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IDF Arrests Three Armed Palestinians That Infiltrated 12 miles into Israel from Gaza

By World Israel News

IDF forces on Tuesday arrested three armed Palestinians who infiltrated into Israel from the Gaza Strip. During a routine patrol of the southern Gaza border fence, soldiers detected footprints leading from the Strip 20 kilometers into Israel. Additional security forces were alerted, while local residents were notified of the possible danger. The IDF subsequently arrested three Palestinians armed with knives and grenades near the Tse'elim IDF base, some 20 km. from (12.5 miles) the border. There were no injuries. The Israeli military stated that it has launched an inquiry into the incident, calling it "very serious." They will examine how the terrorists managed to scale the border obstacles and managed to get deep into Israeli territory. This latest incident occurred as tensions on the border with Gaza are running high.

Arabs Preparing for Anti-Israel March

The Arab Supreme National Committee commemorating the 70th anniversary of Nakba Day on Tuesday approved the activities that will begin on Friday, marking Land Day, and will culminate on May 14, the date of Israel's Independence Day to which Arabs refer as the "Nakba", or "catastrophe." This year's Palestinian Arab protest marches will be held under the title "From generation to generation there is no substitute for the [right of] return and Al-Quds," which expresses Palestinian Arab adherence to the demand for the return of so-called "Palestinian refugees" and their descendants to the territory of the State of Israel. Muhammad Alian, coordinator of the committee's activities, said that the protest activity would begin this coming Friday near the Beit El checkpoint north of Ramallah. Simultaneously, confrontations are expected at points of friction throughout Judea and Samaria. Alian added that the activity would also be in protest against the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, its intention to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and its decision to cut the budget of UNRWA, the UN agency for "Palestinian" refugees. The Hamas terrorist organization, in coordination with other Palestinian Arab organizations, is planning a "march of return" on Friday near the border with Israel. In a military exercise this week, Hamas sought to convey a deterrent message to Israel that it would respond to attacks on any demonstrators.

Excited Chimps Get Matzah for Passover

Spring is in the air, and that means Passover cannot be far away. Across the country and the world, Jews are busy cleaning their houses of all chametz, or leavened products, and buying matzot, or unleavened bread, for the holiday. But humans are not the only creatures that enjoy the change in menu over Passover. Several animal species of animals at the Ramat Gan Safari love to chow down on matzah as well. The Ramat Gan Safari begins preparations for Passover just like any Jewish family. Just as Jewish families meticulously remove all traces of chametz from their homes, the safari goes over every pedestrian path and animal enclosure in the 250-acre zoo to ensure they are as clean as humanly possible - as well as clean of chametz. Two weeks before the holiday, animals that would normally receive bread with their meals are switched to a diet that is kosher for Passover. The safari ordered 11 pounds of matzah for Passover. The animals which receive matzah over Passover include apes, elephants, and other animals in the free-range part of the zoo. The bread that is left in the safari before the holiday is usually given to Yossi the Elephant, the largest elephant in captivity in any zoo in the world. Yossi can eat eight loaves of bread a day. The matzah and the bread are not the main dish for the animals, but merely supplement the fruits and vegetables they receive. Still, the chimpanzees at the zoo are very excited when they receive matzah, and videos taken at the safari show those eagerly chowing down on the rare treat. In addition, the safari ordered thirteen tons of kosher for Passover animal food for the holiday.

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