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Beirut Descends into an Iranian Orbit
Arab Reveal US Peace Plan: Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as Capital, Limited Sovereignty
Report: Israel, Other States Sought to Manipulate 'Naive' Kushner
1946 U.S. Document Reveals Poles Treated Jews as Badly as Germans Did
The Intelligence Research report, dated May 15, 1946, was distributed by the US Office of Intelligence Coordination and Liaison as a restricted document. It was declassified in 1983. It describes how anti-Semitism "reached such dimensions in the Polish Army under General Wladyslaw Andors that many Jewish soldiers felt compelled to desert those forces and seek enlistment with other Allied armies."
Polish Priest: Truth for Jews is Whatever's Beneficial to Them
Details of Thousands of Israeli Drug Dealers Exposed after App is Hacked newsletter: 18fx0302.txt
Israeli Defense Official Warns Iran is Playing with Fire
Israeli-American Teen Indicted for Bomb Threats, Hate Crimes
El Al to Fly Over Saudi Arabia?
Family of Rabbi's Murderer Gets Free Apartment
Purim Spiel: Gal Gadot Slated to Play Queen Esther newsletter: 18fx0305.txt
Trump, Putin, Netanyahu Try to Back Away From a Violent Clash in Syria
Iran, Mideast Peace Process on Agenda as Netanyahu Readies to Meet Trump
Marshall Islands, Israeli Startup Partner on First National Cryptocurrency
The Pacific nation of the Marshall Islands is partnering with Israeli startup Neema to introduce the world's first government-backed cryptocurrency. This week, the Marshall Islands passed the Declaration and Issuance of the Sovereign Currency Act, which declares "decentralized currency as legal tender of the Marshall Islands for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues." newsletter: 18fx0306.txt
Nuclear Iran, ME Peace and US Troops in Syria Aired in Trump-Netanyahu Talks
AIPAC Airs a Hearty Endorsement of the Two-State Solution
Farrakhan's Anti-Semitism Not an Issue for Democrat Congressman
Radical Haredi Sect Blasts Israel for 'Using' Holocaust Against Poles
Israeli Company Looks to Reunite Adoptees with Birth Parents newsletter: 18fx0307.txt
Netanyahu at AIPAC: `We Must Stop Iran! We Will Stop Iran!'
Former Argentine President to go on Trial for Allegedly Covering up Iranian Involvement in Jewish Center Bombing
Israel to Offer Military Personnel a Two-Year "Tech Leave"
Is a Disneyland Theme Park Coming to Israel? newsletter: 18fx0308.txt
Report: Israeli Officials Met with Saudi Prince to Discuss Normalization
Poll: Half of Israel's Arabs Don't Recognize Country's Right to Exist
IDF: Egyptian Counter-Terror Disrupting Israeli Communications
Who is King Cyrus, and why is Netanyahu comparing him to Trump?
Bill to Legalize Cannabis Usage Passes First Reading in Knesset
Russian Company Names an Ice Cream `Poor Jews' newsletter: 18fx0309.txt
Hizbullah Declares Emergency, Fears Surprise Israeli Attack
Israel, US Troops Train Together to Counter Missile Threats
Netanyahu Warns Israel May Face Early Elections
Tel Aviv Official: Chabad 'Missionaries' Need to be Banned
Farrakhan: Jews are Responsible for Stopping Black Advancement newsletter: 18fx0312.txt
Trump Administration Backs PLO in Terror Lawsuit, Angering Conservatives
Putin Suggests Russian Jews Behind US Election Tampering
Will the US and Israel Attack Syria Together?
Islamic Jihad Terrorist Accidentally Blows Himself Up in Gaza
Israeli Doctors Perform Complicated Delivery, Save Syrian Woman and her Baby
'These are Odd': Toronto Airport Agent Baffled by Tefillin newsletter: 18fx0313.txt
Israel Holds Nationwide Home Front Exercise Tuesday
Canadian White Supremacists Accuse Jews of Plotting 'White Genocide'
Knesset Committee Told Would-Be Converts Must Marry or Leave Partners
Israel's Marijuana Industry Forges Ahead Despite Government Stalemate on Export Plan
How `Never Again' Evolved from a Holocaust Slogan to a Universal Call for [Fill in the Blank] newsletter: 18fx0314.txt
US Intelligence Official Warns that an Israel-Hizbullah War Could Easily Draw in Iran
Palestinian Prime Minister Survives Assassination Attempt in Gaza
Ground Forces Go Into Action in Joint Israeli-US Exercise
Israel May be First Country to Approve Marijuana Vaporizer for Medical Use
Sign Israel's Declaration of Independence
Israeli Shepherdess Uses Modern Sheep Breed to Revive Ancient Shofar Sound newsletter: 18fx0315.txt
Stephen Hawking's Love-Hate Relationship with Israel
Florida's Orthodox Jews Make 11th Hour Push to Stop Year-Round Daylight Saving Time Bill
British Haredi Seminary Blasted for Censoring Textbooks
Israel National Trail Now Goes Through Your Computer newsletter: 18fx0316.txt
The IDF Prepares for All-0ut War
Saudi Prince Likens Iran's Ruler to Hitler
Gallup Poll Finds Americans' Favorable Views of Israel at 17-Year High
Israel to Build Light Rail Connection to West Bank Settlements
Author of `The Devil's Arithmetic' Has a New Young Adult Holocaust Novel newsletter: 18fx0319.txt
Israel Destroys Two Hamas Tunnels: One in Gaza, One Infiltrating Israel
Man Stabbed in Jerusalem's Old City Terror Attack Succumbs to Wounds
IDF Trains US Jews to Help Themselves, Israelis in Event of Natural Disaster
Exporting Israel to the World Through Television newsletter: 18fx0320.txt
Palestinian Leader Abbas Curses US Ambassador as `Son of a Dog'
Israeli Draft Dodgers Given Rare Opportunity to Visit Without Penalty
Indian Publisher in Hot Water Over Children's Book Celebrating Hitler
Producing Historical Films Would Greatly Serve Israel's Image
New Video Game Lets You Join Hizbullah, Fight ISIS newsletter: 18fx0321.txt
Eight Arrested for Failing to Prevent Fatal Stabbing Attack in Old City
Palestinians Doubt Statehood, Peace Even in 100 Years' Time
Father of Polish Prime Minister: Jews Gladly Moved to Ghettos to Get Away from Non-Jews
Crypto-Jews Return to Roots After 500 Years
How Matzah Became a Household Item for Non-Jews in the Netherlands newsletter: 18fx0322.txt
Israel Confirms it Destroyed Syria's Nuclear Reactor in 2007
Anti-Semitic Fliers Blame Jewish Politicians for Gun Control
Defendant in Be'er Sheva Lynch Case Convicted
Missionaries from Abroad Targeting Israeli Jews
Colombian Jewish News Anchor Who Refused to Cross Herself is Forced to Resign newsletter: 18fx0323.txt
Report Suggests Syria May be Building an Underground Nuclear Facility
Pilot of 1981 Iraq Reactor Attack: Our Operation was More Dangerous than Syrian One
Rabbi Says Meat from Genetically Cloned Pig Could be Eaten by Jews – Including with Milk
US Visa Process Gets Easier for Some Israelis
What a Jewish Reporter Learned from an Afternoon with 3 Iranian Journalists newsletter: 18fx0326.txt
Israel Strikes Gaza Terror Target after Palestinians Breach Border Fence
UN Human Rights Council Calls for Arms Embargo Against Israel
By World Israel News
Syria Accuses Israel of Stealing Artifacts from Synagogue
North Americans Teach English to Israeli Students newsletter: 18fx0327.txt
Israel Opts Out of US-EU Anti-Russian Expulsions
Report: Israel, PA, Jordan, Egypt Join Forces to Prevent Gaza March Violence
Israeli Officials: Jews, Arabs Nearing Population Parity
Dead Sea's Revival with Red Sea Canal Edges Closer to Reality newsletter: 18fx0328.txt
IDF Arrests Three Armed Palestinians That Infiltrated 12 miles into Israel from Gaza
Arabs Preparing for Anti-Israel March
Excited Chimps Get Matzah for Passover newsletter: 18fx0329.txt
Worries of War Between Israel, Iran Increase
IDF Chief: We'll Use All Means Necessary to Prevent Gaza Border Breach
Palestinians Pay Terrorists Directly, Openly Defy US
Russian Businessman: Jews Caused Tragic Kemerovo Fire
Remaining Ethiopians Waiting to Immigrate to Israel Prepare for Passover newsletter: 18fx0330.txt
Report: Israeli Stealth Fighters Fly Over Iran
Israeli Directive: Open Fire at Arabs That Approach the Fence
Suspected Terrorist Nabbed in Be'er Sheva
Palestinians Furious at US Ambassador for Saying Abbas is `Replaceable'
UK Student Tries to Force-Feed Ham Pizza to Jewish Classmate
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