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Senior IDF Official: Israel at Closest Point to War Since 2014
Red Cross Boosting Medical Aid to Terrorists in Gaza
Ahead of Lieberman's Moscow Talks, Hizbullah troops Positioned at Israeli Border Disguised in Syrian Uniforms
Study: Many European Christians Would Not Accept Jews as Family Members
Israel Reportedly Will Not Recognize Uganda's Jewish Community
Israel Bars Indonesian Tourists
Grandson of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef to Marry Boyfriend
Netanyahu: This May Surprise You - But I Think Iranians are Brilliant newsletter: 18fx0604.txt
IDF Discovers Kite with Explosive Device
IDF Pounds Terror Targets after Rocket Fire; Gazans Breach Israeli Border
Ten Steps for Restoring the IDF's Deterrence against Hamas Terror
Danes Seek to Limit Male Circumcision to Those 18 and Older
'New Testament' - in Yiddish?
Iraqi Leader: Jews Can Return to Iraq newsletter: 18fx0605.txt
Netanyahu, Merkel Agree Iran A Concern for Israel's Security
'Negev Under Threat, and Not Just from Gaza'
Younger Evangelicals Waver in Support for Israel
History of Mossad Assassinations will Become HBO TV Show newsletter: 18fx0606.txt
Israel Foils Syrian Plot to Assassinate Netanyahu
US-Israeli Strike on Iranian Nuclear Facilities Comes Closer as Iran Readies Increase in Uranium Enrichment
MSNBC Host: Ahmadinejad was Right, Israel Shouldn't Exist
How a Finnish Kibbutz Became a Center for Messianic Jews newsletter: 18fx0607.txt
US to Boost its Military Presence in Israel, Top Up Israel's Advanced Arsenal
Israel's Navy Trains for Hizbullah Attack on Offshore Infrastructures
Dallas-Area Church Targets 'Dangerous Isms,' Such as Judaism
Emails of Over 92 Million Users Stolen from Genealogy Company MyHeritage newsletter: 18fx0608.txt
Israeli Air Force on Top Alert for Palestinian Rocket Fire on Last Ramadan Friday
Netanyahu Warns Assad `No Longer Immune' from IDF Attack
Bernie Sanders, Focusing on Foreign Policy, Blasts Israel on Gaza
New Jersey College Professor Shares Conspiracy Theories and Anti-Semitic Tropes newsletter: 18fx0611.txt
Sudden IDF Call-up of Reserves after Syria Announces Quneitra Offensive This Week
Survey Finds Differences Between American and Israeli Jews
Netanyahu Offers to Save 'Countless' Iranian Lives with Israeli Water Tech
Twitter Punishes Farrakhan Following Anti-Semitic Rant
Iraqi Man Extradited to Germany for Murder, Rape of Jewish Teen
Couple Celebrates 71st Wedding Anniversary by Making Aliyah newsletter: 18fx0612.txt
Israel, US, Arab states Unite to Battle Iran, Palestinians Out in the Cold
Israel Replies to North Korean FM's Insult
Iran's Top Leader Seeks to Clarify Position on Israel
Quicken Loans Makes it Kosher for Orthodox Jews to Take Out a Mortgage
Israel's Sea of Galilee to Get Desalinated Sea Water Top-Up
Israeli Play Encouraging Peace Wins 10 Tonys newsletter: 18fx0613.txt
Hizbullah to be Outlawed in Britain
IDF to Reduce Supply of Helium to Gaza Strip
Zionist Union Leader: Western ?Wall Does Not Belong Only to Jews
Bennett: Future of US Jewry Keeps Me Up at Night
Poll: Most Haredi Rabbis in Israel Use the Internet
What Does God Look Like? Study Shows Political Differences newsletter: 18fx0614.txt
UN Votes to Condemn Israel Over Gaza
IDF Parachutes into Europe, First Time Since Hannah Senesh
Here's What the Trump-Kim Summit Could Mean for Israel and Iran
Iran Rejects Israeli Water Tech Offer: Mind Your Own Business
Pope: `Never Forget the Shoah'
Former Miss Iraq Visits Israel Following Selfie Episode newsletter: 18fx0615.txt
Gaza Palestinian Group: On Friday we will Launch 5,000 Incendiary Kites and Balloons at Israel
Netanyahu: Iran has Brought 80,000 Shiite Fighters into Syria
Winds of War as Iran Axis Prepares for Golan Offensive
Israel Unveils Kamikaze Drone Designed to Hit Complex Targets
Bedouin Boy Spits on Jewish Baby - and his Mother Laughs newsletter: 18fx0618.txt
Israel Foils Hamas Plot to Bomb Jerusalem, Tel Aviv
Israel Strikes Launchers of Burning Kites from Gaza Strip
US Justice Department Backs Jewish Congregation in Synagogue Zoning Battle
El Al to Launch Flight School in the US
Serial Sperm Donor's Samples Reportedly Banned in Israel newsletter: 18fx0619.txt
Syria Claims 38 Troops Killed in Air Strike Near Abu Kamal
Israel Says It Won't Attack Palestinians Using Kite Bombs
Israeli Bill Seeks Ban on Photographing Soldiers
Former Israeli Lawmaker Arrested as Alleged Spy for Iran
Joe Lieberman: Distance Between Progressive Jews and Israel Worrying
Netanyahu's Water Tech Offer Draws Wave of Iranian Support newsletter: 18fx0620.txt
Trump Pledges Not to Pressure Israel on Nuclear Issue
Five Rockets Fired Toward Israel
Former Security Agents: More Spies are Probably Still at Large
New Law Allows Secular Jews to Refuse to Work on Shabbat
`The Catcher Was a Spy:' Jewish Baseball Player Turned Nazi Hunter newsletter: 18fx0621.txt
Palestinian Rockets, Israeli Airstrikes Heat Up Gaza Border
Gaza War Front Cannot be Detached from Israel's Syrian Arena
By DEBKAfile
Rabbis in Russia Fall Victim to Anti-Missionary Law
Miami's Most Jewish Neighborhood is Home to an `Aggressively' Un-Kosher Deli newsletter: 18fx0622.txt
Hundreds Protest: 'Ask Forgiveness from Yemenite Families'
Israel's Response to Gaza Terror will Intensify, Prime Minister Warns
UNESCO Dumps Anti-Israel Resolutions Ahead of Bahrain Meeting
Netanyahu's Wife Charged with Fraud, Breach of Trust
The Number of People Deemed Not Jewish Enough to Marry in Israel has Doubled over 7 Years
It's About to Get Easier for Israelis to Get U.S. Work Visas newsletter: 18fx0625.txt
Kushner: U.S Peace Plan will be Public if Abbas Doesn't `Come Back to the Table'
Israel Fires Patriot Missile at Drone from Syria
Israel Promoting Railway Linking Haifa to Saudi Arabia
Trump: Evangelicals More Appreciative Than Jews of Embassy Move
New Bill Proposal Promises 1,500 NIS Fine for Paying for Sex newsletter: 18fx0626.txt
Syria Launches Comprehensive Assault on Daraa. Quneitra Next Under Threat
Palestinian Authority: No Arab Pressure to Accept Trump's Peace Plan
Report: Israel Steps Up Attacks on ISIS in Sinai
Iranians Protest Dwindling Economy, Shout 'Death to Palestine'
Presbyterian Church Calls Israel `Apartheid State'
El Al CEO: Passengers Refusing to Sit Next to Another Passenger will be Immediately Removed from the Jet newsletter: 18fx0627.txt
Israeli Jets Strike Iranian Cargo Plane Unloading Munitions in Damascus
Israeli Defense Minister Encourages Iranian Protesters: `Where Is All Your Money Going?'
Cyprus Weighing Israel's Gaza Port Request
Prince William Honors Holocaust Victims in Historic Israel Visit
Last Opportunity for Heirs of Polish Jews to Claim Restitution
World's Northernmost JCC Opens in Russian Arctic City newsletter: 18fx0628.txt
Up to 35 Hamas Rockets Fired from Gaza – Not 12 as the IDF Claimed. Balloons Set 25 Fires
Gaza Terrorists Warning: 'Israel's Aggression will Open the Gates of Hell'
Poland Changes its Controversial Holocaust Law
Luxury Manhattan Apartment Registered in Netanyahu's Name Raises Questions
Belgian Model Poses Nude in Front of Western Wall Plaza newsletter: 18fx0629.txt
At Putin Summit, Trump to Give Israel `Green Light' to Attack Iran in Syria
Contrary to Russian Pledges, Iranian-Hizbullah Forces Join Syria's South Offensive
Israel Said to Fortify Nuclear Reactors Against Missile Strikes
Jewish Girls Ditch Birthright Trip to Join Far-Left Group
National Review Columnist Defends the Spanish Inquisition
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