Iran Claims Control of Strait of Hormuz
American Jewish Group Lobbies for Pakistan's Anti-Semitic, Pro-Jihad Prime Minister newsletter: 18fx0829.txt
Israel Vows to Confront Iran in Syria with `Full Determination'
Trump Anoints Jordan
Hamas Women's Cell in Hebron Exposed
Newly-Released Documents Reveal British Authorities Ignored the Rise of Anti-Semitism in WWII
Ben Kingsley: 'I Wanted to Nail Eichmann to Gates of Auschwitz' newsletter: 18fx0830.txt
Netanyahu: Amazing Rapprochement Ongoing Between Israel and Arab Countries
Iran Claims It Recruited Minister from `Hostile Government,' Possibly Referring to Israel
Pew Study: Nearly Half of US Jews Don't Identify with Organized Religion
American Students Go Back to School with Israeli Bulletproof Backpacks
Who Were the Jews of the Titanic? newsletter: 18fx0831.txt
Hamas Leader Threatens Israel with 'Six Months' of Rockets on Tel Aviv
Facebook Deletes Auschwitz Photo for Nudity; Later Apologizes to Anne Frank Center for Decision.
Map Hack Renames New York 'Jewtropolis'
Blue-Eyed Immigrants Transformed Ancient Israel 6,500 Years Ago
The scientists also discovered that genetic diversity increased within groups over time, while genetic differences between groups decreased; this is a pattern that typically emerges in populations after a period of human migration, according to the researchers.
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