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IDF, Russian, Iranian Forces on War Alert for Hizbullah Attack on Israel – and Backlash
Indictment: Two Israeli Arabs Planned to Bomb Eilat Hotel
Crowds View As Dubai Hotel Burns
Two weeks After Release, Arab Girl Tries Once More to Stab
First Kosher Marijuana to Go on Sale in New York
Education Ministry Backs Away from Ban of Jewish-Arab Love Novel newsletter: 16fx0104.txt
Has the Gunman That Brought ISIS Terror to Tel Aviv Fled to Syria?
Two Israelis Indicted for Duma Arson Attack and Three Murders
Experts Warn: War with Egypt Possible
Religious Jew in Israel Releases Hit Christmas Song newsletter: 16fx0105.txt
Hizbullah Blows Up 'Mossad' Patrol
IDF Troops Deployed in Tel Aviv to Assist in Manhunt for Fugitive Terrorist
Chinese Man Accidently Arrives in Israel by Boat newsletter: 16fx0106.txt
Court Limits to 2 Days Remand of Fugitive Terrorist's Father
NY Times Turns Terror-Supporters into 'Hipster Palestinians'
PA Angered By Reports Israel Thinks It May Collapse
Conservative Judaism Seeks to 'Rebrand' as Numbers Plummet
Analysis: Doctors Without Borders' Anti-Israel Crusade
Anesthesiologist Leaves Room in the Middle of Surgery newsletter: 16fx0107.txt
Did Hizbullah Dig a Special Tunnel to Get Bomb into Israel?
Incoming Mossad Chief: Iran is Our Most Substantial Menace
Lawyer: Perpetrator of Dizengoff Attack is Hiding in Palestinian Authority
Jerusalem Man Indicted for Trying to Sell His Baby
Islam Being Taught As a 'Second Faith' in UK Jewish Schools – and Vice-Versa
Hillary Clinton Can't Say How She Isn't Socialist
Reporter Stabbed and Wounded Trying New IDF Neck Guard newsletter: 16fx0108.txt
IDF Removes Military Equipment from Site of Hizbullah Attack
Manhunt for Milhem in Tel Aviv Ends
Hundreds of Armed Hamas Terrorists March in Jerusalem
Synagogue Chic: New H&M `Tallit' Women's Scarf newsletter: 16fx0111.txt
Pakistan Threatens to Wipe Iran off the Map if Saudi Harmed
Abbas' Fatah Blesses Tel Aviv Shooter
Fire at Radical Leftist B'Tselem's Jerusalem Offices in Jerusalem
Netanyahu 'Fighting Obama's Plan to be UN Sec-Gen'
ABC to Air King David's Life and Love in March
H&M Pulls 'Tallit Scarf' Following Criticism
Hamas Turns Woody Allen into Israeli Journalist newsletter: 16fx0112.txt
Massive Police Snafus in Lethal Tel Aviv Stabbing
Hillary Clinton Mulled Secret Plan to Spark Palestinian Unrest
US Supreme Court Lets Stand Rejection of Pro-Israel Ad
A Saudi-to-Haifa, Israel Oil Pipeline Can Save the World
Holocaust Film 'Son of Saul' Wins Golden Globe newsletter: 16fx0113.txt
Israeli Navy's Newest Submarine 'Rahav' Arrives in Haifa
Iran Captures 10 American Navy Sailors and Their Boats
Netanyahu: This Land is Your Birthright
Hotel Synagogue Turns Into a Massage Parlor
Learning Arabic: The Key to Coexistence newsletter: 16fx0114.txt
United Methodist Church Boycotts Israeli Banks
IDF Readying Itself for Threat from ISIS in the Sinai
Israeli Prosecutors Urge Life Sentences for Two Jewish Killers of Arab Teen Who Murdered Three Israeli Teenagers
In Secular France, Parliamentarians Wear Kippot to National Assembly
Polish City Used Jewish Tombstones in Construction
Iran Holds Holocaust-Denying Cartoon Contest newsletter: 16fx0115.txt
Putin Bypasses Israel, Sets Up Joint War Room for S. Syria with Jordan
Another miracle from Israel? Prostate Cancer Cure in 20 Minutes
Why Isn't Germany Returning Nazi Looted Art?
Holocaust Survivors Inundated with Repossession Claims
Oscar Nomination for 'Son of Saul' Funded by Claims Conference newsletter: 16fx0118.txt
Palestinian Murders an Israeli Woman in Her Home, Palestinian Kills Israeli Woman in West Bank
Saeb Erekat's Assistant Suspected of Spying for Israel
Nationalist Students at Tel Aviv University 'Defend the IDF'
Do Anti-Israel Emails From Hillary's Inner Circle Show Her True Colors? newsletter: 16fx0119.txt
Rivlin: The Islamic State is Already Within Israel
IDF Chief of Staff: Main Threats to Israel are Missiles, ISIS, Tunnels, and Cyber Attacks
Palestinian Stabs Pregnant Israeli Woman in West Bank
Erekat: Netanyahu Has Destroyed Arab 'Culture of Peace'
British Prime Minister: `Muslim Women Must Learn English or Be Deported'
Frank Sinatra's Body Was Hidden in Jewish Funeral Home to Trick Paparazzi newsletter: 16fx0120.txt
In Response to Iran, Saudis Not Ruling Out Nuclear Bomb
Palestinian Teen Murderer of Dafna Meir Captured, Pregnant Stab Victim Describes Shocking Terror Attack
Muslim Woman Exudes Love for 'Magical' Israel
Egypt Revokes Citizenship of Jewish Woman - Because She Joined the IDF
NYC Shul Mulls, Rejects 'SynaCondo' Idea
Video Reveals How Palestinians Teach their Children to Murder Jews newsletter: 16fx0121.txt
ISIS is Flying Homemade Drones, Developing a Missile-Armed Model
Palestinians Up in Arms Over Airbnb Listings in Judea-Samaria
Trump Vows to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem
Secret 1970 Agreement Between Swiss, PLO Revealed
The Cost of Living in Israel
Powerful: Oregon Militiamen Upload Video of Themselves Blowing 'Battle Trumpets' newsletter: 16fx0122.txt
Palestinian Militia Discussed for E. Jerusalem to Help Bar Terror and Block ISIS Influence
Arabs Once Again Leak Matriculation Exams
Israeli Hospital Brings Hope for ALS Victims
Britain's Chief Rabbi OK with Women Reciting Kaddish
The Exodus' Flag Auctioned to Holocaust Museum
Plan to Turn WWII Concentration Camp into a Spa-Resort Sparks Outrage newsletter: 16fx0125.txt
Netanyahu: Israel `Supports Settlement at Any Time' After Hebron Incident
Video Has Paris Terrorists Threatening to 'Liberate Palestine'
Peres' Second Heart Attack
523 Years after Expulsion, Sicilian Jewry Reawakens
Israeli Expats More Likely to Intermarry Than Diaspora Jews newsletter: 16fx0126.txt
Palestinian Terrorists Stab Two Israeli Women– One in Critical Condition
Israel Ranked as World's 8th Most Powerful Country
Pollard's Historic Speech Blocked by America's Draconian Parole System
Army Private Fresh from High School Put in Charge of Nano-Satellites
Israeli Scientist Seeks Cure for Aging
The Good Goering Who Saved Jews from Dachau Death Camp newsletter: 16fx0127.txt
IDF Preparing for Possible War on Northern, Gaza Borders
PA Arrests Relatives of Arab That Sold Houses to Hebron Jews
Actor Abe Vigoda Has Really Died at Age 94
Israel Fears for 'Spy' Vulture Caught in Lebanon newsletter: 16fx0128.txt
Netanyahu: Ban Ki-moon Comments Regarding Settlements Encourage Terror
On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Iran's Supreme Leader Releases a Holocaust-Denial Video
Eichmann's Unpublished Request for Pardon
The Pope Bows to Islam for Holocaust Remembrance Day
Hunger-Striking Kahane Grandson Loses Consciousness newsletter: 16fx0129.txt
Russians Let Hizbullah into Daraa, Breaking Their Promise to Israel
Baby Adelle's Murderers Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison
More Than 12 killed or Missing in Collapse of Gaza Infiltration Tunnel
U.S. Now Requires Labels on Judea-Samaria Goods
Americans Prefer Jewish President to Evangelical One
Israel Has One of the World's Healthiest Diets. Do You Eat Like an Israeli?
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