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Polish TV: Call Them `Jewish Death Camps' Because `Jews Ran Crematoria'
Is Israel Headed Toward an Initiated War in Lebanon?
Youth Raised as Muslim in Eastern Jerusalem Discovers He's Jewish
`Change the Anthem and Forget the Nationality Law' newsletter: 18fx0202.txt
Abbas to Respond to Trump at the Security Council
Bennett: New System Combats Online anti-Semitism in Real-Time
Iceland Set to Ban Circumcision
What It's Like to be Jewish in South Korea
1940-41 Letters Describe Destruction of Polish Jewry newsletter: 18fx0205.txt
Is Walmart Coming to Israel?
Hamas: War with Israel is Only Days Away
NY Times Reveals Secret Israeli-Egyptian 'Alliance' to Combat ISIS Allied Terrorists in Sinai
Bnei Brak Man Arrested for Torching Tefillin
New French Film Raises Ghosts of Nazi Medical Horrors newsletter: 18fx0206.txt
Assad to Israel: We Won't Start War or Let Foreign Forces Control Our Borders
UN Chief: Consensus for 2-State Israel-Palestinian Solution 'Could Be Eroding'
Israeli Killed in Palestinian Stabbing Attack
Palestinian Convicted of Killing Pregnant Jewish Lover
'Jerusalem Will Be the Capital of the Islamic Caliphate'
Holocaust-Denying Anti-Semite to be Republican Nominee for Congress
Putin's Tel Aviv Apartment newsletter: 18fx0207.txt
Poland's President Signs Holocaust Bill Into Law
Hizbullah's Flyers Targeting Israel's Gas Rigs with Missiles
IBM to Expand Major Cybersecurity Lab in Be'er Sheva
Racy Female Soldier Photos Show No Signs of Subsiding newsletter: 18fx0208.txt
New Iranian Weaponized Drone Deployed in Syria and Likely Given to Hizbullah newsletter: 18fx0209.txt
PA: Friedman to Blame for Violence, Breakdown of US-PA Ties
PA Mulling Its Own Currency
Voices in Pakistan: We Can Also Have ties with PA and Israelis
Israeli High School Trips to Poland to Continue
In Rare Ruling, Court Permits Israeli Man to Take a Second Wife newsletter: 18fx0212.txt
Israel Dealt 'Severe Blows' to Iranian, Syrian Targets
Iran: We'll Open the Gates of Hell for Israel and Attack American bases
Iran's Saegheh Drone in Syria – A Worry for US as Well As Israel
The First Direct Confrontation Between Israel and Iran
IDF: War with Iran is Just a Matter of Time
Et Tu, El Al? newsletter: 18fx0213.txt
The Next Iranian-Israeli Engagement in Syria is Due in Late April, Early May
White House: No West Bank Annexation Plan Discussed with Israel
Jews Alarmed as Poland Considers Limiting Kosher Slaughter
7-Year-Old Girl Mauled by Pack of Dogs in Southern Israel
Iceland to Receive First Resident Rabbi
Book on Israel's Covert Assassinations Becomes Bestseller newsletter: 18fx0214.txt
Intelligence Minister: Israel Will `Teach Iran a Lesson It Will Not Forget'
Netanyahu Says Possible Corruption Charges Against Him Will Produce 'Nothing'
Ben Gurion University Research: Medical Cannabis Highly Effective in Elderly Patients
Leaf, Long-Awaited Home Cannabis Farming Box, to Start Shipping
Jewish Women of Color Highlighted in New Campaign newsletter: 18fx0215.txt
Israel Defense Minister: Iran Declared War on Us Long Ago
Iran's Ex-Military Chief: Israel Sent Lizards to Spy on Nuclear Program
'Brit Milah Ban Will Ensure No Jewish Community is Established' newsletter: 18fx0216.txt
Mike Huckabee: US Should Follow Israel's Lead to Prevent Mass Shootings
Florida Jewish Community Rallies Together After Deadly School Shooting
`A Nazi Travels to Palestine': A Swastika and Star of David on One Coin
Haredi Rabbis Ban Dressing Up as IDF Soldiers During Purim newsletter: 18fx0219.txt
Netanyahu to Iran's Foreign Minister: `Do Not Test Israel's Resolve'
Israel Slams Polish Prime Minister for Saying Jews Also Perpetrated the Holocaust
Polish Jews Stunned, Scared by Eruption of Anti-Semitism
FDA Approves Drug for Women with Breast Cancer Caused by BRCA, the `Jewish Gene' newsletter: 18fx0220.txt
UN Chief Warns of Nightmare Scenario if Israel, Hizbullah Clash
US Ambassador: 'Eviction Could Lead to Civil War'
Egyptian Firm to Buy $15 Billion in Israeli Natural Gas
Israel Successfully Tests Arrow 3 Long-Range Missile Interceptor
Jewish Community Alarmed Accusations Spreading That Jews Plotting to Take over Argentina newsletter: 18fx0221.txt
Iran: `We will Level Tel Aviv,' Capture Netanyahu, if Israel Attacks
Abbas Calls for International Conference to Restart Mideast Peace
Trump Team Briefs Security Council on Mideast Peace Plan
New Law Allows Graves of Yemenite Children to be Exhumed
DC Comics' Newest Writer is Poised to Make Superman Jewish Again newsletter: 18fx0222.txt
Israel Counters Iran's New Missile with `Successful' Interceptor Test
Intel to Invest $4.5 Billion in its Israeli Operations in 2018
IDF Cyber Warriors Thwart Major ISIS Aviation Terror Attack
Acid Placed in Stroller Burns French Rabbi's Baby
Half-Shekel Coin Bears Trump's Profile newsletter: 18fx0223.txt
U.N.: Terrorist Hamas Government Could Lose Control of Gaza to `Radicals'
Poll: 50% of Israelis Believe Netanyahu Should Resign
Abbas Hospitalized in the United States
Video Protesting Polish Law Pulled from YouTube
Poland Loses Israeli Tour Group Due to `Outrageous' Comments on the Holocaust
New Eye drops Could Repair Corneas, Make Eyeglasses Unnecessary newsletter: 18fx0226.txt
Report: Iran Already Entrenched in Syria, Ready to Confront Israel
Russia to Israel: We will Defend You if Iran Attacks, But Also Defend Iran's Presence in Syria
2500 American Troops Land in Israel for Massive Air Defense Exercise with IDF
State Department: US Ready to Open Jerusalem Embassy on May 14
Backlash Prompts Poland to Freeze Controversial Holocaust Law
Israel's Air Force Implements New LGBT-Friendly Policies
Israeli Family Accidentally Enters Ramallah
Private Baptist College Denies Coach Candidate Not Hired Over `Jewish Blood' newsletter: 18fx0227.txt
EU, Arab League Affirm Jerusalem Must Be Joint Capital
Shin Bet Foils ISIS-Inspired Attack on Temple Mount
Three Years for New Immigrant Who Converted to Islam, Sought to Join ISIS
Poland Denies Freezing Implementation of Controversial Holocaust Law
Auschwitz Prisoner's Damaged Letter Restored Decades After Discovery newsletter: 18fx0228.txt
Billionaire Warren Buffett: I'm a Big Believer in Israel's Economy'
ADL: Anti-Semitic Incidents Soared in 2017
US Embassy in Israel Issues Warning over 'Day of Rage'
Joe Lieberman's Granddaughter Makes Aliyah
AP Retracts Embarrassing Misquote on Jewish Tradition
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