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Powerful Pro-Iran Badr Brigades to Enter Syria
Is a Turkey-Israel Rapprochement a Threat to Iranian Ambitions?
Hamas: Iran Resuming Support? 'Fake News'
More Synagogues are Getting Rid of Their Mandatory Dues
Palestinian Authority Forbids Sale of Israeli Hummus newsletter: 17fx0602.txt
Trump Breaks Campaign Promise: Won't Move US Embassy to Jerusalem
Arab-Israeli Children Live in Fear of Gunfire
Model of Ark of the Covenant Destroyed in Jerusalem
Videos of Female Soldiers Behaving Badly Uploaded Once Again newsletter: 17fx0605.txt
Five Muslims Arrested in Jerusalem for Plotting Temple Mount Terror
PA Official: Western Wall Belongs to Israel, Temple Mount to Palestinians
Deputy Minister Michael Oren Rejects New York Times Report of 1967 `Doomsday' Plan
'Six Day War' a Turning Point for Israel, but Challenges Remain 50 Years Later
Two Volumes of Encyclopedia of Nazi Death Camps' and Ghettos Released
Israeli Scientists Verify Miraculous Biblical Event newsletter: 17fx0606.txt
UN Chief Blasts 'Occupation'
Released Terrorist Returns to Israel - and to Prison
Jewish Nurse, During Her Hospital Shift, Breastfed Baby of Injured Palestinian Mother
An Animated History of the Six Day war newsletter: 17fx0607.txt
US Senate Unanimously Endorses Undivided Jerusalem as Israel's Capital
Netanyahu: Israel will Keep Security Control over Judea and Samaria
Officials Warn that Major Earthquake in Israel Could Kill 3,000
The Nuclear Batteries and the Secret Listening Devices
Sears Removes 'Free Palestine' Clothing from its Web Site
70 Virgins Made Young Palestinian Seek Death of `Martyr' newsletter: 17fx0608.txt
Knesset and Congress Mark Unification of Jerusalem
Int'l Defense & Security Expo Underway in Tel Aviv
Bedouin Drug Industry Flourishes Under IDF's Nose
IDF Launches App to Teach Soldiers Basic Arabic newsletter: 17fx0609.txt
One Missile Takes Out ISIS Command on Golan Edge
Israel Approves Thousands of West Bank Homes
Jewish 9th-Graders on Field Trip Denied Entry to Jaffa Mosque
Arabs Mistake Movie Set for New Jewish Outpost
Report: Hizbullah Attacks on Israeli Targets in New York Foiled
Fatah Spokesman: 'Protocols' are Real Jewish Plot
Israel's in Love with Its Homegrown Wonder Woman Gal Gadot newsletter: 17fx0612.txt
Netanyahu Accuses Hamas of Committing a Double War Crime
Saudi Newspaper: Hamas in Gaza is Worse Than ISIS in Syria, Iraq
Jewish Man Beaten by Christians in Old City, Israel Police Arrest Him
Woman Strips Naked in Front of Western Wall, Sparking Uproar
IDF Company Commander Refuses an Order to Allow His Soldiers More Hours of Sleep
Israeli Scientists Discover Protein That Can Regenerate Heart Tissue
New Book Glorifies Palestinian Terrorists newsletter: 17fx0613.txt
Trump's Goof: Israel Hacked ISIS' Computer Network
US Official: Israeli, Palestinian Spoilers Want to Derail Peace Talks
IDF Commander Accuses Ramallah of Being Scared of Wonder Woman
Elite IDF Forces to Receive Customized Uniforms
Warsaw Mayor May be Forced to Return her Home to Jews
US Holocaust Museum to Translate, Digitize Victims' Diaries newsletter: 17fx0614.txt
Israel Reduces Power Supply to Gaza
Military Crisis in Qatar May Spark Gaza Outbreak
Israel Holds Earthquake Drill in Schools
Israel to Test Fire Anti-Missile System.... in Alaska newsletter: 17fx0615.txt
Tillerson: Embassy Move is Both `If' & `When'
Exposed: Medical Experiments on Missing Yemenite Children
Neo-Nazi in Florida Planned to Bomb Synagogues, Nuclear Plants
'Google Bus' Arrives in Jerusalem
Monument to Honor Man Who Secretly Reported Auschwitz Atrocities newsletter: 17fx0616.txt
Will Trump Make a Peace Breakthrough in 2018?
Muslim Police Officer Heads Israeli Delegation to Poland
Thieves Steal Yershiva Boys' Luggage, Tefillin During Chicago Trip
Manufacturers Warn Rise in Shekel Threatens to Wipe Out Israeli Exports newsletter: 17fx0619.txt
Report: Israel Giving Secret Aid to Syrian Rebels
Iran Says It Fired Missiles at Terror Bases in Eastern Syria
Escalation in S. Syria with Iranian-Led Gains
Jerusalem Police Ramp Up Security, Make Massive Arrests
'We Won't Turn Jerusalem Into an Armed Fortress'
Three Jewish Teenagers Detained for Vandalizing WWI Be'er Sheva Cemetery newsletter: 17fx0620.txt
Netanyahu Warns Iran: `Don't Threaten Israel'
Kushner Heading to Mideast for Peace Talks
U.S. Experts Warn ISIS Could Come to Israel
Modern Blood Libel: Zionists and ISIS are the Same
A New Biblical Interpretation Says Jews Can Eat Bacon After All
Rare Recordings of Holocaust Survivors Recovered After Decades newsletter: 17fx0621.txt
Report: Argentina Sold Yellowcake to Israel for Nuclear Program
Hidden Trove of Suspected Nazi Artifacts Found in Argentina
New Zealand Festival Omits 'Israel' from 'Joseph' Lyrics newsletter: 17fx0622.txt
Naming Bin Salman Saudi heir impacts US, Israel
YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE newsletter: 17fx0623.txt
Massive Iranian Funding for Anti-Israel Terror Groups Revealed
Israel to Overhaul Security at Damascus Gate to Foil Attacks
Liberman: Abbas Seeks to Force Hamas into War over Gaza Crisis: Defense minister
El Al Fined for Asking Holocaust Survivor to Change Seat
The Secret Behind an Amazon Bestseller About the History of the Palestinians
Google: We Haven't Done Enough to Stop Terrorism newsletter: 17fx0626.txt
Israel Strikes Syrian Targets in Response to Cross-Border Fire
Bennett: 'Not One Refugee Will Cross the Jordan'
The 'Reward' of Every Temple Mount Rioter: 4,500 Shekels a Month
IDF: Male and Female Soldiers to Sleep in Different Quarters newsletter: 17fx0627.txt
US to Work with Israel, Seeks Others to Combat Cyber Attacks
Could Trump Push a Partial Mideast Deal?
ISIS-Affiliated Terrorists Claim Southern Israel Rocket Attack
Will Iran's Doomsday Clock Join History's List of Failed Predictions?
Ramallah Start-Up Uses Algorithms to Predict Mideast Conflict Allowing Users to Avoid Conflict Zones newsletter: 17fx0628.txt
Ultra-Orthodox Lawmaker: Reform Jews Don't Believe in Temple
Prophecy? What Ben Gurion Said to the Reform Movement
Shin Bet Director: `Thousands of Terrorist Attacks Foiled Thanks to Cyber Efforts'
The Neo-Nazi Who Converted to Judaism
Gabe Pressman, Pioneer of TV Reporting, Dies at 93 newsletter: 17fx0629.txt
Iran Uses Star of David as Practice Target
ISIS Slave Tricked into Eating Her Own Baby
Israel's Mossad Sets Up Fund to Acquire New Spy Techniques
Knesset Speaker, Ex-Refusenik, Makes Historic Speech to Russian Parliament
A New Island in the Mediterranean...Just Off Gaza
`I am a Muslim Arab and an Israeli Zionist, and I love the Jewish People' newsletter: 17fx0630.txt
Gaza's Army of Islam Joins ISIS Against Hamas-Cairo Security Zone
Brazil Denied 16,000 Visas to Jews During Nazi Regime
Poll: Majority of Arabs Oppose Jewish-Arab Intermarriage
Ancient Cloth Fragments Reveal 3,000-Year Old Blue and Red Dyes
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