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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 17fx1106.txt
Up to 100 International Warplanes in Israel Participating in Blue Flag Air Force Exercise
IDF Recovers Bodies of 5 Terrorists from Gaza Terror Tunnel
Battle of Be'er Sheva & Sinai-Palestine campaign centenary newsletter: 17fx1107.txt newsletter: 17fx1108.txt
Netanyahu Demands 2 Billion Shekels from Jewish National Fund
Kerry: There's No Leadership in Israel
Near-Disaster in Be'er Sheva as Paratroopers Jump Over Under-Flying Plane
Palestinian Terror Group Threatens IDF, Promises War with Israel
`Hebrew Hammer' Sequel is coming newsletter: 17fx1109.txt
Iran Threatens to Hit Saudi, Abu Dhabi and Dubai Air and Seaports
Israeli Shekel Emerges as World's 2nd-Strongest Currency
After Years of Studying Hebrew, Group of US Students Finally Visits Israel newsletter: 17fx1110.txt
Arafat: Israel was 'Really Stupid' to Withdraw from Lebanon
Want to Kvetch? Israel Just Made It Easier
How Satmar Rebbe's Grandson Became an IDF Officer newsletter: 17fx1113.txt
Iran Builds Military Base in Syria, 30 Miles from Israeli Border
Report: Trump Team Drafts Plan for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
IDF Relocates to the Negev: 'A National Project'
1986 Prince Charles' Letter Reveals Shocking Thoughts on Jews newsletter: 17fx1114.txt newsletter: 17fx1115.txt newsletter: 17fx1116.txt
5 amazing discoveries from a trove of documents hidden during the Holocaust newsletter: 17fx1117.txt
Report: Saudi Crown Prince will 'Crush' Hizbullah with Israel, Saudi King Abdicates Next Week in Favor of Son
German Court Rules Kuwait Airline is Allowed to Ban Israelis
Tel Aviv Municipality Shuts Down Chabad Tefillin Stand
Earliest Evidence of Eggplant Seeds in Israel Unearthed in City of David newsletter: 17fx1120.txt
Steinitz: We Have Ties with 'Many' Arab States
IDF Chief's Saudi Interview: A Gesture from Riyadh
Palestinians Vow to Suspend Talks if US Closes PLO Mission
Netanyahu: Security Must Come First in Any Peace Plan newsletter: 17fx1121.txt
Bennett: 'Our Generation's Mission is to Save the Jews'
Swedish Daughter of Holocaust Survivor Faces Deportation from Israel
Israeli Researchers: Poop from the Coop Can Produce Heat and Electricity
'P' is for Palestine, 'I' is for Intifada newsletter: 17fx1122.txt
Sadat's Visit, the Peace Process and the Future of Israeli-Arab Relations
Schools to Strike in 4 Cities Over Stalled Salary Negotiations
Students at Israel's National Sports Institute Forced to Remove Flag
Sacha Baron Cohen Offers to Pay Tourists' Mankini Fines newsletter: 17fx1123.txt newsletter: 17fx1124.txt newsletter: 17fx1127.txt newsletter: 17fx1128.txt newsletter: 17fx1129.txt
Reform rabbis are finding it tougher to love Israel newsletter: 17fx1130.txt
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