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Palestinian Youth Killed Throwing Firebombs at Jerusalem Police
Israel Convicts 2 in 2014 Killing of Palestinian Teen
Abbas Blames Israel for All the PA's Ecological Problems
Israel Sees Dramatic Increase in Citizenship Applications from Golan Druze
Google Denies Deal with Israel to Monitor Palestinian Incitement
Songs on PA Radio Encourage Suicide Bombings
Kim Jong-Un Gets Crazier Haircut, Orders Citizens to Copy newsletter: 15fx1202.txt
Russia To Deploy New `Doomsday Plane' in Readiness For Nuclear War
Netanyahu Acknowledges 'Israel is Active in Syria'
Horrific New Details Emerge in 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre
Jordan Calls for Bids for Canal to Save Shrinking Dead Sea
Spanish King Honors Sephardic Jews Expelled in 1492
First Time Since WWII: Mein Kampf Printed in Germany
Poll Shows Majority of Palestinians Seek the Destruction of Israel
Israel Commemorates 850,000 Jewish Refugees Expelled From Arab, Muslim Lands newsletter: 15fx1203.txt
Saudi Royalty Showers Obama Family with $1.3 Million in Gifts
Israel Extremely Nervous Over Russian Operations on its Golan Border
How the West Can Learn from Israel to Beat ISIS
US Soldier Who Told Nazis 'We are All Jews' to be Honored newsletter: 15fx1204.txt
ISIS-Sinai Leader Visiting Gaza to Boost Cooperation with Hamas
Israeli President Calls for an Israel-Palestine Confederacy
Islamic State's US Recruits are So Diverse They 'Defy Analysis'
GOP Candidates Vow to Revolutionize Israel Alliance
How Do You Say 'Shema Yisrael' in Sign Language? newsletter: 15fx1207.txt
Russia Brings Over Heavy T-90 Tanks to Boost Three Syrian Warfronts
Netanyahu Rejects a Bi-National State
Stabbing and Car Attack in Jerusalem, 3 Injured
Poll: Israeli Jews Not Interested, Comfortable with Arabic newsletter: 15fx1208.txt
California Shooter's Father: Son was 'Obsessed with Israel'
ISIS Attacks in Israel are 'Just a Matter of Time'
Security Breach?: Palestinian App Warns Drivers of Heavy Traffic at Israeli Checkpoints
`Jewish World's Population May Actually be 5-10 Million Larger Than Previously Believed
New York's 'Great Hanukkah Blackout' newsletter: 15fx1209.txt
Iran Conducts Latest Missile Test in Defiance of UN Ban
America Contributes $100,000 to a Terrorist Hamas Fundraising Front
ISIS Terror Cell Planned Attacks Inside Israel
State Flummoxed Over 11 Year-Old Terrorist
Israel's Number One Spy: A Preview of the New Mossad Chief's Priorities: Iran and Threat of Asymmetrical Warfare
Rock Holding and Kaffiyeh Clad Dolls Seized at Haifa Port newsletter: 15fx1210.txt
Big Egyptian-Greek-Israeli Gas Deal Goes Forward
White House: Iranian Missile Tests 'a Source of Concern'
Terror Victims Identified as Shaul and Rachel Nir
Little Girl Encourages Stabbing Jews
Trump to Visit Israel on Dec. 28, Will Meet Netanyahu
Chabad's 770 Headquarters Evacuated in Bomb Threat
Israel, Beware of Obama's Ominous Plans
Hebrew Handbags for Sale in Saudi Arabia newsletter: 15fx1211.txt
Israel Successfully Tests Arrow 3 Missile Interceptor
Trump Calls Off Visit to Israel Until "I Become US President"
Why Does Obama Call ISIS, I.S.I.L.?
Released Syrian Priest Reveals ISIS Hell
Vatican: Jews Don't Need Christ to be Saved
Egyptian Muslim Scholar: No Connection Between Temple Mount and Islam newsletter: 15fx1214.txt
US Report Claims Islamic State Can Falsify Syrian Passports
Trump: Netanyahu Snub Was 'Inappropriate'
U.S. Soldiers in Sinai Losing Combat-Zone Tax Exemption
Blood Brothers: The Rabbi and the Former Hizbullah Activist
Shocked Newlyweds: Friend Stole Wedding Gifts and Disappeared newsletter: 15fx1215.txt
One-Year-Old Baby's 'Leg Almost Cut Off' in Car Attack
Report: Hamas is Funding ISIS in Sinai
Judge Orders Review of Pollard's Parole Conditions
Israel's Jumbled Postal Service; 'Mistakenly Sent to Thailand'
IDF Seizes Hundreds of Yasir Arafat Dolls newsletter: 15fx1216.txt
Better to Live in a 'Big Fortress' Than in a Coffin
Saudi Arabia Announces 34-Nation Islamic Alliance Against Terrorism
Egyptian Warplanes Using Israeli Airspace
Iran: We Infiltrated the Mossad
Experts Say 'Nazi Gold Train' Isn't Real newsletter: 15fx1217.txt
Israel Readying for ISIS Attack in 2016?
Obama Seeks to Restore Aid to Bodies that Recognize 'Palestine'
US Bows to Russian Demand to Keep Assad in Office. Israel Follows Suit
FBI Head: ISIS Using Crowdsourcing Methods to Incite Terror
US Reminder of Travel Advisory for Israel, West Bank, Gaza
Hebrew Letters Prove Existence of Ancient Jewish Town newsletter: 15fx1218.txt
Israeli Navy's Newest Submarine 'Rahav' Sets Sail from Germany
14 Jews Lightly Poisoned Near Paris
Fatah Students Celebrate Christmas - and Murder
Jerusalem Court Acquits Man After Determining He is a Kohen
Immigrants Make Up One-Third of Suicides in Israel
Rabbinate Child Support Ruling is 'A Revolution in Divorce Law' newsletter: 15fx1221.txt
Israeli Rockets Killed Infamous Terrorist Samir Quntar in Damascus
Four Arrested as Hundreds Riot Over Duma Suspects' Treatment
Venezuelan Father, Son Kidnapped On the Way to Synagogue
Dozens of Americans With Ties to Israel Denied Military Jobs Due to 'Divided Loyalties' newsletter: 15fx1222.txt
Israel Completes Testing of David's Sling Anti-Missile System
Nasrallah: Israel Responsible for Quntar's Death, We Will Retaliate
Tel Aviv Declared 'Hollywood's New Sin City'
Medical Record Shows Hitler Had Only One Testicle newsletter: 15fx1223.txt
Temple Mount: Police Arrest Jew For Lifting Up His Hands
Samir Quntar's Ex-Wife Justifies His Elimination
Obama's State Department Rejects Congressional Calls to Close Washington PLO Office
Knesset Ministers Approve Bill to Shutter All Shops on Saturday
The 'Secret Jews' of Ethiopia Emerge From the Shadows newsletter: 15fx1224.txt
Two Israelis Killed, One Wounded in Palestinian Knife Attack in Jerusalem
PA Accuses Palestinian Media Watch of 'Incitement'
Various U.S. Synagogues are Funding Anti-Israel Organization
Bezeq Launches Digital Book Initiative
Have You Met My New College Roommate? She's 83 newsletter: 15fx1225.txt
Arch Terrorist Quntar's Two Secret Iranian Controllers Died With Him
Four Palestinians Die While Attacking Israelis
How ISIS Recruits By Imitating Video Games and Movies
Man From Disneyland Incident Was Previously Refused Entry to Israel
Sparse Turnout on Gloomy Christmas Eve in Bethlehem
Christian-Arab Israeli Soldiers Celebrate Christmas newsletter: 15fx1228.txt
Iran's `Moderate' Rouhani Calls for United Muslim Front to Destroy Israel
EU Critical of Proposed Israeli Law on NGOs
Security Boosted Around Shin Bet Chief
NYC: Yeshivas, Other Schools, to Get $20 Million for Security
Yiddish Speakers Say 'Gevalt' Over Trump's Comment newsletter: 15fx1229.txt
Tehran Names New Hizbullah Golan Terror Ring Chief
Saudi Grand Mufti: ISIS Comprised of 'Israeli Soldiers'
Algerian Army's Marching Drill Song: Kill, Slaughter, and Skin the Jews
Israeli Court: Lifting Hands on Temple Mount is Permitted
Jordan Tightens Laws That Bar Jews from Buying Land
Yes Virginia, There's a JCC in Turkey newsletter: 15fx1230.txt
Former Israeli PM Olmert Headed to Prison
Terrorists Open Fire on Officers North of Jerusalem
Duma Suspect Finally Released
ISIS Issues Ruling on Female Slaves newsletter: 15fx1231.txt
Report: US Spied on Israel During Iran Negotiations
Russian Air Strikes May Open Syrian-Hizbullah Door to Israeli Border
Israel Cracks Down on Islamic State Volunteers
Novel Banned from Israeli Schools Because of Assimilation Fear
Two British Teens Headed to Trial over Auschwitz Theft
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