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Quadcopters in the Service of the IDF
Israeli Researchers Have Discovered What Makes Cancer Recur
Ministers Approve Bill Limiting Access to Online Pornography
Raoul Wallenberg Officially Declared Dead
Israel's Ben-Gurion Airport to Launch Digitized Check-In Process via Cell Phone
Russian-Born Israeli Woman Crowned 5th Miss Holocaust Survivor newsletter: 16fx1102.txt
Arab Opinion Poll Shows Support for Clinton
Soldiers Admit to Taking Bribes from Palestinians at Checkpoints
State Comptroller: Israel Unprepared for Massive Cyber-Attack
Americans in Israel: Expat Voting Group Failed to Send Ballots
High Speed Rail from Western Wall to Tel Aviv
Palestinian Female Lawyer Fights for Women, One Divorce at a Time newsletter: 16fx1103.txt
A November Surprise? Israel Concerned Obama May Push Security Council to Recognize Palestinian State
`Jewish Children Attacked in London
IDF Shows Appreciation for Combat Soldiers by Funding Bachelor's Degrees
Violent Outbreaks at the Kotel Between Orthodox and Liberals
In the West Bank, Samaritans Provide a Sanctuary newsletter: 16fx1104.txt
Israeli Researchers Find Possible HIV Cure
Officials Warn 7,000 People will Die if Major Earthquake Hits Israel
Iran: Our 'Drones have Made Dozens of Undetected Flights over Israel'
Fleeing France anti-Semitism, African Jewish Family Makes Aliyah
Mel Brooks Records Robocall for His Great-Nephew Running for NY State Senate newsletter: 16fx1107.txt
In UNESCO, Palestinians Claim Ownership of Dead Sea Scrolls
Palestinian Authority: Israel Trying to Kill Abbas
Haredi Protesters Shut Down Roads Across Israel
Education Ministry Sets Sights on Teaching Math in Kindergartens
Hasidic Men Save Arab Woman on Plane
Trump and Clinton are 'Two More Reasons to Make Aliyah' newsletter: 16fx1108.txt
Israel Opposes French-Sponsored Peace Conference with Palestinians
Anti-Trump Ad Switches Word 'Jewish' for Muslim
Israeli Rabbinical Court Punishes American for Son's Divorce Refusal newsletter: 16fx1109.txt
Trump or Clinton? Israelis Fret, But Either Likely Ally
George W. Bush Didn't Vote for Either Major Candidate
Israel Celebrates First 'Aliyah Day' newsletter: 16fx1110.txt
In Middle East, Head-Scratching, Alarm after Trump Win
Israel Lauds Interpol for Nixing Palestinian Authority's Membership Bid
Gan Yavne Kabbalist Predicted Trump Victory
Netflix to Air Israeli Thriller About Undercover Counterterrorism Unit
Women Imprison Male and Publicize Him as Pedophile newsletter: 16fx1111.txt
Nine Palestinian Terrorists held, 120kg of Bomb Materials Seized
Russian Prime Minister's Visit Marks 25th Anniversary of Israel-Russia Ties
Israeli Arab Mayor: I Taught Trump Everything He Knows
German Nazis Target Jewish Institutions
Heir to Schindler's Widow Sues Yad Vashem
Trump Victory Could Give New hope to Jonathan Pollard
Kabbalist Fasted 3 Days to Prevent a Clinton Win newsletter: 16fx1114.txt
Trump's First Mideast Military Action May Target Iran
Netanyahu: Don't Speculate on Trump's Mideast Policies
Ministers Approve 'Muezzin Law'
PA: We'll ' Make Life Miserable' for Trump if he Moves Embassy
Israeli Cabinet Votes to Declassify Documents on Alleged Kidnapping of Yemenite Children
Montana Synagogue Increases Security after Neo-Nazi Ad Campaign newsletter: 16fx1115.txt
Trump Hires Accused Anti-Semite as Chief Strategist
WHO Lauds IDF Field Hospital Standards as Best in the World
Extremely Rare Baseball Signed by Moe Berg, Catcher and World War II Spy, Sells for $17,000+ newsletter: 16fx1116.txt
Netanyahu: Technology Creates Tremendous Momentum for Israel
Men Refusing to Grant Divorce to Face Criminal Charges
Ultra-Orthodox Knesset Minister Blocks `Muezzin Bill'
Grand Museum to Showcase Egypt's Ancient Culture (But Hebrew Slaves will Not be Used This Time)
Operation Wedding in the Sky
Shaquille O'Neal Dances the Hora at a Jewish Wedding newsletter: 16fx1117.txt
Hamas Threatens Tel Aviv
Obama Mulling Support of UN Resolution Against Israeli Settlements
Tefillin Recovered from Garbage Dump
Arab, Jewish Fertility Rates Equal for First Time
Swimmers Brave Salty Swim in Dead Sea Eco Campaign
US Tour Company Booking Luxury Trips to Iran newsletter: 16fx1118.txt
Iranian Leader Explains What `Death to America' Means
Hizbullah Denies Claims it is 'an Army.' But How Did They Obtain U.S. Tanks?
Rabbi Meir Kahane Memorialized
Hamas Clamps Down on Israeli SIM Cards in Gaza
ADL leader: US Anti-Semitism Worse than at Any Time Since 1930s
Ancient Ten Commandments Tablet Sold at Auction for $850,000 newsletter: 16fx1121.txt
Netanyahu: Israel's Security was Sole Consideration in Submarine Purchase
Mike Huckabee Denies Being Tapped as U.S. Envoy to Israel
Nephew of First Muslim Police Commissioner Murdered
Trump's Failed Business Affair with Israel
Sabra Recalls Hummus and Other Spreads over Possible Contamination
Israeli B-Cure Laser Cures Your Pain Right at Home. New Laser Technology can Detect Explosives from a Distance newsletter: 16fx1122.txt
Secret Israel-Jordanian-Syrian Border Talks Begin
|New Initiative Enlists Lone Soldiers to Fight BDS on Campuses
Trump's Grandfather Begged to Stay in Germany but Was Refused
Israel and the American-Indian Question
IDF Receives New Guidelines on 'Proper Behavior'
Goldberg Makes Triumphant WWE Comeback, Beating Rival in Under 90 Seconds newsletter: 16fx1123.txt
'Direct Strike on Haifa Ammonia Tank Could Kill 17,500 People'
Trump: 'Jared Kushner Could Help Make Peace Between Israel and Arabs'
Iranian Commander: Israel Will Be Gone in 10 years
Religious Soldiers Must Refuse to Serve Alongside Women in the Combat Units.
Holocaust Jacket Sold for $2 at a Yard Sale newsletter: 16fx1124.txt
Terror-by-Arson Alleged in 200 Israel Wildfires
US Permits Sale of 198 Commercial Aircraft to Iran; Israel's UN Envoy: Iran is Using Commercial Flights to Send Hizbullah Arms
As US Jews Suffer, Silence Falls on Jerusalem
`No Locks, Yes Lox' Sign Makes the Brooklyn Bridge Even More Jewish newsletter: 16fx1128.txt
IAF Smashes ISIS-Linked Mortar Team after Golan Shelling
'No Active Fires Left' after 2,000 Blazes Scorch Israel
Hamas Leader: Trump May be a Jew
Deadly Nuclear Material Stolen from Iran Nuclear Plant
The Church of Norway, the State's Lutheran Church, Condemned Church Founder Martin Luther's anti-Jewish Legacy. newsletter: 16fx1129.txt
Israel Raises its US Stealth Bomber Order from 33 to 58
Israeli Air Force Strikes Islamic State Target in Syria
22 U.S. Jihadist Villages Prepare for 'Trump-Ordered' Raids
Israelis Displaced by Fires to Receive Assistance from Jewish Agency, Government
Arson as a Weapon
Wife of Top Putin Aide Sparks Ire for Holocaust-Themed Ice Show newsletter: 16fx1130.txt
ISIS Claims Somali Attack at Ohio State University
Danon: History Tells Us the Palestinians Don't Want a State
Carter to Obama: Recognize 'Palestine' Before End of Term
Rabbi: Couples Whose Ketubas Burned Cannot Live Together
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