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PA Demands: Recognize Palestine - Then We'll Consider Land Swaps
Israel's Most Revered Institution is Under Scrutiny
Jewish Camp Apologizes for Flying PA Flag newsletter: 17fx0802.txt
Kushner: There May Be No Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Iran's Role in Temple Mount Clashes Revealed
Record 1,236 Jewish Visits to Temple Mount on Tisha Be'Av
Temple Institute: We are Preparing to Rebuild the Holy Temple
Hitler Bunker Reconstructed in Berlin newsletter: 17fx0803.txt
Two Advanced Israeli Satellites Launched into Space
Poll: 70% of Jewish Israelis Support Terrorist Death Penalty
Arab Man Admits Murdering Jewish Girlfriend to `Free Palestinian Prisoners'
Kitchen Spice Helps Woman Beat Cancer
Israel National Library Launches Digital Manuscript Archive newsletter: 17fx0804.txt
Israel Foils International Hamas Funding Mechanism
Poll: Most Israelis, Arabs, Don't Believe in Palestinian State
US Video Against PLO State is Huge Hit in Israel
National Service Authority Discourages Religious Girls from IDF Service
New from the Jewish Brain: A Brain-on-a Chip newsletter: 17fx0807.txt
Hizbullah to Join Attack on ISIS Along Syrian Border
Iranian Journalist to Receive Asylum in Israel
Al-Jazeera Blasts Israel's Closure Plans
How `The Red Tent' Invented a New Kind of Fiction
Are Saudi Arabian-Approved Bikinis on the Horizon? newsletter: 17fx0808.txt newsletter: 17fx0809.txt
North Korea at Nuclear Threshold but What About Iran?
Palestinian Tour Guides Accused of Anti-Israel 'Brainwashing'
FBI Allegation: Israeli-American Teen Who Threatened JCCs Sold Bomb Threat Services
'BitCoen' to Become First Electronic Currency Specifically for Jews newsletter: 17fx0810.txt
Rally in Support of Israel's Netanyahu
Harvey Weinstein to Adapt 'Mila 18' as Film
Israelis Invited to Vie for $1 Million for Best NYC Subway Idea
Polish Villagers Hold Jewish Wedding Without Jews
'Pew Wrong: Orthodox Jews Hold Evangelicals in High Esteem' newsletter: 17fx0811.txt
Israel Warns Hamas Not to Try to Foil Anti-Tunnel Wall
Is the Car Next to You Made from Israeli Recycled Cans? newsletter: 17fx0814.txt
Netanyahu Seeks Power to Go to War Without Broad Governmental Approval
Mossad Chief Warns: Iran is Taking Over the Middle East
Hizbullah Chief Once Again Threatens Israel's Nuclear Reactor
Ultra-Orthodox Baby Trafficker Exposed newsletter: 17fx0815.txt
Iran's Presence in Syria a 'Red Line for Israel'
Iranian Blogger to Take Jewish Agency Hebrew Courses
Gaza Boy Walks After Jerusalem Doctors Remove Tumor
Draft of Israel's Declaration of Independence to be Auctioned
PA Fears Israel will Build 'Imaginary Temple'
Wizz Air: New Low-Cost Flights to Start in Winter newsletter: 17fx0816.txt
Israel Arrests Palestinian Cleric on Suspicion of Inciting Violence
Hamas Denies Digging Tunnels Under Civilians' Homes
Can Medical Marijuana Revive Israel's Kibbutz Movement?
Jewish Boy Attacked on Way to Soccer Field
Sign in Swiss Hotel Orders Jews to Shower Before Using the Pool newsletter: 17fx0817.txt
Hamas: We've Built Many Towns Underground. It Claims Israel is Scared
Iran Reportedly Building Long-Range Missile Factory in Syria
More Arrests as Terror Stalks Jerusalem
Kurds Hope Israel Can Nudge US to Support Independence
Presidents Bush Say America Must Reject Anti-Semitism
Ambassador Friedman's Daughter Makes Aliyah newsletter: 17fx0818.txt
Suicide Bomber Kills Hamas Guard in Gaza
Netanyahu's Son's Facebook Page is Getting Him in Trouble newsletter: 17fx0821.txt
Palestinians Await 'Clear Vision' From US on Peace Talks
Poll: One Third of British Jews Considering Immigration to Israel
My Slave-Owning, Slave-Freeing Great Granddaddy
Are `Antifa' and the Alt-Right Equally Violent?
Gaza Children Visit Jerusalem newsletter: 17fx0822.txt
Police foil stabbing attack in central Israel, suspect arrested
Rabbinical court declares conversion of US couple invalid newsletter: 17fx0823.txt
Officials from largest US Islamic charity promote anti-Semitism newsletter: 17fx0824.txt newsletter: 17fx0825.txt
Trump's Envoys Meet Netanyahu in Jerusalem. Protests in Ramallah
New Palestinian School Year, Same Old Incitement Curriculum
Lebanese Beauty Queen Stripped of Title over Visit to Israel
Israeli Satellite Yields Unique Photos of Jerusalem newsletter: 17fx0828.txt
Hundreds of Israelis Gather in Anti-Netanyahu Protest newsletter: 17fx0829.txt
Pilgrimage to Mecca inspired Palestinian to murder Israelis
Israeli committee to propose outreach to non-Jews with Jewish roots, `emerging' communities newsletter: 17fx0830.txt
Hamas Says It Is Getting Aid Again from Iran newsletter: 17fx0831.txt
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