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Palestinian Cop Shoots 3 Israeli Soldiers, Injuring 2 Seriously
Arab Burglar Caught By His Own Greed and Stupidity
Netanyahu Rejects French Ultimatum on Palestinian Statehood
Poll: Israelis Feel Threatened, Fear Another Holocaust
British Doctors of Hate
When Bugs Bunny Beat Hitler newsletter: 16fx0202.txt
IDF Searching for Hamas Tunnels Along Gaza Border
Israel's Leaders Opt to Avoid Action on Three Menacing Fronts
Are IDF Soldiers Saying Goodbye to Chauvinistic T-shirts?
Massive PA Torture Exposed by Palestinians
60% of Jordanian Students Have Never Heard of 'Al-Aqsa'
Lebanon Returns Israeli 'Spy Vulture' newsletter: 16fx0203.txt
DEA Discovers Huge Hizbullah Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering Scheme
Hamas Claims Capture of Israeli Intelligence Agent
Bill Enacted Giving Israeli Police the Right to Search Anyone
Influx of Mideast Refugees Prompt German Jews' Fear of Rising anti-Semitism
Diaspora Jews Look to Israel for Affordable Jewish Education
Olim in Israel Without Hebrew
Eight-Year-Old Girl Dies After Breathing Helium from Balloon
Israeli Finds Show Prehistoric Man Feasted on Turtles newsletter: 16fx0204.txt
Palestinian Kabatia in Lockdown after Deadly Jerusalem Terror Attack
Hamas Official Claims Terror Tunnels are 'Defensive'
Top IDF General Declares ISIS is 'Our Enemy'
ADL Slams Mock Anti-Israel NY Times Supplement as 'Deceptive'
New Search Engine to Target anti-Semitism newsletter: 16fx0205.txt
Two Israeli Arab Girls Stab Security Guard at Ramla Bus Station
Two Israeli Minors Who Murdered Abu Khdier in 2014 Receive Heavy Sentences
A Place Where U.S. Troops Are Very Close To ISIS
IDF Puppy Love: Nahal Soldiers Save Puppy and Find it a Home newsletter: 16fx0208.txt
Sudanese Terrorist Stabs Israeli Soldier at Ashkelon Bus Terminal
UN's Ban Booed at New York Synagogue
Before it Battles BDS, American Jewry Must Combat Ignorance
Gaza Travel Agency Recalls the 'Golden' 1950s newsletter: 16fx0209.txt
Obama Backtracks on Israel Defense Package to Counter Iran Nuclear Deal
11-Year-Old Boy Stabbed in Ramla, Reportedly by Arab Man
IDF Had Questioned Terrorist Before He Murdered Hadar Cohen
New Gaza Tunnel Collapse Brings Death Toll to 10
The Future of Israel's Naval Defense: A 'Seagull' Against Submarines
Would Israelis Take Advantage of a Blind Man?
Oscar's `Goody-Bag' Includes a $55,000 Trip to Israel newsletter: 16fx0210.txt
Israel Locks Down Arab Town after Attack Near Neve Daniel
Damascus Gate Terrorist Told Mother 'I'm Going to Heaven'
New Hamas Music Video Celebrates Resumption of Suicide Bombings'
Report: Iran Hacked Computer of Former IDF Chief
Vassar Professor: Israel Assassinates Teenagers, Harvests Organs
Jewish Man Sings Hatikvah at Temple Mount and is Questioned by Police newsletter: 16fx0211.txt
50,000 Syrian Refugees Head to Jordanian, Israeli Borders
Aleppo's Ancient Synagogue Threatened with Destruction
Hamas Video Dedicated to Bomb Maker is a Call to 'Roast' Jewish Flesh
An Israeli Concludes Ordinary Palestinians are Fighting a Long War Against Israel Itself
Anne Frank's Diary: Copyright Battle Ensues After Becoming Free Online newsletter: 16fx0212.txt
Tatarstan Jewish Leader: Jews Won't Take Up Putin's Offer
Arab Dentist Imprisoned for Financing Hamas
US Jews Slam Cruz's Evangelical Backer
U.S. Peacekeepers in Sinai Could Add ISIS Intel Duty newsletter: 16fx0215.txt
Shootout at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem
A-Sissi: Netanyahu Has 'Great Powers'
Power at Yad Vashem Hears Herzog's Plan to Fence in Jews
Spit Test Could Detect Cancer in 10 Minutes
Suspected Ramati Cult Re-emerges newsletter: 16fx0216.txt
Palestinians Ramp Up Terror to Gunfire
Ya'alon: Arabs are Developing Nuclear Weapons
PA: No More Negotiations with Israel, Ever
ISIS Planning Chemical Attack Against USA
Israeli Couple Rejected by anti-Semitic AirBnB Host
A Gentleman's Guide to Wife-Beating newsletter: 16fx0217.txt
Nasrallah Threatens Missile Strike on Haifa Ammonia Plant
Merkel: Now Isn't the Time for a 'Two-State Solution'
Women Comprise 11% of Terrorists in Current Wave of Violence
Newsman That Revealed Rabbis' 'Controversial' Dance Feels Remorse
Why are Palestinians on a Killing Spree? newsletter: 16fx0218.txt
Israeli Official to Moscow Over Russian Syria Air Strikes Near Border
Report: Israel Attacks Military Outposts in Syria
Ruins Unearthed in Jerusalem Show it was a Thriving Settlement 7,000 Years Ago newsletter: 16fx0219.txt
Israeli Missile Attack Reported on Syrian Army Outposts on Damascus-Daraa Road
Murdered Shopper: Sergeant Tuvia Yanai Weissman
Anti-Semitic Campaign in Berlin is Tracking Jews, Warns of 'Jewish Terror'
Is a Blood Test for Alzheimers' Coming Soon? newsletter: 16fx0222.txt
How Hamas Planned to Assassinate Netanyahu
Israeli Military Says It Shot Dead Palestinian Attacker
Victim's Widow: Yanai Protected Us With His Body
Head of Conference of Presidents: anti-Semitism in the US on the Rise
Prisoner on Texas Death Row is Bar Mitzvahed newsletter: 16fx0223.txt
New IDF Orders: Soldiers Must Take Guns with Them on Leave
Scaled Down US-Israel Air Defense Exercise Launched
Anti-Israel Ads Cover London Underground Trains
Author of Manual for Jewish Terrorists Convicted of Sedition
Gaza Teen Heart Patient Gets New Lease on Life newsletter: 16fx0224.txt
Palestinian Kids as Young as 11 Join Attacks on Israel
Statistics Reveal Jerusalem is Being Abandoned
Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Lawmaker Compares Reform Jews to Mentally Ill
Dead Sea Scroll Research Enters the Digital Era newsletter: 16fx0225.txt
David Cameron Blasts 'Genuinely Shocking' Israeli 'Occupation'
Iran: $7,000 to Every Terror Family
New University Degree Program for Jailed Terrorists newsletter: 16fx0226.txt
Obama Ignores U.S. Law, Accepts BDS Against `Settlements'
Hamas: We Don't Want War with Israel, Our Tunnels are Only Defensive
Israel Cooperation Puts Palestinian Forces in a Tough Spot
Egypt: Christian Teenagers Jailed for 'Insulting Islam'
Hitler's `Mein Kampf' is Now a Best-Seller in Germany newsletter: 16fx0229.txt
Iran Parks Palestinian Terrorists on Golan Border
Iran to Compensate Victims of 1997 Jerusalem Terror Attack
Mom That Abducted Daughter to Pay 1 Million Shekels
Radical Mosques and Islamic Centers Punctuate the U.S.
Israeli Boy on a Hike Finds a 3,400-Year-Old Canaanite Idol
Roseanne Barr 'Might Be Moving' to Israel
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