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Terrorist Stabs Two Israelis in Netanya, One Seriously Wounded; Israeli Girl Stabbed to Death, Days After PA Aide Told Palestinians to Slit Israeli Throats
Male Victims of Sexual Assault Speak Out: Focus of New Exhibition
Reporting for Reserve Duty—in Their Second Trimester
Ultra-Orthodox Leaders Urge Netanyahu Block Recognition of Reform Jews
Streak of Racy Israeli Girl Soldier Photos Go Viral newsletter: 16fx0704.txt
NY Post Blasts U.S. Funding of Arab Terror Attacks on Israel
Israeli Sovereignty for Ma'ale Adumim
Terrorists are Honored in East Jerusalem with a Dinner Event
Entebbe 40 Years Later: July 4, 1976
UAE Tells Citizens to Avoid National Dress While Abroad newsletter: 16fx0706.txt
Israel Captures Largest Palestinian Cell Linked to ISIS
Newly Disclosed US Document Shows Possible Saudi Links to 9/11 Attacks
Trump Supporter Backtracks on Suggestion that Sanders Convert
Uganda's Jews Dream of Recognition from Israel
Bomb Scare on El Al Plane Scrambles Swiss Fighter Jets
IAF Chief Admits Google Stunt 'Was a Mistake'
Videos of Soldier Girls Behaving Badly newsletter: 16fx0707.txt
Knesset Minister: 'Annex the Communities of Greater Jerusalem'
State Department Blasts Israeli 'Systematic Land Seizures'
Israel, US Successfully Test Integration of Missile Defense Systems
Trump Conversion Row Raises Concerns Among US Jews
Urine-Based Dye Found in Ancient New Testament newsletter: 16fx0708.txt
ISIS 'Kill Lists' Target US Synagogues
Netanyahu Denies Reports of Assassination Attempt in Kenya
TV Host Comes Under Fire for Mocking Death of Yonatan Netanyahu
Debris from Doomed EgyptAir Flight Found off Israeli Coast
AG Forbids Mixed-Gender Prayer Service at Western Wall
PA Media Teaches Kids: 'Jews do Satan's Work on Earth' newsletter: 16fx0711.txt
The Covert Dimension of Israeli-Egyptian Ties
UNESCO Once Again Tries to Deny a Jewish Connection to Temple Mount
'Syndrome K,' The Fake Disease Used To Save Jews From The Nazis
Ancient Bones Cast New Light on Goliath's People newsletter: 16fx0712.txt
On Rare Israel Visit, Egyptian Foreign Minister Calls for 2-State Solution
US Jewish Leaders Briefed After ISIS 'Kill List' Included Jews
Facebook Charged with Aiding Terror in Billion Dollar Lawsuit
Ancient Noah's Ark Mosaic Discovered at Historic Site in Israel newsletter: 16fx0713.txt
Danon: 120,000 Hizbullah Missiles Aimed at Israel
Palestinians Propagandize That 'Israel Instructing US Police to Murder Blacks'
Jewish-Muslim Couple Immigrates to Israel, Not Afraid newsletter: 16fx0714.txt
IDF Bulldozers with Tanks Enter Golan DMZ
Hamas Uses Israel's Post Office to Smuggle Military Equipment into Gaza
By DEBKAfile
Ivanka Trump's Conversion Ruled 'Not-Kosher'
The Israeli Startup That Lets You Eat Meat - Without Eating the Animal newsletter: 16fx0715.txt
Netanyahu: Arab Countries View Israel as an Ally, Not an Enemy
Five Years in Prison for Divorce-Refusing Husband
PA Encourages High Schoolers to Commit Suicide
Hanegbi: Declassify Documents on Kidnapped Yemenite Children
Israel's Olympic Team Gears Up for Rio 2016 newsletter: 16fx0718.txt
Jerusalem Terror Attack Thwarted
'Jews are Infidels and You're Allowed to Kill Infidels'
France Covered Up Torture, Sexual Mutilation in Paris Attack
Rabbi Levinstein: 'Reform Movement is Really Christianity'
Rare Bar Kochba Shekel Offered for Sale newsletter: 16fx0719.txt
IDF Patriot Fails to Intercept Unidentified Drone Over Golan
Trump Campaign Finds a New Rabbi
69 Years Ago `The Exodus' Became Israel's First Ship of State
Divorce Revolution' Takes Effect newsletter: 16fx0720.txt
Drone over N. Israel: Iranian with Stolen US apps
Netanyahu: If Hizbullah Attacks, They'll Get 'Iron Fist'
European Union Eyes Israeli Technologies for Spotting Terrorists Online
Children given military training in Hamas summer camps newsletter: 16fx0721.txt
Knesset Passes Law That Could Unseat Arab Lawmakers
Pokemon Go: Soon in Israel
Russian Jewish group Gives 'Pokemon Go' a Thumbs Up
Haredi Soldier Verbally Abused on Bnei Brak Streets
Chabad IDF Rabbi's Unique Cure for Haredi Extremism
Bag of Marijuana is Found in Knesset Bathroom newsletter: 16fx0722.txt
IDF Prosecutors Indict Brig. Gen. Buchris
Polish Officials Under Fire for Revisionism of Holocaust History
Dog Tag Saves Soldier from Likely Errant Bullet Near Lebanon Border
Saudi Religious Edict Bans 'Pokemon Go' newsletter: 16fx0725.txt
In a Rare Jerusalem Visit, Saudi Ex-General Meets Israeli Officials
Wikileaks: Saudi Students' Visit to Israeli Embassy Worries Riyadh
Meet Israel's New Cybersecurity Hub
Pollard Appeals Terms of Release
Police Detain Girl, 16, for Online Wish to Become a 'Shahid' newsletter: 16fx0726.txt
Report: Next War with Hizbullah Could Cause 'Thousands of Civilian Deaths' in Israel
IDF Bans Donations to Soldiers
Palestinian Authority Wants to Sue UK over Balfour Declaration
Bnei Brak: Rabbis Ban Eating on the Run
Very Young Drivers on Highway 60 newsletter: 16fx0727.txt
Former Israeli General: US Military Aid Harms Israel
New ADL Report Shows Dramatic Rise in US Anti-Semitism
Knesset: Rabbinate Can Ban Non-Orthodox Groups from Mikvehs
Summer of Love: US Jews Come to Israel Looking for a Partner
The Last Jewish Presidential Candidate: Far-Left, Anti-Israel newsletter: 16fx0728.txt
Israeli Army Kills Palestinian Man Accused of Murdering Rabbi
Ya'alon: Palestinians Believe All of Israel is a 'Settlement'
Israel's Success Against 'Lone Wolf' Terrorists — Here's How newsletter: 16fx0729.txt
'Obama Increased Aid to Arab Countries, But Not to Israel'
Syrian-Russian Provocations Could Spark Golan Clash
Israeli Program May Cut US Troops' Risk of Psychological Disorders
IDF Educator Defames the Book of Esther
Polish Court Rules to Continue Denying Stolen Property from Holocaust survivors
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