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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 15fx0601.txt
ISIS-Sinai Threatens to Bomb Eilat Port 'in the Coming Days'
Huckabee: Negotiating with Iran is Like Saying 'Death to Sanity'
New York Times Hails Israel as a Desalination Superpower
Moshe Dayan in 1970: What if We Razed the Temple Mount Mosque?
130 Ex-Nazis Given US Retirement Benefits newsletter: 15fx0602.txt
ISIS Arrives in Gaza: Supporters of the 'Islamic State of Jerusalem' Sighted on Israeli Border
Bolton: Israel Must Strike Iran Soon
Project 'Bomb Shelters Online' Underway in Northern Israel
PA Children's Show: Jews are Bloodthirsty, Evil
Eichmann's Wife Visited Israel Before His Execution
Israeli Rabbi Sells 'Kosher' Pleasure with Online Sex Shop newsletter: 15fx0603.txt
Senior Israeli Official: 'Obama is Determined to Sign a Bad Deal with Iran'
Hamas Claims Mossad Using Female Agent 'Honeytrap'
Sirens Sound for Nationwide Defense Drill
Punishment Withdrawn for Israeli-American Soldier Who Ate Pork newsletter: 15fx0604.txt
Palestinians Launch Rocket Attacks Against Israel
Obama Invokes Waiver Postponing US Embassy Relocation to Jerusalem
Kibbutzim Get New Lease on Life as Israelis Flee Urban Rat Race
Jews Attacked for Drinking Water on Temple Mount newsletter: 15fx0605.txt
Tehran Expected to Invoke Defense Pact for Large-Scale Troop Deployment to Syria
Israel Military: Iran Nuclear Threat May Wane with Deal
Declassified Documents: Israel Feared Egyptian Attack on Dimona Nuclear Reactor
Spanish Incitement: Jewish Voodoo Dolls, 'Kill All the Jews' newsletter: 15fx0608.txt
Netanyahu: It's Not Too Late to Prevent a Bad Deal with Iran
Israel Fires Missiles at Hamas Targets After Rocket Fire from Gaza
Israeli Actor to Play Jesus in 'The Shack' newsletter: 15fx0609.txt
US Supreme Court Backs Obama on 'Jerusalem Passport'
IDF Posts Iron Dome in Be'er Sheva
Report: Israel Recently Tested 'Dirty Bombs'
Two-State Solution 'Necessary' For Peace? newsletter: 15fx0610.txt
World's Legal Experts Slam IDF - For Over-Warning Gaza Residents
Report: CIA, Mossad Held 'Secret' Talks on Iran
Luxembourg Apologizes to Jews Over their 'Suffering' During WWII
Rabbis' War on Non-Kosher Phones Reaches Synagogue
Google Boss: Israelis Succeed Because You Don't Follow the Rules
Israeli Study: Breastfeeding Lowers Leukemia Risk newsletter: 15fx0611.txt
State Dept. Dances Around EU 'Settlement' Labeling
Netanyahu: Palestinian State Must be Demilitarized, Recognize Israel
Leftist J-Street Poll: American Jews More Likely to Support Iran Deal
'Housing Czar' Kahlon Gets Ready to Take On Home Prices
Refuses 'Get' 14 Years - Gets Money, Zero Jail Time newsletter: 15fx0612.txt
Gaza Terrorists Fire a Rocket at Ashkelon
Israel's Druze Dilemma: Arm Imperiled Syrian Druze Community or Open Door to Refugees
Haifa Arabs Physically Assault Holocaust Survivors
IDF Unveils Orders for 1982 Lebanon War
Spain's Parliament Approves Citizenship for Descendents of Expelled Jews newsletter: 15fx0615.txt
Israel Defends Gaza Conflict as 'Moral War'
George W. Bush's Israel Hayom Interview Generates Media Buzz
Israel's Clandestine Alliance with Gulf Arab States is Going Public
Facebook Blocks ISIS Efforts to Sell Plundered Ancient Artifacts
ISIS Magazine Preparing Young Muslims for an Apocalypse newsletter: 15fx0616.txt
Lawfare Group Threatens to Sue Coca-Cola Over BDS
IDF to Establish New Cyber Command
Half of Israelis Willing to Share Emails to Combat Cyber Attacks newsletter: 15fx0617.txt
Israeli and Hamas Source Confirm 'Indirect Contacts'
IDF Declares 'Closed Military Zone' in Golan, Then Cancels
Unique 3,000-Year Old Hebrew Inscription Found Near Jerusalem
'Terminator' Voices Waze Directions newsletter: 15fx0618.txt
Syrian Rebel Force Launches Offensive Near Golan, Israel Acts to Protect Druze
To 'Hurt' Israeli Economy, PA May Boycott Al-Aqsa Mosque
BDS is Only a Small Part of the Demonization of Israel
Israel Preps Health System in Case of MERS Outbreak newsletter: 15fx0619.txt
Netanyahu Refusing to Apologize for Ex-Envoy Oren's Obama-Slam
Palestinian Terrorist Prisoners Planning Hunger Strike for More TV Channels
Ramadan Begins for Muslims of Israel and the World.
Group of 78 'Lost Jews' from India Makes Aliyah newsletter: 15fx0622.txt
US Rebuffs Israel's Last-Ditch Bid for Nuclear Constraints in Iran Accord
Bus Attacked by Rocks and Firebombs in Binyamin Region
Israeli Kicked off Plane Says Muslim Stewardess Bullied Him
Teeth Found Near Tel Aviv Point to a New Prehistoric Human Species newsletter: 15fx0623.txt
Druze Lynch Mob Attacks Wounded Syrians in Israeli Ambulance
UN: Israel, Palestinians Likely Committed Crimes in 2014 Gaza War
ISIS in Syria Hangs Two Boys for Eating During Ramadan
ISIS to Turn Biblical Prophet Jonah's Tomb into a 'Fun Park'
New ISIS Video Glorifies Child Cage Fighting
The 'Stalkers' Tracking ISIS' Jihadi Brides Online
Excavation of Death Camp Treblinka Reveals Horrors newsletter: 15fx0624.txt
Druze Join Forces - Complicating Israel's Military Position Vis-à-Vis Southern Syria
IDF Destroys Rocket Launcher Used to Attack Israel
Family Says Woman Feared to Have Joined ISIS was Coerced
Queen Elizabeth to Meet Survivors at Nazi Death Camp newsletter: 15fx0625.txt
Secret Document Reveals US to Give Iran Nuclear Equipment
Israel Willing to Sign Nuclear Test Ban - If Iran Recognizes It
Gory ISIS Video Sends Message to Possible Defectors
British Teens Arrested Stealing From Auschwitz
Jewish Agency Mobilizes to Battle Campus Anti-Zionism newsletter: 15fx0626.txt
Gaza Drone Crashes in Israel
Amsterdam Won't Twin with Tel Aviv Because of 'Occupation'
From Tel Aviv to Amsterdam for €48
Hamas Says Israel Released Father of 'The Green Prince'
ISIS Sells 42 Yazidi Women to Its Terrorists as Sex Slaves
Transsexual Gay Duo Seeks 'Acceptance' - in ISIS newsletter: 15fx0629.txt
Israeli Navy Preparing to Take Over Gaza-Bound Flotilla
Hizbullah Torpedo Understanding Between Druze and Syrian Rebel Nusra Front Near Israeli Border
ISIS Threatens Jerusalem Christians
Fatah Shows Off Tunnel from Gaza to 'Inside Israel'
Hamas Publishes Confession of 'Israeli Spy'
Ger Hasid Suspected of Running Illegal Sex Shop Network
Women Urged: 'Don't Go Out with Mahmoud' newsletter: 15fx0630.txt
Israel Seizes Activist Flotilla Headed to Gaza
4 Wounded in Shooting Attack in the Binyamin Region
Netanyahu Secretly Driven to Hospital in a Pita Truck?
The Vatican Wants the Temple Mount Taken From the Jews
From Lone Soldier to Military Prison
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