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Aliyah from China: Jewish History in the Making
Two Soldiers Rescued After Accidentally Entering Qalandiya
SodaStream Lays Off 74 Palestinians After Israel Denied Work Permits
PA Preacher Once Again Blames Jews for Fish Fights
Swastikas and Cocaine - Catholic Priest Caught Redhanded newsletter: 16fx0302.txt
Palestinian Killed, 10 Israeli Soldiers Injured in Kalandia Clash
Hamas Commander Accused of Being Gay is Executed
Continued Incitement Against Jews, Israel in PA Textbooks
Farrakhan Praises Trump for Not Taking 'Jewish Money' newsletter: 16fx0303.txt
Hizbullah Launches Chemicals & Dirty Bombs Program at Secret Syrian Site
IAF Receives First David's Sling Defense System Batteries
'Israel is Chasing Away Skilled Immigrants' newsletter: 16fx0304.txt
Two Arab-Israelis Indicted for Plotting ISIS Attacks
Poll: US Public's Support for Israel Remains Strong
Russian Slanders the Bible, Faces Jail Time
Record: World's Odest Torah Sroll Sill in Ue newsletter: 16fx0307.txt
Report: Extremist Groups Advocating Anti-Semitic Views Proliferate in US
UK Labor leader Accused of Burying Party's Anti-Semitism 'Problem'
Report: 'In Next war, Hizbullah will Fight Inside Israel'
Soldiers Still Prevented from Carrying Weapons on Leave
Trump Asks Backers to Swear Their Support
Marriage in Israel: Going Around the Rabbinate newsletter: 16fx0308.txt
Is Biden's Israel Visit an Opening Shot for White House Bid?
Bloomberg Rules Out Presidential Run
Solar Tower in Desert Promotes Israel's Renewable Energy Drive
Gaza Professor: US Spreading Drugs and Pornography in Arab World
Rare, First Temple Woman's Seal Found in Jerusalem Excavation newsletter: 16fx0309.txt
Palestinian Terror Spirals for Biden Visit; Terror Attacks in Jaffa, Jerusalem and Petach Tikva
Trump Calls `Heil' Salute Controversy `Ridiculous'
Will Raoul Wallenberg's Fate Finally Become Known?
German Bank Teller Refuses Service to Israeli
Carlos the Jackal Says Swiss Deal Protected PLO newsletter: 16fx0310.txt
'Israel Must be Wiped off the Earth': Iran Launches Missiles Marked with Threat
Nearly Half of Israeli Jews Favor Transfer of Arabs
Satmar Rebbe: Israel to Blame for Murder of Jews newsletter: 16fx0311.txt
Soldiers Behind Sandbags to Guard Israeli Cities
56% of Israeli-Arabs Say Arab Knesset Members Don't Represent Them
Revealed: Obama Attacked Netanyahu for Being 'Condescending'
Millionaire 'Cowboy' on a Mission to Save Mideast Jews newsletter: 16fx0314.txt
Islamic Jihad Calls for Mass Murder of Jews 'Inside Their Towns'
Palestinians Plan to Ramp Up Terror to Car Bombs
Chief Rabbi Urges Israelis to Kill Terrorists Bearing Knives
Top Ad Agency CEO 'Hates Those F***ing Jews' by
'Adolf Hitler' Denounces Trump
Brazilian Rabbi: OK to Kill bugs on Shabbat newsletter: 16fx0315.txt
Muslim Temple Mount Hate Preacher is Finally Jailed
Bill Seeks to Circumvent Ruling Allowing Non-Orthodox Conversions at Mikvehs
Unprecedented: Father Jailed for Son Refusing to Divorce Wife
Miami Muslim Leader Posts Holocaust Denial, Support for KKK
Televangelist at Trump Rally: Bernie Sanders 'Has Got to Meet Jesus'
IDF Launches Smartphone Alert App newsletter: 16fx0316.txt
Report: Israel Builds Underground Defense System to Tackle Tunnels
Terror Victim's Widow Scores Victory: Headstone to Say 'Fell in Battle'
Trains Crash in Dimona
Netanyahu's Net Annual Salary: $54,000
US 'Treasure Hunter' Arrested in Jerusalem Cave
Israeli 10th-Grader Stumbles Upon New Geometric Theorem newsletter: 16fx0317.txt
Rouhani: Iran's Missile Tests are for Self-Defense and Deterrence
US Administration Fumbles on Calling ISIS Actions 'Genocide'
Jordan Bans Sale of Petra Land to `Israelis'
How Long Before Until Arabs and Muslims Rule Britannia?
Palestinian Women Turn to Israel for Abortions
`Netanyahu Told to Teach his Dog to Stop Biting Jews
Arab Boy Achieves Dream of Meeting with Netanyahu newsletter: 16fx0318.txt
Israel Held Secret Talks with Indonesia
Poll: 86% of Israelis are Happy with Their Lives
Immigration to Israel Falls by 38% in 2016 newsletter: 16fx0321.txt
Trump: A Peace Deal with Palestinians is in Israel's Interests
Six East African Countries Bid for Israel's Help in War on Islamist Terror
Three Israeli Tourists Killed in Istanbul Suicide Bombing
'Kissinger said Israel Won't Exist in 10 Years'
Ethiopian Jews Protest Cancellation of Mass Aliyah
Through the Enemy's Lens: WW1 German Officer's War Photos newsletter: 16fx0322.txt
Nasrallah Threatens to Rocket Israel's Nuclear Sites in Future War
Last group of Yemeni Jews Secretly Airlifted to Israel
Trump Ahead of AIPAC Speech: Israel Should Repay U.S. for Aid
Kasich will Use 'Full Force' of Presidency to Fight BDS
Clinton Vows Strong Advocacy for Israel
Son of Clinton's Top Advisor Protests Israel
Danon Blasts UN Plans to Compile a 'Jewish List' newsletter: 16fx0323.txt
Source: Multinational Force Evacuates Checkpoints in North Sinai `To Boost Security'
Netanyahu Cautions US Against UN Resolution on Mideast Conflict
Trump's Hypnotic Gig at AIPAC Will Go Down in History - or Infamy
Sanders: `Some' Anti-Semitism Behind BDS
Belgian Rabbis Ban Purim Masks newsletter: 16fx0324.txt
Netanyahu Offers to Help Belgium Fight Terror
Airports Worldwide Look to Israel for Help After Belgium Attacks
Report: Assad Spirits Children to Europe
IDF's Cyber Defense Easily Breached
IDF Recruit Collapses, Dies During Physical Training newsletter: 16fx0325.txt
Israeli Security Firm's Advice on Brussels Airport Security Went Unheeded
Report: Israeli Firm Helping FBI to Open Encrypted iPhone
Report: Yemeni Jew Arrested for Saving Ancient Torah
40 People Saved in 'Mitzvah Tank Miracle'
Israelis' Penchant for Holiday-Related Names newsletter: 16fx0328.txt
Senior Palestinian Official Accuses Israel of Responsibility for Brussels Terror Attacks
Carter: Israel has Stockpile of 300+ Nuclear Bombs
Soldier's Shooting of Palestinian Sets off Uproar in Israel
Senior Hamas Official Arrives in Israel for Medical Care
Chief Rabbi: Gentiles Forbidden to Live in Israel
Medical Marijuana Takes Off in Israel
Book of Esther Scrolls Found in Hidden Synagogue in Former Warsaw Ghetto newsletter: 16fx0329.txt
Sisi Asks Obama for Military Intervention to Save Egypt from ISIS
ISIS Plot Reported to Attack Jewish Schools in Turkey
ISIS Cell Planned to Bomb Security Forces in Jerusalem
Ex-Shin Bet Head to Arab MK: 'Hell Awaits You'
Eligible Kohanim Wanted to Serve in the Third Temple
Trump Welcomes Jewish Grandson
New Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Rail Line to Open in 2018 newsletter: 16fx0330.txt
Rivlin: Israel Very Concerned Over ISIS Threat to Turkish Jews
Report: Despite a Promise to Stop, the Palestinian Authority Continues to Pay Terrorists with Foreign Aid
Is Israel 'Pushing Away' Non-Orthodox Jews?
Ultra-Orthodox Matchmaking: Everything It's Best Not to Know
Shabbat Recipe Causes a Stew on Facebook newsletter: 16fx0331.txt
Hamas Sees No End to Gaza's Power Crisis and Turns to the Sun
How a Nazi SS Commando Became a Mossad Assassin
The Associated Press Collaborated with Nazi Regime
German Man Returns Ancient Coin He Took from Israel 25 Years Ago
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