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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 18fx0702.txt
IDF Boosts Golan Lines with Tank, Artillery and Rocket Units
Palestinians Plot Massive Protest Against Trump Peace Plan
German Spy Agency Admits Employing Himmler's Daughter in 1960s
Jewish Man Survived World War II -- in Axis-Era Japan
The war came home in 1944, when the Japanese military evacuated the coastline and sent his family to live in Tokyo, where they endured heavy American bombing. Shapiro's family had to run frequently to air raid shelters and pump water by themselves to put out fires. A Russian immigrant friend of his was killed in a bombing. "It was frightening because Tokyo was burning," Shapiro said. "The bombs fell all around us." newsletter: 18fx0703.txt
Moscow Distorts 1974 Golan Disengagement Deal Invoked by Israel
Syrian Rebels of Tafas Go Over to ISIS, Spark Battles Closer to Quneitra
Gaza Terrorists Breach Israeli Border; IDF Opens Fire, Killing One
Iranian General: Israel Stealing Iran's clouds
Jewish Leader: Over 40% of Young Germans Don't Know What Auschwitz Is
Happy Entebbe Day newsletter: 18fx0704.txt
Report: Israel Attacks Iranian Weapons Depot in Syria
Hamas' Incendiary Toys Fly as Far as Jerusalem Hills
Hamas Lures IDF Soldiers into Cyber Traps with Facebook, Dating Apps
An Israeli Wrestler Calls Himself `The Chutzpah' and Europe Loves to Hate Him
US Court: Teen Murdered by Hamas Partially to Blame Because He Traveled in Judea newsletter: 18fx0705.txt
Israeli Officials Celebrate July 4: 'Much to be Thankful For'
Shas Knesset Member: Earthquake Caused by Reform, Conservative Jews
Einstein Letter on Rise of Nazis Sold at Auction newsletter: 18fx0706.txt
Report: Russian Airstrikes Creep Toward Golan, Rebels Reject Surrender
IDF Deploys Iron Dome Batteries in the South
Mossad Recovers Watch of Israeli National Hero Eli Cohen from Syria
Max Fuchs, US Soldier Who Led Historic Jewish Service in Germany during WWII, Dies at 96
'Fiddler on the Roof' in Yiddish Opens Off-Broadway newsletter: 18fx0709.txt
Syrian Media Report Israel Air Strike on T-4 Airbase
Amid Fury, Israel Incorporates Poland's Role in Holocaust into Auschwitz Trips
Four Cave-Trapped Thai Boys Rescued with Israeli Technology
Study states Anne Frank's Family's US Visa Applications Were Lost, Not Rejected.
Meet the Uber of Tefillin newsletter: 18fx0710.txt
Islamic Jihad Threatens Revenge as Israel Closes Gaza Border Crossing
Estimate: 80,000 buildings in Danger of Collapsing in the Face of Earthquake
Watchdog Group: United Nations Ignores Anti-Semitism, De-Judaizes Holocaust newsletter: 18fx0711.txt
Israel Plans to Plant its Flag on the Moon
Iran's Regional Proxies 'Awaiting Orders to ?Eradicate Evil Israel'
Report: More than 2 Million Israelis Defenseless in Case of ?Missile Attack
Muslim Democratic Congressional Candidate Calls Israel `Apartheid Regime'
Letter by Martin Luther Calling Jews `Devils Incarnate' is Up for Auction
French Jewish Family Told to Remove Mezuzah Outside Apartment newsletter: 18fx0712.txt
After Netanyahu-Putin Summit, Israel Must Decide on a War with Iran in Syria
Report: Israel Attacked in Syria
Dozens of Syrians Cross into Israel for Doctors' Appointments newsletter: 18fx0713.txt
Report: Eli Cohen's Remains to be Returned to Israel: Widow: They're Trying to Deceive Us
Report Reveals More and More Senior Citizens are Making Aliyah
Police Arrest 3 Suspects in Kidnapping of Arab Boy
IDF Transfers CARE Packages to Syrians Fleeing Offensive Regime
Did Yad Vashem snub a Japanese Holocaust Savior? newsletter: 18fx0716.txt
Amid War Preparedness, Israel Announces Nationwide Military Drills
Velayati's words are significant in three respects: Since Iraqi militias are fighting with the Syrian army in the southwestern province of Daraa – and are scheduled to move with them on to the Quneitra region – a decision to oust Iran and its proxies from Syria rests not only with Damascus and Tehran, but also with Baghdad.
Israel Conducts Largest Airstrike on Gaza Since 2014
Youths Ditch Birthright Trip, Visit Arab Family Facing Eviction
The Lost Jewish Tribes of Japan newsletter: 18fx0717.txt
Damascus TV: Syrian Forces Take Strategic Hill Overlooking Israeli-controlled Golan Heights
Israel Strikes Two Hamas Posts in Response to Incendiary Aerial Devices
Proving Itself to Iran, Hamas is Deliberately Playing with Fire
Poland Honors Satirist who Said Jews Create Anti-Semitism
New Terror Tactic: Bird Sent with Flammable Substance over Gaza Border newsletter: 18fx0718.txt
Israel Warns Syrians Away From Frontier as Assad Closes In
With IDF Poised to Strike Hamas, Is Israel's Northern Front Forgotten?
Historians Accuse Croatia of Covering up WWII War Crimes
Ehud Barak Worried Israel Becoming 'Messianic State'
Palestinians Donate to Establish Synagogue in Memory of Terror Victim
`Facebook Law' Would Allow Israeli Government to Block Social Media Content newsletter: 18fx0719.txt
Secret Helsinki Deal: US & Israel Hand Russia Controlling Role Along Syria's Israeli, Jordanian Borders
US Report: Only 20,000 Palestinian `Refugees' in the World, Not 5.1 Million
Netanyahu Nixes Vote on 'Facebook Bill'
Austrian State Mulls Limiting Kosher Meat Sale Only to Registered Jews
Did Birthright Give In to Terrorism?
Jordanian Reporter: 'Earthquakes are an Attempt to Destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque' newsletter: 18fx0720.txt
Quneitra Falls to Syrian Army. Damascus: 1974 Accord Permits Syrian Air Flights over Israel's Golan Border
Knesset Passes Highly Controversial Nation-State Law
Palestinians Slam Saudi Documentary about Israel's Founding
Conservative Rabbi Recounts Arrest over Prohibited Marriage
Austria Downplays Fears over Proposed Jewish Registry newsletter: 18fx0723.txt
Syria: 4 Israeli Fighter Jets Strike a Military Site in Northwestern Syria, Breakdown of Russian-Israeli `Understandings' for S. Syria, Israel will Strike Iranian Targets
Israel Evacuates 422 Syrian Civilians from War Zone to Jordan
LGBT Demonstrators Block Major Tel Aviv Highway in Start of Nationwide Strike to Protest Surrogacy Law
Pregnant Israelis Get to Skip to the Front of the Line
Law for Rabbinical Courts to Hear Non-Israeli Divorce Cases Approved
Arab Men BBQ in Tunisian Jewish Cemetery newsletter: 18fx0724.txt
Putin's Top Officials Sent to Jerusalem after DEBKAfile Disclosed His Rift with Netanyahu
Israel Deploys David's Sling Anti-Missile System against Stray Syrian Rockets
PLO Secretary-General: Nation-State Law Destroys Two-State Solution
Entire Western Wall is a `Danger Zone', Archaeologist Says
Celebrating 70 years of Aliyah with 700 Olim newsletter: 18fx0725.txt
IDF Patriot Missiles Down Syrian Fighter Jet Penetrating into Israeli Airspace
An Israeli David's Sling Missile Falls into Russian and Syrian Hands
IDF behaved differently for four reasons; The David Sling's launch team may not have discovered the location of the drop site. The Air Force only slowly grasped what had happened. By the time the second missile was known not to have self-destructed, it was too late to recover. It had almost certainly been carried off by Russian or Syrian helicopter. Israel decided that its recovery was not worth the risk of a major clash with Russia and Syria.
Syrian Terrorist Attacks Abroad Likely in Lieu of Direct Clash with ?Israel
Poll: Israel Not an Important Partner for US Democrats
Israel's NIS 30 Billion Plan to Thwart Missile Strikes
Karlie Kloss Converts to Judaism, Gets Engaged to Joshua Kushner
Amazon Resumes Free Shipping for Israeli Buyers newsletter: 18fx0726.txt
Israeli Minister Sees Gaza-Style Measures for US-Mexico Border
Two Missiles from Syrian Battle Drop into Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)
Israel Kills 3 Palestinians in Gaza After Israeli Troops Came Under Fire
Jewish Heiress Clare Bronfman Arrested for Involvement in Alleged Sex Cult
US Politician Resigns After Fake `Mossad' Scene with Sacha Baron Cohen
Report Finds Tel Aviv Among 5 Most Expensive Airbnb Cities newsletter: 18fx0727.txt
Russia Thanks Israel for Striking ISIS Targets in Syria
Authorities Weigh Replacing Stone that Fell Out of Western Wall
Abbas' Fatah: Israel Planning to Destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque
Netanyahu Discusses 'Druze Needs' over Nationality Law Protest
Romanian Minister Compares Killing Sick Pigs to Auschwitz
Israel Risks Falling Behind on Inflation in Bid to Weaken Shekel newsletter: 18fx0730.txt
Palestinian Protest Icon Released from Israeli Prison, 'Resistance Continues,' Declares Palestinian Teen
Arab Teens Enter Israel with Machine Guns
Israeli Forces Raid Al-Aqsa Mosque after Clashes
Here's How Birthright Guides Talk about the Palestinians newsletter: 18fx0731.txt
Trump's Envoy-at-Large: Binyamin Netanyahu
Incendiary Balloon Lands near Be'er Sheva's Soroka Hospital
Protesters Demand Government Bring Remaining Ethiopian Jews to Israel
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