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Israeli Navy Preparing to Take Over Gaza-Bound Flotilla


The Navy has been preparing to meet on Monday a flotilla carrying 47 pro-Palestinian activists to the Gaza Strip in an attempt to break the Israeli blockade. The Navy commandos are expected to meet the four boats at an undetermined time - sometimes between the early morning hours and evening time, some dozens of kilometers from the coasts of Israel.

There are 18 passengers aboard the main boat, Swedish vessel "Marianne av Göteborg," including Joint Arab List MK Basel Ghattas, former Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki and activist Dror Feiler. The "Marianne" is accompanied by three smaller boats: "Rachel," with eight passengers on board; "Vittorio" with nine passengers on board; and "Juliano II" with 12 passengers.

The commandos will try to take over the boats using non-violent measures and lead them to the Navy base in Ashdod. After the takeover, the activists will be taken for questioning upon their arrival to Israel and then expelled out of the country through Ben-Gurion Airport.

The Prime Minister's Office decided to take an unusual approach to the flotilla's arrival. The activists on board the four boats will receive a letter when they arrive in Israel welcoming them to the country and adding, "It looks like you took a wrong turn. Perhaps you meant to sail to a place not far from here - Syria. Where Assad's regime is slaughtering its people on a daily basis, and this is done with the support of Iran's murderous regime."

The letter goes on to say that "If you were truly interested in human rights, you would not be sailing in solidarity with a terror regime that executes Gaza residents without trial, and uses the children of Gaza as a human shield."

Hizbullah Torpedo Understanding Between Druze and Syrian Rebel Nusra Front Near Israeli Border

By DEBKAfile

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad and Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah have gone all out to stir up adversity between the Druze communities of the Golan and Israel, and the Syrian rebel Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front.

To torpedo the armistice deal brokered between them earlier this month by the US, Jordan and Israel, 200 Syrian and Hizbullah troops were pumped into the Druze village of Khader on the Syrian Golan, 3 km from the Israeli border. Since Friday, June 26, these troops have been attacking Nusra and the other Syrian rebel groups fighting to capture the Golan town of Quneitra. This has stalled the rebel operation for taking control of the highway to Damascus. Rockets from this battle strayed over to the Israeli side of Golan Sunday.

DEBKAfile's military sources reveal that Nusra hit back over the weekend. They warned Druze leaders that if they don't stop cooperating with Assad and Nasrallah, "their blood will be on their heads." Fighters of this Islamist group then surrounded another, smaller Druze village, Skaska, on the western slopes of Jabal Druze and threatened to go in and massacre its inhabitants. The Nusra ultimatum, posted Saturday, made it clear that since Syrian and Hizbullah are firing against them from a Druze village, the Druze are held responsible for getting it stopped. Otherwise, they will be deemed collaborators of the Assad regime and in violation of the non-belligerence deal struck between them earlier this month.

Our sources add that Syria and Hizbullah accompanied the 200-man force which infiltrated Khader, with Iranian and Syrian television crews and a group of Lebanese Druze members. The footage they showed was intended to demonstrate to the world that Lebanese Druze strongly challenged the Syrian rebel takeover of southern Syria including the Golan, and sided with Bashar Assad.

The fighting is so far low key between the Syrian and Hizbullah troops occupying the Druze village of Khadar and the Nusra Front fighters. But it is estimated by Israeli watchers that an escalation is not far off and, when it happens, the rebel Islamic group will make good on its threat of retribution against the Druze villagers of Skaska. And then, yet another sensitive corner of the Syrian conflict may go up in flames, possibly putting Israel on the spot again.

Already it looks as though Assad and Nasrallah have succeeded in sabotaging the hard-won armistice deal that the US, Jordan and Israel brokered between the Druze and Nusra Front, by forcing the half million Druze of Syria to choose sides between the belligerents. Whichever it is, they will be clobbered.

ISIS Threatens Jerusalem Christians

By DEBKAfile and Ha'aretz

A communiqué from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria warned Christians to leave Jerusalem, starting with the Palestinian neighborhoods of Shuafat and Beit Hanina, threatening to "clean" all Islamic neighborhoods where they live during the month of Ramadan.

Leaflets delivered at the homes of Christian residents give them a month to leave. ISIS will then move on to the Old City and Church of the Sepulchre to "cleanse" those who "betrayed the Omarite covenant." It is signed by the ISIS Emirate of Beit Al Maqdis – the name of the Islamist terrorist group of Sinai which has joined ISIS.

There are estimated to be approximately 12,000 Christian residents in Jerusalem, a city that is holy to Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah and Bishop Atallah Hanna from the Orthodox Church responded to the leaflet, saying nothing will scare Palestinian Christians away from their lands or from Jerusalem. Sabah was dubious, suggesting it was not authentic and had been distributed to divert public attention from the arson perpetrated at the Tabgha church earlier this month. It is suspected that Jewish fanatics are to blame. Sabbah spoke about the recent threat.

"If it's real, than they're welcome to it, and if it's an attempt to divert attention from the Tabgha affair then we still demand the State of Israel bring those responsible to justice," Sabah said. After greeting Muslims for Ramadan, the leaflet promises ISIS will cleanse the city from Christians, calling them agents of Israel and the West. The leaflet also said the group knows where most of the city's Christians reside. "We tell the heretic Christians, you must clear out immediately or we'll massacre you on Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan, and one month is time enough to evacuate," said the leaflet.

Fatah Shows Off Tunnel from Gaza to 'Inside Israel'


Almost one year has passed since Operation Protective Edge, in which the IDF pushed into Gaza and destroyed a vast network of tunnels used by terrorists to infiltrate Israel.

Members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, which is the armed wing of the Fatah organization, chose this time to carry out some psychological warfare, and hosted a Iranian Arabic-language television reporter inside what they said is a new tunnel that they have dug. The terrorists, whose organization is headed by Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas, claimed that the tunnel is nearly three kilometers long and that it extends into Israeli territory.

The accompanying video from the Iranian report begins with footage of the IDF blowing up tunnels in Gaza in Operation Protective Edge, and of a funeral in Gaza. The reporter is then seen being led blindfolded to the tunnel, and after an interview with a masked terrorist she is seen inside the tunnel with the terrorists.

Hamas Publishes Confession of 'Israeli Spy'


The Al-Majd website, used by the internal security apparatus of Hamas, has warned the Palestinian public about the growing attempts of Israeli intelligence to tap calls on their mobile phones, and tells the story of Shadi (not his real name) who was allegedly recruited "through deceit" to become an informer for Israeli security agencies.

Shadi, who Hamas claims is married with two children and works for one of the Hamas government institutions, received several years ago a phone call from a man who introduced himself as an intelligence officer of the Palestinian Authority government in Ramallah.

The caller told him that Shadi is a potential candidate for gathering information about government officials working in the Hamas government to take legal action against them. For the cooperation, he promised Shadi tenure and career advancement.

A day later, Shadi received another phone call in which he was asked to find out information about Hamas government officials, and in other conversations to provide financial information about people and buildings used by the Hamas government, the presence of a vehicle facing one of the houses in his neighborhood, and more. Shadi was offered $300 for that information.

During Operation Cast Lead (December 2008 - January 2009), Shadi was asked to go to one of the orchards and check to see if there are people or other signs of life there. He reported what he saw, and was instructed to immediately leave the area; it was bombed shortly thereafter by Israeli Air Force planes.

Shadi then called the Ramallah government official and told him about the Israeli attack soon after he reported what was happening in the field. The official then admitted, for all intents and purposes, that he was an Israeli intelligence official, and that the cooperation is important into order to stop terrorism and promote peace and security.

Shadi agreed to cooperate under the condition that his life not be endangered for the service. However, he was arrested in late 2009 by the intelligence apparatus of Hamas, and during his interrogation he admitted providing information that led to the elimination of terrorists; it is unclear what ultimately happened to him.

Ger Hasid Suspected of Running Illegal Sex Shop Network


Jerusalem Police detectives arrested a 28-year-old Ger Hasid several days ago on suspicion of operating an illegal network of sex shops for the ultra-Orthodox public. The man is suspected of selling sex improvement drugs and accessories, among other things, without a license. The police believe the network presented itself as "Kruvim" in ads posted in haredi neighborhoods.

The detainee has claimed to be a rabbi. According to information obtained by the police, the network operated branches in Beitar Illit, Beit Shemesh, Bnei Brak, Netivot and other cities in Israel with haredi populations.

The Jerusalem District Police offered the following response: "Police officers detained a man suspected of distributing hazardous substances as defined in the Pharmaceutics Law, seized pills and different kinds of materials which will be examined. The suspect was questioned and released. The investigation is ongoing."

Women Urged: 'Don't Go Out with Mahmoud'


Anti-assimilation organization Lehava has been handing out thousands of sweets to women and girls at nightlife venues throughout Israel in recent days, as part of a campaign to persuade Jewish women not to go out with Arabs.

Each sweet comes with a color postcard that says: "My sister, I am thinking about you, I feel you. You have a pure Jewish soul! Don't get lost, don't go with Mahmoud. He'll start by being sweet and then he'll start to beat... reaching out to help you, Lehava." Lehava explained that it does all it can "to reach the girl before she gets to know the non-Jew."

Bentzi Gopshtain, who heads Lehava, said activists regularly frequent bars and nightlife venues in Jerusalem and countrywide. "We meet hundreds of girls and hear from them about the negative phenomena in these places. Since we started handing out sweets, we have received more positive responses and our message is heard much more willingly. I ask parents to note where their girls are going and to talk to them about the dangers." Last Thursday alone, said Lehava, 5,000 sweets were handed out in one night.

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