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Republicans Overseas Israel:'For the First Time in 50 Years, Israel will Decide for Itself'
IDF Ramps Up Cyber Security Operations
Vandals Twist Arizona Family's Chanukah Menorah into Swastika newsletter: 17fx0103.txt
Netanyahu Questioned by Police on Suspicion of Accepting Gifts
An EU Drone with Footage of Jewish Settler and IDF Locations Crashes on Mt. Hebron
Zuckerberg, Once an Atheist, Now Says Religion is 'Very Important'
Huckabee to Kerry: Yes, Israel is Both Jewish and Democratic
Jewish Children Raised as Muslims Light Their First Chanukah Candles
Haredi Man Says Daughter Shunned Thanks to Mom's McDonald's Trip
The crisis of Leaving Haredi Life newsletter: 17fx0104.txt
New GOP Legislation: Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital
Israel's 'Flying Car' Passenger Drone Moves Closer to Delivery
Swastika Painted on Reform Rabbinical School's Sign in Cincinnati
`Mein Kampf' Becomes Best-Seller in Germany in 2016 newsletter: 17fx0105.txt
Soldier's Manslaughter Conviction Polarizes Israeli Society
The Azaria Trial and the Rift Over Orders to Shoot
Elite Israeli Police Continue Hunt for Fugitive murderer
6000 Chinese Construction Workers to Arrive in Israel
Incredible Video: Toddler Rescues Brother From Under Dresser newsletter: 17fx0106.txt
Jordan: Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem Is 'Red Line'
Poll: 70% of Israeli Jews Favor Pardon for Soldier Convicted of Manslaughter
Bedouin Steals Handgun but is Chased Down, Arrested by Be'er Sheva Police
Bomb Threats Force Evacuations of Two Orlando Jewish Institutions
Israel Denies Aliyah to Venezuelan Conservative Converts newsletter: 17fx0109.txt
Truck Terror in Jerusalem: 4 Soldiers Killed, 15 Hurt
Over a Million PA Arabs Plan to Leave
Muslim Teen Who Chased Down Assailant of Jewish Woman Honored newsletter: 17fx0110.txt
Israel Rounds Up Salafi Extremists After Jerusalem Truck Attack
Trump's Son-in-Law to Deal with Middle East Issues
Miami JCCs Evacuated After Bomb Threats
For Black Jews, Obama Represented an America of Multiple Identities newsletter: 17fx0111.txt
FBI to Coordinate with JCCs After a Day of 16 Bomb Threats
US Jerusalem Embassy is Only a Foundation
Palestinians Seek Weekend Prayers to Protest Possible US Embassy Move
'US Defense Secretary-Designate Wanted to Strike Iran in 2011': Obama Nixed Plan
Ivanka Trump is in the (Chabad) House in DC newsletter: 17fx0112.txt
IDF Reveals Hamas Set 'Honey Traps' to Hack Israeli Soldiers' Phones
IDF Commander Advises Azaria's Father Not to Appeal Verdict
Netanyahu Won't Attend Trump's Inauguration
Israeli Micro-Observation Balloon Collects Visual Intelligence
Polygamy Fueling Mass Bedouin Illegal Immigration into Israel
Report: Trump, Kushner Foundations Donated Thousands to Chabad newsletter: 17fx0113.txt
Mattis, Trump's Pick for Sec'y of Defense, Names Tel Aviv as Israel's Capital
One of Adolf Eichmann's Top Aides Reportedly Died in Syria
Court Bars Searching Women for Torah Scrolls at Western Wall
Israeli Scientists Crack Code of the Brain's Inner Compass
Hackers Could Remotely Control Defibrillators or Pacemakers newsletter: 17fx0116.txt
World Powers Say Two-State Solution is Only Option to Middle East Peace
French Far-Right Leader Le Pen Seen at Trump Tower
Fake? Is a Scary Prophecy Written in 1907 About Obama Coming True 5 Days Before Trump's Inauguration?
'Israel will Fall Within 10 Years, Jewish Occupiers Must Leave'
Disabled Man's Alimony Leaves Him Homeless and Eating Fruit From Trees
Boxing Rabbi Yuri Foreman Loses Title Bout - on Shabbat newsletter: 17fx0117.txt
Trump: Jared Kushner to Broker Mideast Peace
Retired Israeli Security Officials Warn: Soon Palestinians will be Majority
True Tale of Father of Israelis in US prisons newsletter: 17fx0118.txt
UN Urges Israeli-Palestinian Calm, Return to Talks
Kerry Blames Netanyahu for 'Harming the Peace Map'
Israel Tax Authority Probes Thousands of US-Held Accounts
US Rabbi Rewrites Prayer - to Avoid Blessing Trump
Israel and US Jewry Moving Further Apart
Syrian Woman Gives Birth to Healthy Girl in Israeli Hospital newsletter: 17fx0119.txt
Trump's UN Nominee Blasts World Body Over Israel
Top German Court Rejects Bid to Outlaw Nazi-Linked Party
Auschwitz Museum Appeals for Personal SS Documents
FBI to Probe Bomb Threats Against JCCs
CIA Admits to Conducting Psychic Experiments on Uri Geller
Jerusalem Light Rail Train Runs over Man Protesting on Tracks newsletter: 17fx0120.txt
Trump: I Remember My Promise to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem
50 Killed in Tehran Building Collapse
Most Israelis Support Sovereignty Over Judea and Samaria
Ivanka Trump Gets Rabbinic Dispensation to Travel on Shabbat for Dad's Inauguration
Desalination Plant Brings Relief to Gaza
Israeli Traffic Police Can Now Catch Speeders Miles Away newsletter: 17fx0123.txt
Report: Trump to Announce Embassy Move to Jerusalem
Trump Inauguration Rabbi Attacked with anti-Semitic Hate Speech
Israeli Health Ministry: Don't Buy Coffee from Cafes newsletter: 17fx0124.txt
Obama Released Millions to PA Hours Before Leaving Office
Neo-Nazi Blogger Resigns Because of Jewish Wife
`Online Conversion' Helps Fulfill a Longtime Dream, but Controversy Dogs the Process
'We Remember': An International Campaign to Remember the Holocaust newsletter: 17fx0125.txt
Hamas Procures North Korean Laser-Guided Missiles, Warns US Against Moving Embassy
Israelis Warned of 'Imminent Danger' of Sinai Terror
Liberman: In Next War, IDF Won't Step Until Enemy Raises the White Flag
Iraqi Cleric: 'Moving Embassy Would be a Declaration of War on Islam'
Mostly Jewish Golf Country Club to Allow Obama to Become Member
Paraphernalia of Armed Struggle Against Israel Sold on Web Site newsletter: 17fx0126.txt
Trump Could Cut Ties with UN Over its Support for the PA
Successful Tests of David's Sling Missile Defense System
Israel Slated to be 4th Nation to Land Vehicle on the Moon
#WeRemember: 200,000+ Post Photos to Commemorate Holocaust newsletter: 17fx0127.txt
Trump Administration Halts Obama's Transfer of $221 Million to Palestinian Authority
100 Syrian Children Orphaned by Civil War to Find Homes in Israel
'Hundreds, Even Thousands of Nazi War Criminals Still at Large'
Is Ivanka Trump Really Jewish?
Coming Soon: Direct Flights from Israel to Iceland
Mary Tyler Moore's Hebrew Lesson on Sesame Street newsletter: 17fx0130.txt
Trump-Putin Deal on Syria Bears on Israel Security
Trump's Holocaust Remembrance Statement Omits Mention of Jews
HIAS: Several Jewish Families Affected by Entry Ban
Haunting Twitter Account Shares the Fates of the Refugees of the St. Louis newsletter: 17fx0131.txt
Police: Israeli Arab Went on Killing Spree After Being Called 'Jew Lover'
Rivlin to Try to Resolve Tensions with Mexico
Israeli Firm Offers Free Telephone Calls to Those Affected by Travel Ban
Israel Reportedly Asking: Does US Travel Ban Include Our Citizens?
List of Auschwitz Commanders and Guards Posted Online
Religious Israeli TV Star's Recipe for Successful Marriage
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