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Six Jerusalem Arabs charged with plotting terror for ISIS by DEBKAfile
Bank Sepah and Bank Sepah International, both implicated in financing Iran's ballistic missile program
Netanyahu stopped Peres from establishing Palestinian state Shimon Peres and Abbas reportedly set up program to allow Jews to remain in Palestine, only to have Netanyahu pull the plug.
ISIS cell in Jerusalem?
Birthright trips to Israel have become somewhat of a rite of passage for young Jews worldwide
Israel Hayom Rosh Hashanah poll: 81% are proud to be Israeli newsletter: 16fx1005.txt
Palestinian Court Rules Election in West Bank Only, Not Gaza
PLO's Ashrawi: Peres Talked Peace but Did Nothing
Posh New York Synagogue Charges More Than $3000 for Rosh Hashana Service newsletter: 16fx1006.txt
IDF Strikes Gaza Targets after Rocket Hits Southern Israel, F-16 Pilot Killed
The Markets for Israel's Offshore Gas Dry Up
US Condemns New Israeli Plan on Settlements
Agriculture Ministry: "Campaign Against Kaparot is Blasphemous"
Poll: 81% are Proud to be Israeli newsletter: 16fx1007.txt
Planned Hizbullah Terror Attacks in Haifa Area Thwarted
Suspicion: Arab Posed as Cop to Sexually Assault Tourists
Meet Israel's 'Suicide Squad' of Self-Sacrificing Drones
Tel Aviv University Researchers Make Alzheimer's Breakthrough
ISIS Bans Pet Cats in Islamic State
`Apple is Secretly Developing the iPhone 8 in Israel' newsletter: 16fx1010.txt
Police Arrest Arabs Who Filmed Terror Attack That Killed Two Israelis, Injures Several
A Rare Look at Shaldag, the IAF's Clandestine Commando Unit
Foreign Ministry Video Presenting Alternative History of Israel newsletter: 16fx1011.txt
Jews: The First Victims in an Anti-Semitic France
A 'Developing Sanhedrin' in its Second Year of a New Jubilee Cycle
Missionaries Erect Stall in Central Tel Aviv
Ad Telling Women They Do Not Have to Switch Seats on Israel Flights is Rejected for NJ Airport
Wig Wearers Excluded from Hearing Shofar
Amazon Removes 'Sexy Burka' Costume from Web Site newsletter: 16fx1013.txt
Second Iranian-Yemini Missile Attack on USS Mason
Rioting in Jerusalem Area Continues as Palestinians Open fire on IDF Troops
Mogen Dovid Adom Medics Treat 2,326 People Over Yom Kippur
25 New 'Dead Sea Scrolls' are Revealed newsletter: 16fx1014.txt
UNESCO Passes Anti-Israel Resolution; It Denies Any Connection Between Jews and Temple Mount
Spain, Portugal Naturalize Nearly 5,000 Sephardic Jews
Israeli Charity Suspected of Being a Front for Financing Terrorism newsletter: 16fx1017.txt
Israel Suspends UNESCO Ties over Denial of Jewish Link to Jerusalem
'Clinton Doubted Israel Could Stop Iran's Nuclear Program Alone'
`Southern Israel is Secure, but Hamas is Getting Ready' newsletter: 16fx1018.txt
Report: Hamas Launches Long-Range Rocket into Mediterranean Sea
House Where Hitler was Born to be Demolished
The Samaritan Sukkot newsletter: 16fx1019.txt
France Right Wing Party Leader Le Pen: Ban Kippahs
Boy Named Daud Swallows Star of David, Saved by Doctors
American Flag Desecrated with Anti-Semitic Messages Left at Tampa Synagogue
Children the World Over Know that Israel Belongs to Jews
Secular Father Kidnaps Baby Minutes Before Circumcision
Poll: Nearly 60% of Palestinians Oppose State on 1967 Borders newsletter: 16fx1020.txt
Trump and Pence to Address Israelis
ISIS Video Threatens Israel in Hebrew: We're Closing in on You
Islam Originally Recognized Jews as Owners of Israel
British Jews Seek Restoration of German Citizenship
Have the Skeletons of the Temple Mount Massacre Been Found?
'Lost Tribe of Israel' Found in Papua New Guinea? newsletter: 16fx1021.txt
Lethal Terror Attacks in Be'er Sheva Thwarted
ADL: Online Anti-Semitism Against Jewish Journalists is on the Rise
Palestinians Push for UN 'Consequences' for Israeli Settlement Activity
Israeli Arab Couple with Three Children Arrested After Allegedly Joining ISIS
How to Make an Origami Israeli Satellite newsletter: 16fx1024.txt
Israeli Defense Minister: Next Gaza War will be the Last
Republican Israel Event Downsized
French Town Commemorates Alfred Dreyfus
Monarch offers Ovda (Eilat)-to-London tickets for $45 newsletter: 16fx1025.txt
Putin Reaffirms Israel-Russia Ties
Muslims at Ben Gurion Airport Using Jewish Tallit as Rugs for Prayer
120,000 Americans Registered to Vote from Israel
`Friends' Co-Creator Takes on US Remake of Israeli TV Show About Orthodox Family newsletter: 16fx1026.txt
Defense Minister: If Hamas Attacks, We will Destroy Them
The Muslim Prayer at Rome's Coliseum was a Declaration of War
Belzer Rebbe: Smartphone Owners are 'Hiding from the World'
Centuries-Old Ten Commandments Tablet heads to Auction in Texas newsletter: 16fx1027.txt
UNESCO Passes 2nd Resolution Ignoring Jewish Link to Jerusalem
Jerusalem Named in a Hebrew Text Dating from First Temple
Secret Documents Surface Exposing Israeli Politicians, Senior Defense Officials as KGB Spies
Trump, Pence Deliver Warm Regards for Republicans in Israel
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Claims to be Using Kamikaze UAV newsletter: 16fx1028.txt
IDF General Warns Gazans That They Risk Death by Digging Hamas Tunnels
What IDF Should Learn From Battle for Mosul
Experts Uncover Hidden Layers of Jesus' Tomb Site newsletter: 16fx1031.txt
Israeli Justice Minister Claims BDS Wants to `Wipe the Jewish Nation Off the Face of the Earth'
Report: Recording Released of Clinton Suggesting Rigging 2006 Palestinian Election
Dead Sea Products Mall Kiosk Owner Sentenced to Prison for Illegally Employing Israelis
Ancient Muslim Inscription Proves Jewish Ties to Temple Mount
German Guesthouse: We Don't Want Israeli Guests
Trump Writes Note for Western Wall
'Don't Die a Natural Death, Become a Terrorist Instead!'
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