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'It's Just Amazing, the Whole IDF is in Nepal'
Belarus President Admonishes Jewish Governor for Not 'Taking Control' of Country's Jews
New Chinese Ambassador: Double Israel Trade within Decade
Tender Side: IDF Rescues a Wounded Rabbit newsletter: 15fx0504.txt
Obama and Biden Now Smiling at Israel
46 Wounded in Clashes as Ethiopian Israelis' Protest
Samaritans Hold Annual Passover Sacrifice Ceremony on Mt. Gerizim
Survey: Islam Will Become World's Largest Religion in 2070
Jewish Gravestones Used to Build Outhouse in Polish Village newsletter: 15fx0505.txt
ISIS-Linked Social Media Claim Texas Shooting
Al Qaeda's Syrian Forces are Being Armed by US, Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar and UAE
Hizbullah Recruiting Children as Young as Eight as Its Next Generation of Terrorists
Website with Ties to Iran's Leadership Publishes Anti-Semitic Blood Libel newsletter: 15fx0506.txt
The Texas ISIS Attack Wasn't Averted Because of US 'Human Intelligence' Deficit
Iranian Commander: We Won't Rest Until US is an Islamic Republic
US Condemns Israeli Singer for Comparing Obama to Hitler newsletter: 15fx0507.txt
As Payback for Israel's Right-Wing Cabinet, Obama to Back Palestinian State at Security Council
Sudan Claims it Shot Down Israeli Drone
Report: Hamas Set to Conduct Paragliding Attacks Against Israel
Inside the IDF's Top Secret Beating Heart
Oldest Complete Manuscript of Ten Commandments On Display in Israel newsletter: 15fx0508.txt
Report: US to Offer Saudis Bunker Buster Bombs
ISIS Threatens to Declare War on Hamas
Islamic Militants Use Children as Soldiers
Israel Marks Anniversary of Nazi Defeat
The 'Soup Nazi' is Coming to Israel
'I Am Proud to Be a Part of the People of Israel'
Tunisia Steps Up Security for Pilgrimage to Ghriba Synagogue newsletter: 15fx0511.txt
Abbas' Book Reveals: The 'Nazi-Zionist Plot' of the Holocaust
Birthright for Evangelicals?
Latest ISIS Depravity: Mafia-Style 'Hug of Death'
Crocodile Escape Prompts Fear
Israel National Trail on the (Google) Map - in Street View! newsletter: 15fx0512.txt
Hizbullah Apparently Already Has Chlorine Gas
Obama Staffers Meet Arab Boy Beaten by Border Policeman
Israel to Buy Four Patrol Ships from Germany to Defend Gas Rigs
Declassified Documents Shed Light on Lavon Affair That Rocked Israel
Organs from 7-Year-Old Cancer Victim Save 4 People's Lives newsletter: 15fx0513.txt
Netanyahu Denounces Resurgent Anti-Semitism
Israeli General Sees Common Interests with Hamas
Netanyahu: New Threats Bringing Israel, Arab States Together
Nepal: Chabad Springs Back into Action after Second Earthquake
Real-life Star Trek 'Replicator' Prepares Meal in 30 Seconds newsletter: 15fx0514.txt
Israelis Beg Government for Rescue after Latest Nepal Quake
Report: Egypt Buying Russian S-300 Missile System
Vatican Recognizes PA as 'Palestine'
Israeli Health Clinic Develops New Noninvasive Colon Cancer Test
Israel Ranked No. 11 on UN Happiness Scale newsletter: 15fx0515.txt
Knesset Approves New Coalition, Ministers Sworn In
Hamas Says IS Has No Foothold in Gaza Strip
Authorities Nab Israeli Arab Suspected of Car Ramming Attack newsletter: 15fx0518.txt
Thousands Took Part in Jerusalem Day Celebrations
Netanyahu Pledges: Jerusalem Will Never be Divided Again
US Special Ops Raid Killing five ISIS Chiefs had to be Coordinated with Syria and Russia
Foreign Ministry Forum Seeks to Shut Down anti-Semitic Websites
Wrenching 'Son of Saul' Brings Nazi Death Camp to Cannes Screen newsletter: 15fx0519.txt
ISIS Preparing Total Cyber War on Critical US Systems
Israeli Ethiopian Protesters Return to Tel Aviv's Rabin Square
Plot to Smuggle Diving Suits into Gaza Foiled at Border
'Swedish Schindler' Mystery Remains Unsolved
Chicago Jewish Community Hires Private Security Force newsletter: 15fx0520.txt
U.S. Representatives: Give Israel Bunker Busters to Deter Iran's Nuke Program
Israel and Hamas Reportedly Conducting Secret Face-to-Face Talks
Israel Plans Western Wall Development
Rabbinical Court Confirms Woman's Jewishness by Facial Features
Israeli Woman has First Child at 65
YouTube Given Permission to Show Anti-Islam Movie newsletter: 15fx0521.txt
Iranian Embassy is Blown Up in Damascus
US Approves Large-Scale Guided Bomb, Bunker Buster Sale to Israel
Assault on Free Speech
Jews Wait 3 Hours to Enter Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day While Tourists are Admitted in Minutes
PA Libel: Israel Poisons Palestinian Prisoners
Israel Ordered to Pay Iran Over 1989 Legal Battle newsletter: 15fx0522.txt
US Pressing Israel to Lose Its Nukes
Iran: 80,000 Missiles Pointed at Tel Aviv
US, Iraqi and Syrian Armies Go to Pieces Against ISIS Drive. Israel, Jordan, Saudis Alarmed
Finance Minister's Plan to Lower Rent Prices Met with Mixed Responses
Judge Allows Nudity at Negev's Midburn Festival newsletter: 15fx0525.txt
ISIS Heading from Syria Toward Jordan, First Targeting the Border Crossing
It is important to note that the United States maintains in the Kingdom of Jordan 7,000 special operations troops and an air force unit to guard its northwestern border with Syria. Most are stationed at Jordanian military bases in Mafraq, opposite the central sector of the border with Syria.
US Defense Secretary: Iraqi Forces Lack 'Will to Fight'
Lieberman's Vision: Gulf States and Israel Together Against Iran
Israelis Celebrate Shavuot with a Lot of Water newsletter: 15fx0526.txt
Obama Admits to Bias Against Israel
No Army in Mid East is Challenging ISIS
Former Prime Minister Olmert Sentenced to 8 Months newsletter: 15fx0527.txt
Terrorists Launch Multiple Rockets Into Israel
IDF to Stop Enlisting Both Parents for Simultaneous Reserve Duty
Archaeologist Slams 'Islamic Brutality on the Temple Mount'
New Messianic Message for Israel Diplomats
Egyptian Journalists Dressed as Ultra-Orthodox Jews Walk in Cairo Streets to Gauge Public Reaction
Austrian Landlord Threatens Jew With Eviction for Israeli Flag newsletter: 15fx0528.txt
24 Years Since Airlift of 14,500 Ethiopian Jews in Under 2 Days
Ethiopians Protest Family's Aliyah Conditions
Most Holocaust Survivors Worldwide Remain in Poverty
Too Late for Moses: New Israeli App for Stutterers newsletter: 15fx0529.txt
Home Front Exercise to Test Israel's War Readiness
As Corruption Scandal Rocks FIFA, Palestinians Still Want Israel Out
New in IDF: Tactical Kamikaze Drones
Rebbes: Rocket Fired at Ashdod Because of Shabbat Desecration
Al Pacino Backs Out of Play Written By Hitler Supporter
The Godfather is Coming to Jerusalem
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