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Secret Document Reveals US to Give Iran Nuclear Equipment


A confidential paper obtained by the Associated Press and revealed Wednesday outlines some of the concessions the US and other world powers are offering Iran in the nuclear talks that are approaching a June 30 deadline.

According to the eight-page paper, which is dated June 19 and entitled "Civil Nuclear Cooperation," the US and world powers will give the Islamic regime state-of-the-art nuclear equipment in return for Iran stepping down its nuclear weapons program.

There are a number of bracketed sections in the text indicating points that remain under dispute, such as technical cooperation regarding supervising the nuclear program. Iran would be given light-water nuclear reactors to replace its almost completed heavy-water nuclear facility at Arak, which if completed will be able to produce several nuclear weapons each year.

The document calls to "establish an international partnership" to rebuild Arak in a fashion that would pose less danger while still giving Iran "the leadership role as the project owner and manager." It also promises "arrangements for the assured supply and removal of nuclear fuel for each reactor provided," offering help in the "construction and effective operation" of the reactors.

Regarding the secretive underground nuclear facility at Fordo, the documents calls for it to be used in isotope production instead of uranium enrichment. However, critics have noted that isotope production uses the same technology as enrichment and can quickly be appropriated to uranium.

According to diplomats familiar with the talks, China will help re-engineer Arak, France would help reprocess nuclear waste, and Britain would step in regarding nuclear safety and security for Iran, reports Fox News.

The talks stand ahead of a June 30 deadline but could go past that timeframe as Iran continues to refuse to allow inspectors in to covert military sites thought to be used in developing nuclear weapons. Iran has also demanded that all sanctions be immediately lifted after a deal is reached, and vowed to use advanced centrifuges as soon as a deal is signed which would allow it to obtain a nuclear arsenal in weeks.

Israel Willing to Sign Nuclear Test Ban - If Iran Recognizes It


Israel is ready to ratify a treaty imposing an international ban on nuclear weapons testing, if Iran agrees to recognize the Jewish state, an Israeli official has said.

Speaking at Tel Aviv University's Institute for National Security Studies, Merav Zafary-Odiz, Israel's ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Association , said that Israel was willing in theory to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

However, she emphasized that doing so was impossible when one of the states it would be required to work with - namely, Iran - denied the State of Israel's fundamental right to exist and was sworn to its destruction. "The CTBT is a treaty that Israel intends to ratify. It will do when the time is ripe, when certain considerations are met," she said, according to Reuters.

The key obstacle is that "Iran does not recognize Israel and is not willing to accept the fact that Israel belongs to its natural geographical group. How can any country be expected to join an arms control arrangement with a country that doesn't even recognize its right to exist?" she asked.

Iran and Israel are among eight states which in possession of nuclear technology who have not ratified the CTBT; all must do so for it to formally come into effect. Israel, Iran, the United States, China and Egypt have signed but not ratified it, while India, Pakistan and North Korea have neither signed nor ratified the treaty.

The statement comes less than a week before the deadline set for a deal between Iran and the P5+1 powers over Tehran's nuclear program. Israel has been the most vocal of the impending deal's critics, noting that based on the framework deal signed in April it will not in fact prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons technology, even as it lifts sanctions partially or entirely on an aggressive Islamic regime in Tehran.

Gory ISIS Video Sends Message to Possible Defectors

By VOA News

Islamic State extremists posted online another gruesome video broadcasting the brutal killings of accused spies and alleged apostates. This time death by drowning, being blown up by a rocket propelled grenade or an explosive attached to the neck were added to the catalog of the group's ways of slaughtering enemies.

The seven-minute-long video using underwater cameras to film a group of men being drowned in a swimming pool while trapped in a cage, is yet another one of the shock movies in a long line designed to grab attention, especially in the West. IS supporters weren't slow to circulate stills from the gory video on social media outlets, notes Charlie Winter, an analyst with the London-based research organization the Quilliam Foundation.

"None of IS propaganda is intended for one discreet audience," he said. "But clearly they wanted a local audience to understand the consequences of defecting. This was about threatening people who are thinking of breaking with them. But the group has also perfected the skill in getting as much utility out of each video release as possible."

Different audiences take different things from IS videos. Political activists in the Middle East see the video as an object lesson in raw terror and the primary target audience being in territory controlled by IS. They say it conveys a savage warning to anyone thinking of breaking away from the group, including Sunni tribes who aligned with the so-called Islamic State last summer to help the extremists expand their self-declared caliphate across a swath of Iraq and Syria.

Experts and activists believe the seven-minute video accompanied only by an Arabic-language commentary, was shot near the Iraqi city of Mosul in Nineveh province.

At a time the terror army is suffering defeats in the battlefield, the video released Tuesday included a personal warning to an Iraqi police officer, Bassem Mohammed, who has been organizing former policemen in Nineveh Province to fight IS. He told The New York Times he knew eight of the 16 men killed and was related to some.

The video also was accompanied by a lengthy statement from the terror army's chief spokesman, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani. In it he warns Sunnis that they can see for themselves the consequences of IS losing to Iraqi government-backed Shia militias. The militias have been accused in Iraq of driving out Sunnis from territory captured from the terror army and abuses have been documented and condemned by rights groups.

He says the terror army is giving a last opportunity to Sunni opponents and apostates. "We give them this last chance, not from a point of weakness but a point of strength. This time we won't exempt anyone from the clemency," citing in particular in the Jaghayfa tribe in Haditha, a western Iraq town 240 kilometers northwest of Baghdad, "who have repeatedly betrayed us and fought us." IS is offering a carrot-and-stick approach, says activist Amir Salamah. "Repent and you will be forgiven, don't and we will kill you in terrible ways."

That has been the IS approach to the Shaitat tribe in eastern Syria. For the past year, IS has been running a propaganda campaign aimed at intimidating the tribe. Last July, Shaitat tribesmen rebelled against IS and killed 11 extremists. In retaliation IS slaughtered hundreds of men and boys over the age of 15. In a video of the massacre, the laughing killers ask one of their victims how he wants to die, but ignore his request to be shot and behead him instead.

Last autumn, the terror leaders formally forgave the tribe although insisted none of the tribesmen could assemble in large groups. Since then they have posted several videos showing various Shaitat tribesmen repenting and blaming thieves and apostates for leading the tribe astray in the first place. Some tribesmen have continued to resist IS and have been killed.

Analyst Winter expects more gruesome videos in the coming days. He notes locals in Palmyra, the Syrian town recently captured by IS, which boasts major Roman-era ruins, have reported a series of beheadings. And activists have also said there were some executions recently in a castle on Lake Assad, a reservoir on the Euphrates near Raqqa. "They like dramatic settings for their videos," Winter said.

British Teens Arrested Stealing From Auschwitz

By & AFP

Two British teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of stealing artifacts from the former Nazi death camp at Auschwitz, Polish police said Tuesday.

A spokesman for the site, which is now home to a museum, told AFP that guards on Monday caught the teenagers digging in the ground in an area where there were once barracks used to sort the personal items of arriving prisoners. "They detained them and discovered that they were in possession of shards of glass, buttons, a hair clipper and bits of metal," he told AFP.

Regional police spokesman Mariusz Ciarka said the Britons born in 1997 and 1998 could get up to 10 years in prison for stealing objects of historical value from the site in the southern city of Oswiecim.

It is not the first time someone has tried to smuggle out a piece of the former death camp, which has become a symbol of the Holocaust and is visited by more than a million people from across the world each year. Several people have tried to make off with barbed wire, while one particularly brazen gang walked out with the camp's infamous "Arbeit macht frei" ("Work makes you free") sign in 2009.

The mastermind of that theft, Swedish neo-Nazi Anders Hoegstroem, was jailed for two-and-a-half years. The metal sign was eventually recovered cut up into three pieces, leading museum officials to display a replica above the entrance.

One million Jews died at the camp set up by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland in 1940-1945. More than 100,000 others including non-Jewish Poles, Roma, Soviet prisoners of war and anti-Nazi resistance fighters also died there, according to the museum.

Jewish Agency Mobilizes to Battle Campus Anti-Zionism


The Jewish Agency its increasing its campus presence by 30%, Chairman Natan Sharansky announced , in order to help combat rising efforts to delegitimize the State of Israel.

Eighty five Israel Fellows will be sent to 170 university campuses across North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and - for the first time - South Africa and Germany, up from 65 on 120 campuses this past academic year. The 31% increase in the number of Israel Fellows and the 42% increase in campus coverage represent the program's largest expansion since it was created in 2003.

"Our goal is to thwart those who seek to confuse young Jews and draw them away from Israel," said Sharansky, after meeting with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and seven cabinet ministers in Jerusalem. ?"Our Israel Fellows are doing an outstanding job of bringing young Jews to experience Israel, encouraging them to become involved in advocacy for Israel, and inspiring them to feel deeply attached to Israel."

Israel Fellows are young Israeli college graduates sent abroad by The Jewish Agency to work as part of local campus Hillel staffs, helping connect Jewish students to their Jewish identities and to Israel and supporting Israel-related activities on campus. The Israel Fellows spend a year or more in their campus postings, after receiving extensive training in Jerusalem.

The Jewish Agency will dispatch a total of 1,600 shlichim (emissaries) over the course of the summer, including some 1,200 camp counselors sent to Jewish summer camps in North America and 400 long-term shlichim sent to Jewish communities around the world in order to strengthen the communities' connections to Israel.

The announcement surfaces months after several damning reports revealed a spike in anti-Semitism on college campuses in the US, with at least part of the influx due to the influence of anti-Israel activity.

Fifty four percent of Jewish American college students experienced anti-Semitism on campus during the 2013-2014 academic year, according to a study released in February, and students involved in pro-Israel organizations were more likely to be targeted. Several of the "worst offenders" for anti-Semitic activity included top Ivy League universities and large state schools.

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