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Netanyahu Reveals Iran's Secret Nukes, Says Trump will `Do Right Thing'
Massive Weapons Cache Bombed in Syria, 26 Dead Including 18 Iranians, Attack Reportedly Smashed 200 Missiles Destined for Hizbullah
American-Israeli Teen who Made Bomb Threats Against JCCs Allegedly Threatens Israeli Schools from Prison
I'm a Poor Jew, Yes We Exist newsletter: 18fx0502.txt
Mossad Operation Exposed Iran's Clandestine Nuclear Archive
Report: U.S. Officials Say Israel Preparing for War with Iran in Syria
Israel to Shift West Bank Power Supply to Palestinian Authority newsletter: 18fx0503.txt
Only a Fragment of Iran's Atomic Archives Released. Trump Awaits More for his May 12 Decision and Jerusalem Visit
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu disclosed just a fraction of the purloined Iranian Atomic Archive in his presentation on Tuesday. More than 60% of the 100,000 files are still unread, DEBKAfile's intelligence sources reveal.
New Details Emerge on Daring Mossad Operation in Iran
Flaming Kites from Gaza Cause Major Damage to Israeli Farms
An incendiary kite flown Wednesday from the Gaza Strip by Palestinian terrorists caused a huge fire in the Be'eri Forest in southern Israel that continued to rage into the evening. No casualties were reported. The conflagration is the biggest to have erupted since Palestinians in the strip began flying the incendiary kites across the border.
NASA Technology Helps Decipher Hidden Fragment of Dead Sea Scrolls newsletter: 18fx0507.txt
Report: Iran Planning to Launch Missile Barrage Against Israel
Ex-Defense Minister: Israel Nearly Shot Down Russian Plane
Israel Reaches Out, Via Facebook, to Iraqi Citizens newsletter: 18fx0508.txt
Extraordinary Western Military Movements in Middle East
Defense Ministry Reveals PA is Paying Terrorists Millions of Dollars
Rabbis Secretly Visit Tunisia
Where's the `Nazi Grandma'? Holocaust Denier, 89, is a No-Show at Prison.
Israeli Researchers Find Male Fruit Flies Find Ejaculation Pleasurable newsletter: 18fx0509.txt
Report: Iranian Missiles Aimed at Israel Targeted in Damascus Base Strike
Netanyahu: Israel `Fully Supports' US Exit from `Disastrous' Iran Deal
New Terror Tactic: Balloon Bombs Strike Israeli Communities Near Gaza Border
Tourists Say They Are Not Afraid of Iran's Missile Threats newsletter: 18fx0510.txt
Golan under Iranian Attack. Al Quds Units Launch 20 Rockets at IDF Positions
Amid Renewed Talk of War, Israelis are Keeping Calm and Carrying On
Documents Reveal Roosevelt Wanted Jews `Spread Thin' and Kept Out of USA newsletter: 18fx0511.txt
Israel's Air Force carried out the most extensive operation in Syria since 1974, striking over 50 Iranian targets in Syria following a missile barrage towards the Jewish State.
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An expert says the findings reflect both nationalistic and practical feelings.
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Jerusalem Marks 51th Anniversary as Israel's United Capital. Large US Delegation Arrives for Embassy Dedication
IDF Braces for Violence in Gaza, West Bank Ahead of Embassy Move
Study Claims Poles Fatally Betrayed Most of Country's Jews in Hiding from Nazis
Israeli Wins Eurovision Song Contest, Says `I Love My Country' newsletter: 18fx0515.txt
Hamas Schedules Palestinian Riots in Jerusalem, West Bank on Tuesday
"The responsibility for these tragic deaths rests squarely with Hamas," White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah said. "Hamas is intentionally and cynically provoking this response and as the secretary of state (Mike Pompeo) said, Israel has a right to defend itself."
US Embassy Opens in Jerusalem
Why New US Embassy Isn't Entirely in Israel
Al-Qaida chief claims Tel Aviv is 'Muslim land'
Michele Bachmann Apologizes for Calling on Jews to Convert to Christianity
Pastor at Jerusalem Embassy Event said Jews, Mormons, and Muslims Going to Hell newsletter: 18fx0516.txt
Report: Iranian Group Offers $100,000 to Bomb US Embassy in Jerusalem
US Foils Anti-Israel Security Council Move over Deadly Gaza Riots
Ex-Mossad Official: Israel, U.S., Saudis Can Help Regime Change in Iran
'We'll Help the Terrorists Meet Their Virgins'
Scholars Restore Pages on Sexuality that Anne Frank Erased from Diary newsletter: 18fx0517.txt
Russian Heavy Golan-1000 Rocket Launchers for Assad, Kalibr Cruise Missiles Off Shore
Hamas Admits: 50 Terrorists among Gaza Dead
Gazans Mark 'Nakba' With Protests, Grief
Armageddon 101: The True History of the End of the World
Poll: On Trump, Israeli Jews are from Mars, American Jews are from Venus newsletter: 18fx0521.txt
Trump Middle East Peace Plan: Half West Bank for Palestinians, Abu Dis as Capital
Israel Builds 'World's Highest Anti-Missile Wall' Around New International Airport
Argentine Jews Seek Legal Action Against Teacher Who Praised Hitler
British Magazine Publishes Article Calling Nazis the Heroes of D-Day newsletter: 18fx0522.txt
Security Threat to 70th Anniversary Celebrations in New York
IDF Spokesman: Western Media Falls for Hamas' Lies
Israel to Host the Air Forces of the World
Germany's Nazi Hunters in Final Leg of Race Against Time
Startup Says It Is First to Copy Spider's Silk Spinning Process newsletter: 18fx0523.txt
Palestinians Ask ICC for 'Immediate' Probe Against Israel
US F-35 Stealth Plane Makes its Combat Debut with Israeli Air Force
Israeli Lawmakers Hope Trump will Ease Made-in-USA Rules for Military
Hasidic Group in Israel Turns to Crowdfunding to Build Synagogue
Anti-Semitic Items Sold on Amazon, eBay
Micronation's President Dies in Israel newsletter: 18fx0524.txt
US, Israeli Concerned about a Syrian-Hizbullah Buildup on Jordan's Border
Report: US May Recognize Israeli Sovereignty in Golan
Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Threatening Crucial Israeli-Owned Power Plant
The Impossible Burger is Now Kosher newsletter: 18fx0525.txt
Israel to UN Security Council: Iran is Still Testing Ballistic Missiles
If Iran Resumes Enrichment, the US and Israel Poised to Attack its Facilities
WWII-Era Polish Cardinal Who Was Hostile to Jews is on the Path to Sainthood
Israeli Breakthrough Could Lead to Cure for ALS newsletter: 18fx0528.txt
Report: Israel, Iran Engage in Indirect Negotiations over Syria Fighting
Explosive Drone Infiltrates Israel from Gaza
Has Trump Decided the PLO is Dead and Buried?
Abbas Caught Reading Anti-Semitic Newspaper
Book: Anne Frank May Have Been Betrayed by Jewish Collaborator newsletter: 18fx0529.txt
Terrorism by Palestinians That Wed Israelis are on the Rise
Russia Hints Iranian Army Should Not Stay on Israel's Border
TV Show Asking Kids to Tell Chief Rabbi, Iranian Leader Apart Sparks Ire
Chabad: 'To insult Wearing Tefillin in Israel? Sad' newsletter: 18fx0530.txt
IDF Attacks 25 Targets in Gaza
Israeli Navy Enforces Gaza Maritime Blockade, Stops Flotilla
UAE Newspaper: Hizbullah Chief's Net Worth is $250 Million, Mainly Thanks to Drugs
Thousands of Converts, Divorcees Face Non-Recognition by Chief Rabbinate newsletter: 18fx0531.txt
As Gaza Front Cools, Iran and Syria Move on Their Next Flashpoint – Quneitra in the Golan
Despite Alignment with Israel, Arab Powers Still Spreading Anti-Semitism
Netanyahu: We'll Hit Iran Anywhere in Syria
Eleanor Roosevelt Letter Defending Israel Up for Auction
Shoah-Era Postcards Delivered to Writer's Descendants, 75 Years Later
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