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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 18fx0402.txt
Israel Rejects Independent Probe into Deadly Violence Against Palestinian Protesters
Google Israel Introduces Hummus Taste Stick Cloud Technology- for April Fools' Day newsletter: 18fx0403.txt
New IDF Orders: Initiate Action in Gaza Instead of Letting Hamas Call the Shots
ZOA Head: `Arab Nazi-Like' Hamas Responsible for Violence on Gaza Border
Saudi Crown Prince: Israelis Have the Right to Their Own Land
Israel Suspends Plan to Deport Thousands of African Migrants
Rabbi: 'Tens of Millions Want to Return to Judaism' newsletter: 18fx0404.txt
Palestinian Protesters Use Mirrors in Attempt to Blind IDF Troops
The Ruling that Infuriated the Jordanians
Poll: 20% of Central, Eastern Europeans Don't Accept Jews as Fellow Citizens
What That Much-Hated Washington Post Essay Gets Wrong About Jewish Men
Tefillin Thrown in Garbage Found in Recycling Park newsletter: 18fx0405.txt
Mossad Chief '100% Certain' Iran Seeks Nuclear Bomb
Ten Palestinians Detained, Thwarting Plot to Attack Israeli Naval Ship
Gazans to Burn Thousands of Tires at Border
Pro-Palestinian Hacker Targets Dozens of Israeli Websites
Cynthia Nixon's Bid for NY Governor Sets Up a Clash over Israel newsletter: 18fx0406.txt
Former Qatar Prime Minister: Israelis Have Right to Live in Their Land
Ecological Disaster from 10,000 Burning Tires in Gaza
Iran: Negotiating with Israel Would be an 'Unforgivable Mistake'
Descendants of Nazis Organize Pro-Israel Marches Around the World
Iceland Welcomes its First Rabbi While Considering a Ban on Circumcision newsletter: 18fx0409.txt
Netanyahu: In Wake of Deadly Gaza Border Riots, Nazi Flags Waving
Israeli Chief Rabbi: Jews have `moral obligation' to end Syrian `genocide'
Amid Israel-Poland Tensions, Thousands to Attend March of the Living
Thousands Attracted to Jerusalem Fire Rite Celebrating Jesus' Resurrection newsletter: 18fx0410.txt
A court in Frankfurt ruled in November that Kuwait Airways was within its rights to refuse service to an Israeli citizen.
Jewish-American soldiers didn't just fight Nazis in WWII — they endured anti-Semitism newsletter: 18fx0411.txt
Iran Threatens Israel and `Its Masters' after Striking Syrian Airbase, Killing 7 Iranians
Israel on High Alert, Prepares for Possible Iranian Retaliation after Strike on Syrian Base
In Unusual Praise, Arab Social Media Users Laud Israel for 'Putting Iran in its Place'
Defense Minister Declares Slain Gaza Photojournalist 'Terrorist'
Palestinian Collaborator Claims Israel Refused him Residency
Jewish-American soldiers Didn't Just Fight Nazis in WWII — They Endured Anti-Semitism newsletter: 18fx0412.txt
Moscow and Tehran Link Up to Strike Israeli Targets in Response for US-Led Operation in Syria
Tehran's resolve to make Israel pay for its airborne missile attack on the T-4 air base was conveyed on April 11 by outing the 7 Revolutionary Guardsmen killed in the attack. Iran has never, in all seven years of its intervention in the Syria war, released its military casualties. But on Wednesday, for the first time, the Iranian Guards mouthpiece, the Tasnim News Agency, ran the names and photos of the seven members of its aerospace unit, who died in the airborne missile strike on the Iranian compound of the big T-4 bases it shares with the Russian and Syrian air forces. The agency also ran pictures of heavily damaged equipment.
'Israel is Capable of Bringing Down Assad'
Senior Security Officials: If Iran Acts Against Israel, We'll Topple Assad
World Jewish Population Numbers 14.5 Million as Israel Commemorates Holocaust
Jewish Ethiopian Teenager Came to Israel for a Bible Contest. His Promise to Leave Cost Thousands of Dollars.
How an Israeli Start-up Could Have Halted Mass Abuse of Facebook Data newsletter: 18fx0413.txt
Israeli Air Force Gives Tel Aviv a Scare as Syria Tensions Flare
Iranian General Threatens to 'Raze Tel Aviv to the Ground'
Rivlin: Many Poles Helped Carry Out Holocaust
The Evils of the Holocaust Demand that Each One of Us be a Lifesaver
Study: 22% of US Millennials Never Heard of the Holocaust newsletter: 18fx0416.txt
IDF Destroys Gaza Cross-Border Terror-Tunnel
IDF: Downed Iranian Drone was Armed to Attack Israel
Jewish Communities Worldwide to Mark Israel's 70th Independence Day
Ethiopian Jewish Bible Quiz Contestant Won't be Forced to Leave Israel newsletter: 18fx0417.txt
German Newspaper Accuses Jews of `Settling Arab Land' in Israel
PA Writer: Jews Colluded with Hitler newsletter: 18fx0418.txt
Iranian General: 'Date Set' for Israel's Destruction
Israel, Marking Annual Memorial Day, Comes to a Standstill
Birthright Founder Gives Middle Finger to Anti-Israel Protesters newsletter: 18fx0419.txt
Independence Day Terror Attack Thwarted
Israel at 70: How 1948 Changed American Jews
Seneca Nation Celebrates Israel's Independence Day
Anne Frank Exchanged Letters with a Young Girl from Iowa newsletter: 18fx0420.txt
Hizbullah's War of Words Telegraphs Iran's Message to Jerusalem
Is a Thick Gaseous Cloud Hiding Russia's First S-300 Delivery to Syria?
Poland Marks 75th Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Report: Haredim Demand UN troops Protect Meah Shearim
Do You Want to Join the Mossad? newsletter: 18fx0423.txt
Amid Tensions with Iran, Israel Pulls Fighter Jets from Drill in Alaska
Hamas Vows to Avenge Assassination of Drone Scientist in Malaysia
Report: Dozens of Neo-Nazis Serving in German Police, Army
European Rabbis: Jews Not Welcome in Iceland
Native American Chief Visits Samaria: 'A Great Honor' newsletter: 18fx0424.txt
Report: Trump Bluntly Asked Netanyahu Whether He Wants Peace
Justice Minister Vows to Help Bring Ethiopian Jews to Israel
Memoir of Jewish Boy Kidnapped by Inquisition Under Scrutiny
New Law Would Repeal All Rights of Non-Orthodox Converts
Scottish Man Fined $1,100 for Teaching Dog to Do Nazi Salute
Putin Eats Matzah Year Round, Says Russia's Chief Rabbi newsletter: 18fx0425.txt
Netanyahu: Israel Will Not Allow Regimes that Seek its Annihilation to Acquire Nuclear Weapons
Russia Ramps up Arms to Syria, Warns Israel of "Catastrophic" Price for Interfering
We May Hit Russian Systems in Syria, Israel Says After Threats of 'Catastrophic Consequences'
Opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem to Include Mezuzah Ceremony
How Hamas Sacrifices Arab Children to Attack Jews and Demonize Israel
Israeli Secret Service Ran Fake Luxury Beach Resort as Front for Smuggling Jewish Refugees from Sudan newsletter: 18fx0426.txt
US Intelligence: Arms Shipments from Iran into Syria May be Used Against Israel
Germany Agrees with Palestinians: Jerusalem Not Israel's Capital
2,000-plus Germans Attend Kippah Rallies in Berlin and Other Cities
Germany: Bavaria Orders Christian Crosses in State Buildings
Unprecedented: Haredi to Do National Service in the Mossad
Disobedience' Aims to Accurately Portray Lesbian Love in the Orthodox Jewish Community newsletter: 18fx0427.txt
Iran Converts Thousands of Hizbullah Missiles into Precision Weapons
Lieberman to Saudi-Owned Media: We will Bomb Tehran if Iran Attacks
10 Students Killed After Being Swept Away in Flash Flood
Iceland's Parliamentary Committee and Foreign Ministry Oppose Circumcision Law newsletter: 18fx0430.txt
Pompeo's Thumbs Up for Israel to Counter Russian-Backed Iranian Drive in Syria
US Army Chaplains Fire Only Jewish Religious Leaders on Base
A Jewish Future? Only in Israel
Officials: Trump `Seriously Considering' Letting Pollard Move to Israel
Tunisian Islamist Party's Jewish Candidate Gears for Elections
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