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Hamas, ISIS Increase Collaboration Across Gaza-Sinai Border
Bennett: We're Losing Millions of Jews to Assimilation
No Holds Barred: It's Time for the Jews to Proselytize
Himmler's Diary Discovered in Russian Archive
Palestinian Soccer Federation Complains Against Israel newsletter: 16fx0803.txt
PA Terrorist in Jerusalem Carried Knives Dipped in Rat Poison
Hizbullah Dupes Israeli Top Brass Into TV Interview
Trump Sets up Israeli Campaign HQ to Secure Overseas Votes
Photo of Israeli soldier Accidentally Used in Lebanon Army Day Ad
Miami Twins Join the IDF
Palestinian Urges IDF to Shoot His Son on Camera; Soldier and Boy High-Five Instead newsletter: 16fx0804.txt
'Azerbaijan Allows Israel to Use its Air Bases Near Iran Border'
'Missing IAF Navigator Ron Arad was Tortured to Death in 1988'
Report: Non-Jews Manage to Sneak onto Birthright Trips
PA TV Deletes Handshake Between Soldier and Arab Child newsletter: 16fx0805.txt
Senior Hamas Operative Who Infiltrated Int'l Charity 'World Vision' Arrested
ISIS in Egypt Says Israel will Soon 'Pay a High Price'
Facebook Deletes Israel from List of Olympics Participants newsletter: 16fx0808.txt
Iran Could Have an Operational Nuke by the End of 2017
Wounded Syrians Being Evacuated from Syria
Lebanese Olympic Team 'Racist, anti-Semitic' for Humiliating Israelis, Says Minister newsletter: 16fx0809.txt
Israeli Firm Ordered to Pay Iran $1.2 Billion
A KGB Head's Diaries Reveal the Soviets Executed Wallenberg
No Entry Into Jordan If You Look Jewish
Hamas Prisoners to be Blocked from Making Phone Calls
Former CIA Officer Seeks to Challenge Trump
Germany Considering Movie About Hitler for Oscars
Hebrew University Offers Degree in Winemaking
Lebanese Olympic Delegation Leader Reprimanded by Olympic Committee newsletter: 16fx0810.txt
Israel's Let-Down: Putin-Erdogan Hook-Up with Iran
Yemeni Jews Say Their Relatives were Stolen in Israel 70 Years Ago
PA Fires Palestinian Who Helped Jewish Terror Victims
Israeli Judo Athlete Yarden Gerbi Wins Bronze Medal newsletter: 16fx0811.txt
Public Views Israel as Responsible for Safety of All Jews
Obama Administration Plans to Sell $1.15 Billion Worth of Arms to Saudi Arabia
Hizbullah Releases Photos of IDF Troops on Israel's Northern Border
Israel's Iron Dome Interceptor Being Considered by U.S. Army to Defend Deployed Yroops,
Israel Breaks Travel Record as Millions of Israelis Fly Abroad newsletter: 16fx0812.txt
Israeli Navy Urgently Orders New American Coastal Craft
Netanyahu: 'I Care More About Palestinians Than Their Own Leaders'
Cat-Fight in Chabad Over IDF Draft Agreement
Spanish City Officially Adopts Anti-Israel BDS Policy
Excavations Reveal 6,000-Year-Old City, Roman-Era Frescoes
Bus Driver Whisks Collapsed Passenger to Hospital newsletter: 16fx0815.txt
Thousands Mark Tisha B'Av with Prayers at Western Wall as Muslims Riot on Temple Mount
Hizbullah Chief Warns: Our Rockets Can Strike Anywhere in Israel
Saudi Media in Pro-Jewish Campaign
The Israeli Dervish
Israeli Olympians Pay Taxes When They Win newsletter: 16fx0816.txt
Abbas' Scheme for Rival Jerusalem Municipality
Israeli Company Wants to Build Trump's Mexico Border Wall
Trump's Israeli Campaign Targets Hebrew-Speakers
Kids Play 'Zionist Jailers' Executing Prisoners in PA Camp newsletter: 16fx0817.txt
2,000-year-old rock from Bar Kochba revolt found near Jerusalem newsletter: 16fx0819.txt
New Details Emerge on U.S. 'Ransom' to Iran
Pro-Palestinian Group Denies Collecting Data on US Students
A Jewish Woman Who Was Nearly Sold to ISIS
New York City Campaign Email Warns of Harlem Takeover by 'Greedy Jews'
IDF Welcomes Jewish Native American Soldier
Pro-Palestinian Celtic fans, Israeli Hapoel Fans Clash in Glasgow newsletter: 16fx0822.txt
IDF Continues Pounding Hamas Targets Into Night
Report: Netanyahu, Herzog Meet to Discuss Unity Government
Explosion from Molotov Cocktail Lights Assailant on Fire
Poland Signs Law to Prevent Return of Post-WWII Property
Italian University Official Calls for 'Final Solution for Zionists'
Videos Leaked from Satmar Camps Show Kids Protesting Israel
Descendants of Nazis Sing Israel's National Anthem newsletter: 16fx0823.txt
Israel Vows to 'Join Forces' with Turkey Against Terrorism
Israeli Jets Strike Syria
Polls Most Israelis, Palestinians Oppose Bilateral Peace Plan
Man Arrested for Defending Tourists from Arab Attackers
Trump Adviser Allegedly Boasted of Removing Jews from Gov't Jobs; Top Clinton Aide Held Senior Position at Islamist Journal
The Jewish Father of the Nazi Reich's First Lady newsletter: 16fx0824.txt
Report: Israel is World's Most Militarized Country
Israel Busts Seven Weapons Mills in Massive West Bank Raid
UC Irvine Sanctions BDS Group for Disrupting Israel Event
Arab Pop Star Faces Media Storm After Photo with IDF Officer
Jordanian Analyst Loses It on Live TV
Where Do Jewish New Immigrants Prefer to Live in Israel? newsletter: 16fx0825.txt
Turkey Uses Bilateral Ties with Israel as Alibi
Diplomat Makes Rare Visit to Muslim Nation Without Israel Ties
Satmar Decree Bars Women from Higher Education
Egyptian Athlete Takes Photo with Israeli Flag, Sparks Outrage
Brussels Airlines Caves into BDS, Set to Stop Serving Israeli Halvah; Minister Calls to Bar the Airline from Israeli Airports
Fawn Illegally-Held by Palestinians Rescued by IDF newsletter: 16fx0826.txt
Secret Files Allege Israel Armed Argentina During Falklands War
Israel Dismisses UN's 'Unfounded' Claims
In Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Press, Hillary Clinton is Invisible
Maker of Modest Swimsuits: Burkini Ban is Great for Business
Russian TV Runs Documentary Claiming Jewish Conspiracy in Titanic's Sinking
Palestinian-Saudi Team Invents 'Smart' Solar Umbrella for Mecca Pilgrimage newsletter: 16fx0829.txt
Israel Expands Patrols into East Jerusalem to Stem Palestinian Attacks
Israeli Who Sold Military Equipment to Iran to be Deported to U.S.
Teacher Shortage Looms as New School Year Begins
Germans Told to Stockpile Food and Water in Case of Attack
The Israeli Game that Arab Countries Love
|Thousands Gather to Dedicate Torah Scroll Purchased Letter by Letter newsletter: 16fx0830.txt
Iran Deploys Missile System to Protect Site Banned From Nuclear Activity
Number of Arab Teachers in Jewish Schools Increases by 40%
Barbra Streisand Sings Duet with Jimmy Fallon as Donald Trump newsletter: 16fx0831.txt
Israel Lambastes UN Mideast Envoy for 'Distorting History'
Protest Prompts Brussels Airlines to Return Israeli Halvah Snack to Menu
Reflections on Colonel Mickey Marcus
Druze Town First in Graduation Rates, Haredi Town Last
Haredi Teacher Allegedly Fired for Obtaining Driver's License
Cat's Prayers Answered After Being Rescued from Alcove in Kotel
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