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ISIS Declares War on the US Dollar with the 'Gold Dinar'
'Showers' Placed at Auschwitz Entrance
Holocaust Denier to Lead Death Camp Tours
Egypt 'Goes Medieval' With Moat Around Gaza
15% of Judea/Samaria's Jewish Population American newsletter: 15fx0902.txt
Obama: It 'Hurts' When I'm Accused of Being Anti-Semitic
Former CIA Chief: US Should Support Al Qaeda to Defeat ISIS
Something's Gefilte-Fishy in Clinton's Emails
Polish Jewish School Timetable from 1941 Found newsletter: 15fx0903.txt
Israeli Navy's Defense of Mediterranean Gas Fields Displayed in War Game
After 30 Years: Mordechai Vanunu Speaks
Iran Army Commander: We'll Keep Arming Until Israel Overthrown
Abbas and Fatah Encourage 'Religious War' over Temple Mount
Great Quotes About Jews by Non-Jews newsletter: 15fx0904.txt
IAF Crews Return from 'Red Flag'
IDF Rescues US Jews from Arab Lynch Mob in Hebron
IDF's Mixed-Gender Combat Battalion Lures New Immigrants, Challenge-seekers newsletter: 15fx0907.txt
Netanyahu Hints Eastern Border Fence is Meant for ISIS
Jews Contrast Refugee's European Experience With Their Own
Refugee Crisis is Taking Place in Middle East, Not in Europe
Iran Gloats over World Powers' 'Surrender' on Nuclear Deal
The Iran Nuclear Deal newsletter: 15fx0908.txt
Russian Submarine with 20 ICBMs and 200 Nuclear Warheads is Sailing to Syria
Anti-Semitic Attack Leaves Teen Unconscious in Manchester
Revenge: Iraqi Sex Slave Kills ISIS Commander Who Abused Her
British Press Blames Israeli 'Witchcraft' for Draw with Wales
IsraelSorceryWalessoccer match by TaboolaSponsored LinksYou May Like newsletter: 15fx0909.txt
Israel Wary of Russian Military Build-up in Syria
Brutal Anti-Semitic Attacks Continue to Rattle Europe
Netanyahu: Europe 'Possessed by Anti-Israel Obsession'
Details of Pollard Scandal Revealed
New PR Booklet for Israeli Children as Published in the West Bank newsletter: 15fx0910.txt
Iran's Supreme Leader Says Israel Will Not Survive Next 25 Years
Russia Eludes US Ban on NATO Airspace by Roundabout Route to Syria via Iraq and Iran
Pro-Palestinian Activist Calls for Second Holocaust
Palestinian TV Claims Jewish Temples a 'Myth'
Mixed Gender Caracal Fighters Training for ISIS Incursion newsletter: 15fx0911.txt
European Parliament Sees No Need for Jewish State?
UN Votes to Raise Palestinian Flag at NYC HQ
BDS 'Slap in the Face? Late Show's Stephen Colbert a Sabra Fan
Vanunu Arrested Over Channel 2 Interview
Why Does The State Department Fund An Anti-Israel Organization With Communist Leadership? newsletter: 15fx0916.txt
Palestinians Launch New Confrontation Tactic of 'Localized' Terror Against Israel
Arab League Threatens Action Against Israel Over Al-Aqsa
Germany Places Refugees in Buchenwald Concentration Camp
Holocaust Survivors Demand Israel Help Refugees newsletter: 15fx0917.txt
Netanyahu, Putin to Discuss Continued IAF Freedom of Action Over Syria Followed by Obama, Netanyahu November 9 Talks at the White House
Abbas: We Won't Let Israel 'Desecrate' Jerusalem's Holy Sites
In Europe the Jew is Once Again Viewed as a 'Contagion'
Poll: 70% of European Jews Conceal Their Religion
Angry Gazans Say 'Israel Better Than Hamas'
Dershowitz: US Should Authorize Force against Iran
Supreme Court Rules Woman Led Man on to Receive Gifts newsletter: 15fx0918.txt
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41 By Ari Yashar
Barack ObamanobelNobel peace prizeGeir Lundestad by Taboola
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ij-skyscrapper By: United with Israel
9 By Moshe Cohen newsletter: 15fx0921.txt
Israel Security Forces May Use Live Fire for Palestinian Rocks, Firebombs and 'Popular Terror'
Animal Rights Group Protests Kaparot Ritual
Islamic Jihad & Mohammad Allan Are Supported By American Jews
Israel Plans to Bring in 20,000 Chinese Construction Workers
Ashdod 'Miracle Boy' Survives Being Run Over By Truck
One Percent of Americans Think Obama is Jewish newsletter: 15fx0922.txt
Israel Wary as Russia, Iran Expand Syrian Presence
Jordan's King Vows to 'Defend' Jerusalem from Israel
Muslim Entry to Temple Mount Restricted Ahead of Yom Kippur
'Hottest Yom Kippur In a Decade' Expected
Germans Arrest ISIS Terrorist Recruiter Posing as Refugee
Führer, Mass Murderer, Drug Fiend: Hitler's Meth-Addicted Germany newsletter: 15fx0924.txt
Why Israel Prefers a Hot Line to a Military Coordination Center with Russia
New Phase in War Against Rock-Throwers
Orthodox Jews See Blood Moon as a Big Deal
O'Dell pointed out that the current blood moon is different from previous ones in that it will be visible in both Israel as well as in North America. "The four eclipses in 1949-1950 were all visible from Israel," he said. "The four in 1967-1968 and the four in 2014-2015 are all visible from the USA – an extremely rare occurrence. But this very last blood moon in September is visible from both Israel and the USA simultaneously. It is something to ponder."
Shemitah Doomsday Predictions: Happy 5776 newsletter: 15fx0925.txt
Arutz Sheva News Bites by Wibbitz
25 By Uzi Baruch
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The Jewish people in 2050: Two Very Different Scenarios
Anniversary of Movie Premiere of Nazi 'Jud Suss,' Most Virtuoso of anti-Semitic Films newsletter: 15fx0928.txt
Palestinians, Israeli Police Clash at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque
Israeli Gov't Welcomes Egypt's Call to Expand Peace with Israel
IDF Confirms Syria Strikes in Retaliation to Rocket on Golan
Retirees in World's Largest 55+ Community Demonstrate Against Coulter
Poll: 31% of Americans Would Have Refused to Hide Jews from Nazis
Anniversary of Nazi Movie Premiere of Nazi 'Jud Süss ' newsletter: 15fx0929.txt
Report: Israel to Use Administrative Detention Against Rioters
Netanyahu to Tell UN: Enough Muslim Incitement over Temple Mount
France: Jews, Muslims Forced to Wear Red Discs Around Necks
Hackers Take Out Saudi Websites over Teen's Crucifixion Sentence
Microbrew Trend in Holy Land Turns Water to Hummus Beer newsletter: 15fx0930.txt
Israel Prepares Ground Invasion of Syria
Putin Hints Russia Will Clip Israel's Wings Over Syrian Skies
Ya'alon Hints Russia 'Shouldn't Test' Israel in Syria
Siren Sounds in Ashdod Area
World Space Leaders to Attend Jerusalem Outer Space Convention
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