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Abbas' Book Reveals: The 'Nazi-Zionist Plot' of the Holocaust


In his 1982 doctorate, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas not only doubts the existence of gas chambers and the number of Jews that perished, he also accuses the Zionist movement of secretly colluding with the Nazis and supporting the genocide of the Jews of Europe.

"The Zionist movement did not send any assistance, financial or otherwise, for the victims of Nazism and it did not allow any other side to provide any kind of aid. The Zionist movement concealed the information that came from within the ghetto walls and concentration camps, news that shed light on what was really happening. If it had to publish anything, it did so by questioning that information and diminishing its importance.

"Zionism adopted the Nazi selection principle, when it went to save Jews from the slaughter. It made itself the ultimate arbiter regarding Jewish life, deciding who deserves to live and who deserves to die.

"The Zionist movement did not make any effort to convince Western countries to take in the Jewish refugees escaping the horrors of the Holocaust. It even placed obstacles I the way of efforts made by Christian groups or by non-Zionist Jews or a number of countries that saw fit to find a solution to this humanitarian problem.

"All of this wasn't enough - the Zionist movement led a broad campaign of incitement against the Jews living under Nazi rule to arouse the government's hatred of them, to fuel vengeance against them and to expand the mass extermination."

These quotes are from Abbas' book "The Other Side: The Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism" (Billsan Publishing House, Ramallah, 2011), based on his doctoral dissertation. The book with a dark blue cover is available only in Arabic.

In this book, Abbas wonders, among other things, "How can one believe that the Zionist movement, which set out to protect a nation, would later become the reason for its destruction? History teaches us about (the Emperor) Nero who torched Rome. But Nero was mad, and his madness rids him of the responsibility to his actions. History also teaches us about leaders who betrayed their people and their country and sold them out to their enemies. But these leaders are isolated. They alone carry the responsibility for their actions. But when a large national public movement conspires against its 'people,' well that is embarrassing...

"An Arab proverb says: 'If a dispute arises between thieves, the theft is discovered.' This is what happened with the Zionist movement. When 'Labor' (Mapai) was in power in the State of Israel, it refused to include the revisionists and those started exposing facts and blowing away the smoke screen of lies. We cannot fail to mention that many of the Zionist movement's people during the war were amazed of the results of the cooperation between the Zionists and the Nazis, and the massive amount of victims struck them with terror… To this one must add that many documents from the Third Reich had reached many hands, which allowed us to present these documents that illustrate the nature of the relations and cooperation between the Nazis and the Zionist movement."

Abbas has in the past been criticized for being a Holocaust denier. The accusations were based on a translation of excerpts of the introduction to his doctoral paper, which he wrote in Moscow in 1982. There - it was claimed - Abbas cast doubt on the fact six million Jews had been murdered, and even questioned the existence of the gas chambers.

Since then, Abbas has decisively rejected these accusations, claiming that his words were taken out of context and that the accusations were based on biased translations of only parts of the introduction, rather than a reading of the full text.

In May 2003, when he was the Palestinian prime minister, Abbas said in an interview with Akiva Eldar in Ha'aretz: "I wrote in detail about the Holocaust and said I did not want to discuss numbers. I quoted an argument between historians in which various numbers of casualties were mentioned.

"One wrote there were 12 million victims and another wrote there were 800,000. I have no desire to argue with the figures. The Holocaust was a terrible, unforgivable crime against the Jewish nation, a crime against humanity that cannot be accepted by humankind. The Holocaust was a terrible thing and nobody can claim I denied it."

It's important to note that when the book and the topics mentioned in it were discussed in the Arab media, Abbas spoke differently than he did in the Israeli or American press.

For example, in an extensive interview with Lebanese satellite channel Al Mayadeen in January 2013, Abbas vehemently defended his thesis and his book, saying he was willing to "challenge anyone to deny the relationship between Zionism and Nazism before World War Two."

On February 16, 2014, Abbas received a large delegation of Israeli students at his office, as a part of the Palestinian Authority's PA campaign to the Israeli public.

"Assalamu alaikum," he said in Arabic to the students and then added in Hebrew "Shalom Aleichem" (both meaning "Peace be upon you"). Abbas was very friendly during that meeting, addressed a series of important issues between the two peoples and even answered a question about the Holocaust:

"How do I deny the Holocaust? Did you read the book? No. So read the book and see if I have denied the Holocaust. I know that millions of Jews were murdered in the Holocaust," he said.

To reinforce his statements on the topic, Abbas made a statement via the Palestinian news agency two months later, on April 27, calling the Holocaust "the most heinous crime to have occurred against humanity in the modern era." He added the Holocaust was a result of "ethnic discrimination and racism, which the Palestinians strongly reject and act against."

Birthright for Evangelicals?

By The Washington Post
The Greens, the evangelical family that started the Hobby Lobby chain and will open the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., in 2017, are behind a new effort to bring Christians to Israel. Modeled partly on Birthright Israel trips for young Jewish Americans, students will pay $500 to go to Israel.

The trips, called Covenant Journey and intended to build bridges with Israelis, were recently unveiled at the Israeli Embassy in Washington's Annual Christian Solidarity Event. Taglit-Birthright Israel offers Jewish young adults ages 18 to 26 10-day trips to Israel with their peers.

"As young adults experience Israel firsthand, their faith is strengthened, their knowledge of the Bible is increased and their understanding of the connection between the Bible and the Land of Israel is put on solid ground," said Steve Green, chairman of the board for Museum of the Bible and a keynote speaker at the event Friday. "It will create a foundational platform from which they can become goodwill ambassadors for Israel and the Jewish people, and the Covenant Journey participants will never be the same."

Hundreds of students will join the 11-day trips this summer and thousands will go on future ones, according to a news release. Museum of the Bible, which broke ground in February and will open in Washington, D.C., in 2017, is a founding sponsor of the trips.

The groups are also sponsored by the Philos Project, a group based in New York focused on Middle East engagement. The trips are part of a larger question of how evangelicals are engaging with Israel as millennial evangelicals are not as vocal on the region as their parents.

It's difficult to measure long-term support for Israel among evangelicals because many research firms do not ask about attitudes on Israel. Findings from the Pew Research Center suggest that support among evangelicals has remained relatively stable in the past five years.

When asked, "In the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians, who do you sympathize with more?" evangelicals were far more likely to say Israel — 72% to 4% in 2013, about the same as in 2009 — according to Pew.

Latest ISIS Depravity: Mafia-Style 'Hug of Death'


ISIS terrorists have been giving their murder victims a Mafia-style "hug of death," hugging individuals convicted of a range of crimes, from adultery to theft to homosexuality, before dispatching them from the world of the living. According to experts, the hugs, a tradition in Arab culture that shows brotherhood, are meant to indicate that although they are being murdered, the victims have "repented" and thus expiated their sins.

Photos and videos published over the weekend by the Daily Beast web site have gone viral, with millions viewing and thousands commenting on the hugs, which took place just minutes before the victims are beheaded. In one specific video, two gay men from Homs in Syria are seen being embraced by two ISIS terrorists – who minutes later stone them to death.

According to experts on Arab culture, the hugs indicate that the offenders have admitted their sin and are prepared to repent, as opposed to being convicted by the testimony of a witness. However, since their death sentence has already been issued by an Islamic court, it must be carried out. According to Islamic law, the stones used to kill an individual must not be big enough to kill him at once – the victim is expected to suffer, sometimes for long minutes, in order to "pay" for his offense.

While a confession doesn't save them from death, it does, according to Islamic belief, render them fit to enter "Jannah," the Islamic version of paradise, where they are eligible for, among other things, the famous "seventy virgins" that proper Muslims are rewarded with.

According to the Daily Beast, at least some gays were "outed" by ISIS itself, with terrorists setting up "dates" with gay men in order to flush them out. Once they agree to the date, they are arrested and taken to trial in Islamic court.

Crocodile Escape Prompts Fear

By Israel Hayom

Residents of Moshav Beit Hanania near Zichron Yaakov in northern Israel were shocked on Saturday to discover a crocodile roaming their community's streets.

Police were called after residents spotted the crocodile wandering the roads of their community and basking in the sun. Local authorities from Zichron Yaakov were dispatched to verify the report, quickly saw the crocodile, and began tracking its movements.

It later emerged that the crocodile had escaped the nearby Amat Tninim ecological nature reserve, which attempts to recreate the ecosystem that existed in the nearby swamp known as Nahal Tninim ("Crocodile River"), so named because in ancient times, the Romans would take crocodiles from the river to fight gladiators at events in Caesarea.

The nature preserve owner said the crocodile was a 2-meter (6 foot, 7 inch) male of the Yaor type, a species he said can pose a threat to local wildlife because of its tendency to breed rapidly.

Nature reserve staff, police and volunteers eventually captured the crocodile and returned it to the reserve. Police have opened an investigation into the event, and said it seemed a broken lock had allowed the crocodile to escape.

Beit Hanania members said they would monitor the investigation closely and make sure that improved security mechanisms were installed at the reserve to prevent any future crocodile escapes.

Meanwhile, while no one was injured by the stray croc, hikers in the Golan Heights who encountered a wolf were not so lucky. A couple and a family from Shfaram who were visiting the Druze holy site Nabi Hazouri in the northern Golan Heights were both attacked on Saturday by an adult female wolf suspected of being rabid. The visitors, along with another man who fought off the wolf and provided first aid to the victims, were taken to Rebecca Sieff Medical Center in Safed, where they received treatment for their wounds and were inoculated against rabies.

Later that day, the wolf attacked two brothers from Kibbutz Neot Mordechai who were hiking in the area. One managed to photograph the animal, and sent the picture to the authorities so they could confirm that it was the same animal.

Israel National Trail on the (Google) Map - in Street View!


``One of the most monumental projects in the framework of the monumental Google Street View enterprise is underway in Israel: The photographing of the Israel National Trail – all 1,100 kilometers (approx. 660 miles) of it.

The project will be the longest photographic record of a hiking trail ever, and the first-ever of a hiking trail that stretches the length of an entire country. It celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Israel National Trail and the 10th of Google Israel.

Over the next three months, 18 Youth Volunteers of the SPNI will hike the Israel National Trail, from Kibbutz Dan in the north to the SPNI Field School in Eilat. They will take turns carrying on their backs two 18-kg., 360-degree Google Street View Trekker cameras to map the trail.

Israel, founded on a long history of love of the land, features some 15,000 kilometers of official hiking trails. These are marked every several tens of meters with three-color signs, ensuring hikers that they are on the right path. The colors of the Israel National Trail are orange, blue, and white. For those going north, the white stripe is higher, indicating the direction of the snow-clad Mt. Hermon; for south-bound hikers, the orange stripe is higher, pointing towards the sandy Negev.

Three years ago, National Geographic named the Israel National Trail as one of the top 20 national trails in the world. Several of the others, such as Khumbu Valley at the foot of Mount Everest in Nepal, the Colorado River, and the largest corals in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, can already be "trekked" on Google Street View.

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