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ISIS Claims Downing Russian Airliner in Sinai in Reprisal for Moscow's Syria Air Strikes
Mass Terror Convoy in Tel Aviv
IDF Warns That CIA is Trying to Recruit Israeli Soldiers
Algeria Begins Plans to Uproot Jewish Cemetery
Palestinian Dresses as Hasidic Jew to Avoid Harassment newsletter: 15fx1103.txt
View Gaining that Russian Airliner Disintegrated Before Crashing
America's Least-Known Mideast Military Force
Stabbing Attacks Return to Central Israel
Al-Qaeda Leader Praises Stabbing Attacks in Israel
Jordanian Sheikh Issues Fatwa Against Killing Jews
For the First Time Ever, Egypt Votes for Israel at the UN newsletter: 15fx1104.txt
U.S. Satellite Detects Flash At Time of Russian Plane Disaster
U.S. Says IAF Planes Refueled Jordanian Warplanes in Aerial Exercise
Dubai Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Tel Aviv
Muslim Attempts to Murder Israeli on Flight to Ethiopia
25 Years After Leaving His Wife, Get Refuser Found in Uruguay - As a Priest newsletter: 15fx1105.txt
Second Mid East Air Disaster: Russian-Made Cargo Plane Crash in S. Sudan Kills Dozens
PA Names Football Tournament After Old City Murderer
Israel Returns Body of Terrorist, Palestinians Allege Organ Harvesting
Iran Shutters First KFC for 'Being Too American'
The Hassidic Rap That Went Viral newsletter: 15fx1106.txt
One-Man Terror Wall Eliminates 3 Terrorists in 2 Weeks
Outrage After University of California Refuses to Openly Condemn Anti-Semitism
Report: Israel Wants $5 Billion Per Year in American Aid newsletter: 15fx1109.txt
Detente Steps Ahead of Netanyahu-Obama Meeting
Israeli Intelligence Showed that ISIS Destroyed Russian Jet
53% of Israelis Support Killing Palestinian Terrorists 'On the Spot' newsletter: 15fx1110.txt
First a Russian Jet, Today, ISIS Hits Americans in Jordan
Obama, Netanyahu Meet on Israeli Security, Middle East Unrest
Swedish Jewish Community Not Invited to Kristallnacht Commemoration
Hamas: We're Closer Than Ever to 'Liberating Jerusalem'
Border Police Taunt Hamas in Defiant Music Video
Hitler Comedy Conquers German Box Offices newsletter: 15fx1111.txt
Netanyahu Delivers Defiant Speech at Jewish Federation
Three Stabbing Attacks Within Minutes
Knesset Bill to Determine the State's Name is 'Israel'
Pope Francis to Visit Auschwitz
Hitler, the 'Opportunistic' Racist newsletter: 15fx1112.txt
Report: Israel Air Force Struck Near Damascus Airport
EU Releases Guidelines on Israeli Imports from Beyond 'Green Line'
ISIS Threatens Eilat and Israel in New Video
UN Report Slams Israel's Response to Child Prostitution
Revealed: California Stabber was an ISIS Fan newsletter: 15fx1113.txt
Obama Approves of EU Labeling of Jewish Products
Hizbullah Has 150,000 Missiles Pointed at Israel
Israel Set to Approve the Final Wave of Ethiopian Immigration
Anti-Semitism? CUNY Students Attack 'Zionist Administration'
Indyk: Netanyahu was Ready to Give Up Golan in '96
Three Decades Later, Sinai's Peacekeepers are Under Pressure
Jewish Man With Nazi-Raised Identical Twin Dies at 82 newsletter: 15fx1116.txt
Palestinian Who Murdered Rabbi Litman and Son is Turned In By Family
Toddler Burned by Firebomb Leaves Hospital
15 African Migrants Found Dead Near Egypt-Israel Border
Western Leaders Ignore 'Apocalyptic Islam' at Their Peril newsletter: 15fx1117.txt
French Imam on Day of Paris Attacks: Muslims Should Rule France
Palestinian Media, PA Blame Israel for Paris Terror Attacks
Daily Attacks on Israeli Civilians
Jordan: Teacher Fired for Teaching Hebrew 'to Know Israel'
Montana Town Hosts 280 Unexpected Israeli Arrivals with Kosher Food newsletter: 15fx1118.txt
Biggest Jewish Event Ever: 5 Million to Pray Together
Jordan: Only We Can Access Temple Mount Cameras
57% of Arab Israelis Say Islamic Movement Represents Them
Terror Orphan Sarah Announces Huge Wedding; All Israel is Invited
PA Reveals That the Rock is the 'Best Friend Ever' of Palestinians newsletter: 15fx1119.txt
Obama's Sec'y of State Kerry Offers "Rationale" for Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack
German Intelligence: We Need to Deal with Terror Like Israel Does
11-Year-Old Stabber to Be Freed After Hospital Treatment
Abbas' Fatah: Murdering Israelis is Our 'Right'
Jewish Schoolteacher Stabbed in France
Court: Transgender Woman Can Be Cremated
Twin Sons of Mixed Jewish-Arab Marriage Celebrate Bar Mitzvah newsletter: 15fx1120.txt
Five Fatalities in Tel Aviv and Gush Etzion Terrorist Attacks identified
Abbas' Fatah: All Israelis are Nazis
King Abdullah of Jordan: "We Are Facing A Third World War"
Are Arab Americans White? Maybe Not, According to US Census
Pollard to Leave Prison on Friday newsletter: 15fx1123.txt
First Iranian Fighter Jets Flying Over Syria Alongside Russian Bombers
Israeli Woman Stabbed to Death, 3 Attackers Killed
Terrorist's Father 'Proud' of Teenage Stabber
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Simulates Capture of Al-Aqsa Mosque
US Official: Israel was Right to Hit Syrian Nuclear Facility
Israel Marks 40 Years Since UN's 'Zionism is Racism' Resolution
Anti-Semitic Singer Slated to Represent Germany at Eurovision newsletter: 15fx1124.txt
IDF Has a Plan to Stem Palestinian Terror
IAF Hits Hamas Compound Following Rocket Attack
Prayer to Exterminate 'Every Jew' at Palestinian Funeral
Arab Girls Stalk for Jewish Victims in Jerusalem
'There is No Future for Jews in Europe'
Free? Pollard Under Dusk to Dawn Curfew newsletter: 15fx1125.txt
Four Days After U.S. Teen Murdered by Terrorists. Obama Calls Ezra Schwartz's Parents
Kerry Seeks to Lower Israeli-Palestinian Tensions; Israel Approves New Jewish Settlements
'Dad, I'm Going to Carry Out an Attack Today'
'I Saw Elderly People in the Back of the Bus and Began Shooting' newsletter: 15fx1126.txt
Report: IAF Hit Advanced Russian Missiles Outside Damascus
IDF: Arm PA Forces, Release Prisoners; Netanyahu Says No Plans to Arm PA Forces
State Department: Nuclear Deal Is Unsigned and Not 'Legally Binding' on Iran
6 By Cynthia Blank
14 By Ari Yashar
Anne Frank and her family were also denied entry as refugees to the U.S.
Comments 284 newsletter: 15fx1130.txt
A Russian Plane Recently Penetrated Israeli Air Space from Syria
Two Stabbing Attacks in Jerusalem Sunday morning
'Israel' Removed From Jordan's Census Forms
Aleppo's Last Jewish Women Now Live in Ashkelon
U.S. Government Turned Away Thousands of Jewish Refugees, Fearing That They Were Nazi Spies
How Chai from China Became a Hasidic Jew
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