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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 16fx1201.txt
Syrian Military Spokesman Confirms Israeli Airstrike on Damascus
Palestinian Hackers Disrupt Channel 2, 10 TV Broadcasts
1.3 Million Google Accounts Hacked
Erdogan Calls on Muslims to 'Protect Jerusalem'
Kent State University Threatened with Lawsuit over Golda Meir Quote newsletter: 16fx1202.txt
Iranian Terrorist Attack Against Israeli Embassy in Nairobi Thwarted
Obama Leans Against Last-minute Action on Israel
Women of Wall Say They are Subjected to Illegal Body Searches
Austrian Film Registry Races to Preserve Early Anti-Nazi Film
Egyptian Actor Announces He is Jewish - on Egyptian TV newsletter: 16fx1205.txt
Iran Threatens to Resume its Nuclear Activities
IDF Forces in Judea and Samaria Continue Efforts to Battle Rock and Firebomb Terrorism
Kerry: 'Settlements' are Obstacle to Peace newsletter: 16fx1206.txt
Fatah Elects Convicted Mass Murderer to Lead Party
IMI Demonstrates New Magic Spear Long Range Artillery System
The Jews' Druze Brothers
State-Subsidized Saving Accounts for Children Get Underway
Israeli Firm Promises to Revolutionize Real-Estate with Virtual-Reality Technology newsletter: 16fx1207.txt
Israeli archaeologists reveal prehistoric man's plant-based diet newsletter: 16fx1208.txt
Syria Accuses Israel of Firing Missiles at Military Airport Near Damascus
Comptroller: Israeli Homefront Ill-Prepared for Prolonged Missile Attacks
'We knew of Iranian Involvement in German Submarine Company'
In a Bid to Belong, Israeli Arabs Sign Up for Israel's Army
New Database Helps Holocaust Survivors Reclaim Warsaw Property
Chief Rabbinate to Create Standard for Overseas Conversions newsletter: 16fx1209.txt
Snowden: UK, US Intelligence Agencies Spied on Israel
Assad: Israel is Syria's Only Enemy
Activist Urges Probe of 'Trial' Circumcisions on Ethiopian Babies
Haredi Youths Train for All-Haredi Paratrooper Unit
Poll: Israelis Love Their Internet, Enamored with Online Romance
Jew Forced to Counterfeit Banknotes by Nazis Dies at 99 newsletter: 16fx1212.txt
Netanyahu: Trump Feels 'Very Warmly' About Israel and the Jewish People
Defector: Israel Foiled Chemical Weapons' Delivery to Hizbullah
|Sephardic Chief Rabbi: Women Can Do the Laundry in the Army: Women's IDF Service 'Goes Against Torah'
Declassified U.S. Documents: Israel and South Africa Conducted Nuclear Test in 1979
Fatah TV Broadcasts Terror-Song 72 Times in One Month
Cloud of Dust and Rain 'Act of God' to Save Israel from ISIS newsletter: 16fx1213.txt
After a 6-Hour Delay, First Two F-35 Stealth Fighters Land in Israel
ISIS Seizes Big Russian-Syrian T-4 Air Base
In West Bank, Fatah Vote Shows Politics is an Old Man's Game
Siemens Finances Publication of Jewish Slave Laborer's Memoir
Why Do the Israelis Keep Saying that Palestine Never Existed?
Coin Dating from Jewish Revolt Against the Romans Found in Jerusalem newsletter: 16fx1214.txt
Reported Israel Air Strikes in Sinai Targeted ISIS
Trump Team Checking Logistics of Moving Embassy
Israel Takes F-35s Up for a Test Flight
British Government Introduces Official Definition of Anti-Semitism
Netanyahu Welcomes Azerbaijan Jewish Children
Facebook Screens Live Brain Surgeries from Israeli Hospital
Alexander Hamilton Was a Jewish Day School Boy newsletter: 16fx1215.txt
Netanyahu to Iran: `We're Not a Rabbit, We're a Tiger'
Amona Residents Reject Government Proposal
Cousins Who Thought Family Died in Holocaust United in Israel
Peace Index: Nearly 50% of Israelis Believe the Left is 'Disloyal'
Nude Netanyahu Picture Stirs Up More Controversy for Jerusalem Art School
How Hank Greenberg Desegregated Baseball newsletter: 16fx1216.txt
Six Israeli Police Officers Injured by Flying Rocks in Jerusalem
Hamas Uses Kites to Spy on Israel
Trump Nominates David Friedman as Ambassador to Israel
NASA Scientist Warns of 'Extinction-Level' Asteroid Strike
This 90-Year-Old Woman Seduced Nazis as a Teenager as a Way to Kill Them newsletter: 16fx1219.txt
Two More Jordanian Towns, Petra and Irbid, Under Terror Attack
Mossad, Shin Bet Heads Team to Brief Trump Team
Former Mufti: 'Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem is a Declaration of War on Muslims'
Poll: Israelis Worry About Intermarriage
Is Ivanka Trump Joining an Anti-Trump Synagogue?
Does Russia Regret Selling Alaska to the Americans?
New Study Casts Doubt on Theory Anne Frank was Betrayed
A 'Hamilton' Hanukkah newsletter: 16fx1220.txt
Netanyahu: Civilized World Must Come Together to Fight terror
Poll: Most Israelis Believe Terror War Trumps Ethical Concerns
American Neo-Nazis Single Out Jews in Small Montana Town
Eichmann's Cell Guard: I am Still Traumatized newsletter: 16fx1221.txt
Report: Obama May Be on the Warpath Against Israel newsletter: 16fx1222.txt
Senior IDF Officer: Hizbullah has Large Amounts of US Weaponry
IDF Prepares for Unconventional Threats on Northern Border
Palestinian Authority Apartheid Against Christians in Bethlehem
Israeli Rabbis: Christmas Trees Not `Kosher,' Raising Questions of Synagogue and State
American Jewish Population Rapidly Becoming More Orthodox newsletter: 16fx1223.txt
Israel Busts Hamas Terror Cell that Plotted Suicide Attacks on Cities
UN Vote on Israeli Settlements 'Indefinitely' Postponed
Netanyahu: Israel Wants to Bring Wounded Aleppo Civilians for Treatment
Once Outlawed, Uganda's Tiny Jewish Group Opens Synagogue
Who was 'Hyrcanus'?
The True Story of the Jew Who Married a Dolphin newsletter: 16fx1226.txt
Netanyahu: Israel will Overcome Shameful Security Council Resolution
Pakistan Threatens Israel with Nukes after Fake News Report.
Iranian Commander Threatens Israel in Wake of Aleppo Victory
Arabs See UN resolution as Step Toward Destruction of Israel
Bennett at Western Wall: It's Time for Sovereignty
UNSC Resolution Promotes Mid East War
Fuel Tank Erupts in Flames at Haifa Bay
A Rabbi's Christmas Message newsletter: 16fx1227.txt newsletter: 16fx1228.txt
Kerry to Speak Wednesday on his Mid East Peace Vision
Nukes on the High Seas: Israel's Underwater Atomic Arsenal newsletter: 16fx1229.txt
Report: UN Vote Against Israel was Planned by Kerry, Rice, Erekat
Kerry: Six Principles for Mid East Peace Based on Two States
Database Allows Access to 3,500 Files on Yemenite Children Affair newsletter: 16fx1230.txt
Netanyahu: Strong IAF is an Asset for the US and Israel
Hamas Operative Provides IDF with Intelligence on Terror Tunnels
The NYTimes Does it Again!
Female IDF Soldiers Capture Instagram
Belgian Actor Blasts 'Criminal Procreation' in Israel
Israeli Safari Bank is Collecting Endangered Species DNA
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