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Viral Palestinian Propaganda Video Accuses Israel of Digging Under Al-Aqsa Mosque
High Court: Private Conversions Recognized for Citizenship
Transgender Teenager Jailed for Refusing IDF Military Service
Miracle on a Tel Aviv Dan #4 Bus
Dubai Woman Delivers Baby in Israel, Names Him after IDF Officer Who Helped Her newsletter: 16fx0404.txt
Will Obama Invoke Monroe Doctrine? Iran Announces Naval Deployment in Latin America
German Intelligence Spied on Israeli Prime Minister
Hamas Terrorists Deny Negotiations on Return of Captive Israelis
Massive Panama Leak Shows How World Leader and Criminals Hide Their Money
Sanders Compares Trump to Hitler, Then Denies It
80-Year-Old Passenger: El Al Charged Extra for Disabled Seat newsletter: 16fx0405.txt
Israeli and Turkish Teams to Meet in Europe on Thursday
Netanyahu's Dilemma: Détente with Turkey or Recognition of Kurds
Israel and Iran Working Together on Major Scientific Project
Terrorist's Mother: Knife was Just for a Salad, She Loves Jews newsletter: 16fx0406.txt
Israel Tax Authority Launches Probe into Leaked Panama Papers
Bernie Sanders, the Jewish Democratic Presidential Candidate, Claims Israel Killed '10,000 Innocents' in Gaza. Is He Moonlighting for Hamas?
What is the Divine Message of the Blood-Red Nile? newsletter: 16fx0407.txt
Report: US Mulling Withdrawal of Sinai Multinational Force
ISIS Descends on Jordan's Border
Report: Israeli Drone Spotted in Nagorno-Karabakh Clash
Stanford Univ. Senate Debates Whether 'Jews Control Banks and Media'
Hackers Expected to Launch Annual Cyber attack on Israeli Sites Thursday
Michael Oren's Peace plan newsletter: 16fx0408.txt
Report: US Army Building Secret Missile-Proof Israeli Base
Panama Papers Uncover the Exclusive Club That Lines the Pockets of Palestine's Political and Financial Elite
How Israel Wants To Soup Up Its Fleet Of F-35s
Crisis averted: 1,300 Ethiopian Jews coming home
Studies Show Israeli-Developed Therapy Effective in Fighting Prostate Cancer newsletter: 16fx0411.txt
Egypt Cedes Two Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia
Israelis Strongly Urged to Leave Turkey over Concrete Terror Threat
Israel Eases Shipping, Hamas Threatens 'Commando Attacks'
Sanders: 'No Opinion' on 1967 Borders newsletter: 16fx0412.txt
Erdogan Raises Price Tag for Normal Ties with Israel
Poll: 60% of Palestinians Support 'Armed Attacks Against Israeli Civilians Inside Israel'
IDF Said to be Eyeing Purchase of 'Suicide Drones'
Palestinian High School Honors Murderer of American Peace Activist
Hamas 'Exorcism' Ritual Used to Recruit Child Terrorists
How the Discovery of Missing Girls Inspired a Return to Judaism newsletter: 16fx0413.txt
U.S. Notifies Israel, Egypt; Reviewing Possible Changes to Sinai Peacekeeping Force
Israel Informed in Advance of Egypt-Saudi Island Ceding
'Jews of Uganda' Get Official Recognition for Aliyah
Floods Close Roads in the Negev
'Historic' Secret Jewish Wedding Performed on Temple Mount
Gaza Lioness Leaves Gaza for a West Bank Zoo newsletter: 16fx0414.txt
Palestinians Threaten Escalation if Jews Visit Temple Mount on Passover
Poll: Patriotism Sky High in Israeli High Schools
Trump 'Very Supportive' of Daughter's Conversion to Judaism
Unearthed Mummy's 'Adidas' Sneakers Spark Time Travel Theories
Ziploc Fever Grips the Holy Land newsletter: 16fx0415.txt
British Military Expert: Israel Must Strike Iran - On its Own
Report: Brussels Terror Perpetrators Planned to Attack Ben Gurion Airport
Two Terror Attacks Thwarted
Sanders' Jewish Outreach Adviser Criticized for Anti-Netanyahu Stance
IDF Uses Harry Potter World to Train Cyber Wizards
Immigrants Set to Celebrate 'Aliyah Day' newsletter: 16fx0418.txt
Netanyahu: Israel will Never Withdraw from Golan
Iran Vows to Defend Muslim Nations Against Terrorism, Israel
Netanyahu: UNESCO Ignoring Historic Jewish Ties to Temple Mount
'Pollard Still Holds Top-Secret Information'
Future Israeli Teachers will Undergo Personality Test
Shabbat Recipe Causes a Stew on Facebook newsletter: 16fx0419.txt
Palestinian Suicide Attack Hits Buses in Jerusalem
IDF Uncovers Hamas Attack Tunnel Inside Israeli Territory
Syria: We Will Retake Golan by Any Means Necessary newsletter: 16fx0420.txt
Biden Blasts Israel at a Leftist J Street Gathering Just Hours After Jerusalem Bus Bombing
Twice Blessed: Bus Attack Victim Also Survived 2001 Sbarro Pizza Bombing
Israeli Court Convicts Man in Palestinian Teenager's 2014 Murder
Michael Oren: US Candidates Must Know Facts on Israel
'Matzo and the American Dream' Comes to the Big Screen newsletter: 16fx0425.txt
GCC Leaders Reject Obama's Middle East OPolicy
Israel Denies Reports Russian Forces Fired at IAF Jets
PA Preacher: Pray for Genocide and Allah to Punish `Wicked' Jews
Haredi Rabbi Declares Pot Kosher. Even for Passover
|Israeli Eurovision Contestant Humiliated at Moscow Airport
NASA Astronaut `Fascinated' by View of Israel from Space newsletter: 16fx0426.txt
New Palestinian Pact-for-Terror
Egypt Celebrates 1982 Israeli Handover of Sinai
Saudi Family Therapist Gives Advice on Wife Beating newsletter: 16fx0427.txt
US Secretly Removes Fforces from Northern Sinai
Pentagon Tests Iron Dome, Adopts Israeli Bombing Tactics
Shin Bet Foils Terrorist Passover Attack in Jerusalem
Bernie Sanders Refuses to Sign Letter to Obama Backing Defense Package for Israel
Saudi general: 'If Netanyahu Accepts the Arab Peace Initiative, We'll Open an Embassy in Israel' newsletter: 16fx0428.txt
US Sinai Pullback is Payback for Egypt's Handover of Islands to Saudi Arabia
Hizbullah Develops New Skills in Syria, Posing Challenges for Israel
Hackers Identify Location of 'Waze' Users, Create Fake Traffic Jams
Israel Laments UN Security Council's 'Unfair Criticism' over Golan
Israeli Forces Kill Armed Palestinians at Border Checkpoint
Egyptian Archaeologist Claims Jewish Haggadah is a Lie
Israeli Doctors Save Gazan Child from Paralysis newsletter: 16fx0429.txt
Israeli Embassy Attack in Rome Foiled by Italian Authorities
PA Envoy Enrages Israel by Comparing Terrorists to WWII Jewish Resistance Fighters
Abbas Fires Shechem Governor - Over Passover Sacrifice?
Asians are Keen on Matzot
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